Why is the UK so worried about a high population-density?
Japan has the latter but manages OK?
  1. Either one has open borders or one doesn't. (You can't have your cake AND eat it.) Whether you have them of not is another debate.

  2. If one has closed borders (the usual situation in the world except in the EU) then people have the right to allow whom they like into their territory.

  3. Japan manages fine with a high-density population because it has EVOLVED naturally with the country AND it is largely homogenous: they have very few immigrants, and carefully choose the ones they DO have.

  4. The UK (and especially Southern England) has been flooded with foreign immigrants very rapidly in the last few years; it has certainly not "evolved".

  5. Unfortunately, (and THIS is "the elephant in the corner") a large % of them are Muslims who cluster together and do not integrate - or want to adopt "British values".

  6. Unfortunately (again) a fair proportion of immigrants from the EU are from Eastern Europe, which was ruined by the USSR and is still developing. Sad to say, many of the Roumanians and others who have come have brought with them people and drug-smuggling and other criminality such as stealing metals , begging fraudulently or mugging people at ATMs.

  7. Many Brits simply don't see why they should accept this; JAPAN wouldn't and DOESN'T!

  8. GERMANY of course HAS accepted many immigrants and has correspondingly experienced a massive increase in migrant crime, especially sexual assault. This seems to be a FACT, and we cannot AVOID facts or we are simply bowing to PC propaganda.