Is there REALLY a conspiracy to federalise Europe?
  1. The word "conspiracy" is mostly used to mean "secret plot", but there is actually no secret about the CPE (continental political elite) intention to create a federal state. The EU treaties contain an article referring to "ever-closer union", and all the policies from Brussels have been designed to achieve this. See the pps about the Coudenhove-Kalergi Project HERE and also the QUOTATIONS HERE.

  2. What it actually means is that EU governments have been continually abandoning key elements of their sovereignty for decades. The EU now has a flag, an anthem, a Foreign Ministry, up to 80% common laws, a common currency and is pushing hard for full fiscal union and common defence forces.

  3. This may or may not be right, but it is not something that the peoples of Europe have themselves directly sanctioned. Normally, when a country changes its constitution (which is effectively what they have been doing inside the EU) the people would get a referendum, but the Germans have never had that. The French had one re the "European Constitution" in 2006 and voted NON", but their own government IGNORED them ..... it really IS that scandalous.

  4. What is also scandalous is that the establishment press on the Continent rarely speaks about the relentless march towards federation. This latter is "PC", and so the continental press goes along with it and has not make clear to the peoples of the Continent exactly where the EU was leading them. There has been a conspiracy of silence: it is just not something that gets talked about much, if at all.

  5. In Britain, it is a bit different; we have talked for YEARS about this quite openly, and it is one if the principal reasons that people voted LEAVE. We do NOT want to be in a United States of Europe.

  6. IMO, (In my opinion), if Germans want that, fine, but they should be allowed to VOTE for it. The CPE does not LIKE referendums of course, as the plebs usually vote the "wrong" way. The peoples or Europe are trested with total contempt by the CPE.