Michael - made up your mind yet?

I urge you to reject the variable of personalities. This is not about whether you prefer Kinnock, Corbyn, Blair, Brown, Mandelscum and Diane Abbott to Boris, Farage, Gove or Snuggs, but about the future of our country. Forget that Farage is a cross between Attila the Hun and Robert Mugabe, that Boris is a scheming buffoon and that I am a racist, xenophobe and ranting idiot. Concentrate on the arguments.

Those for BREXIT are overwhelming, including the one about whether you will be better off. This appeal to greed is the REMAIN camp's principal argument, which shows just how immoral and desperate they are. There is also, however, a moral issue (and that of self-determination of course), though inevitably the money and immigration are calculated to motivate most people (what low opinions the REMAIN scum have of us!)

The EU deliberately created the euro knowing it would FAIL. YES, IT'S TRUE. Their OWN economists told them it would fail. There has never been a successful monetary union without eventual fiscal and political union, and the LATTER is of course their aim. Basically, the euro was a TOTALLY political project. Like Ken Clarke and Mandelscum, they want the UK to become a mere region of a European federal state ruled from Brussels and dominated by Germany and France.

They ALSO let in Greece, which NEVER complied with the financial conditions the EU themselves set. Only Goldman-Sachs and some fudging of the numbers managed to make it look to idiots as if Greece was entitled to join the euro.

Now it has obviously FAILED. Germany has a VAST export surplus with the rest of the EU, most of which is slowly going bust - starting of course with the Med countries (and Portugal, to keep Briggs happy re the geography). Greece has just received MORE loans which it will NEVER be able to pay. Of course, the EU would sell Grandmas's remaining teeth to prevent any new crisis before the British referendum (and it's only your money, after all.) Italy is on the verge of bankruptcy; deep and long-term recession is all over Europe, France is in an official economic crisis (and civil crisis, but the govt will not admit that.) The EU is an economic shambles hamstrung by French-style red-tape and insane control-freakery: the latest example being the intention to do away with rules concerning the length of TV commercials. WHAT THE HELL HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH THE EU?

No, staying in this lunatic asylum is unthinkable, so I hope you will do the right thing. Coates I have given up on: he loves dictatorships. WHICH REMINDS ME, Venezuela is going well, isn't it? Inflation up to 400% or something. Just another socialist basket case to blame on the USA no doubt.  The problem with socialism is that A) people get into power who are obsessed with making it work and B) it never works and C) their only option then is to use force to try to maintain the pretence that it does work: hence the USSR, East Germany, China, North Korea, Cuba and so on - let's see whether Venezuelans can break the mould.

Still, let them sort it out, it's their country, after all - which is more than we can say for ours in the EU.

NO, the MORAL issue among many others is that the TEN YEARS ECONOMIC (and thus social) MISERY of Southern Europe is ENTIRELY due to the EU's Kalergi-Coudenhove obsession with creating a federal state, for which NO CITIZEN IN EUROPE HAS EVER VOTED. Indeed, when they HAVE voted against something giving Brussels more power the political elite has ignored the vote. The French voted in 2006 in a referendum to reject the "European Constitution" (a name revealing their arrogance: COUNTRIES have constitutions, not "common market" groupings) the EU elite in cahoots with the French elite rebadged it, gave it another name and passed it in parliament. Similarly with Ireland, which had to keep voting until it got the right result.

And do you remember the HOC vote on the Maastricht Treaty? Opposing MPs were physically and psychologically BULLIED into voting the right way; it was a disgusting disgrace, but the elite got the vote they wanted.

No, Michael, the 50% youth unemployment in Greece and elsewhere is the result of quasi-fascist EU arrogance and abuse of power. We don't like that in Britain, do we?


If you vote REMAIN; the EU will take this as a green light to plough on. The euro disaster is so great that it will collapse without full fiscal integration (which you may remember was the euro's rationale in the first place). I am not sure the Germans will accept this, as it would mean huge transfers of money to the south much like they had to do with East Germany. However, democracy in Germany is so destroyed that its crapulous elite might be able to push it through, certainly labelling any protestors as "far-right" and "neo-Nazis" of course.

If they DO manage to prevent the eurocollapse, look forward to BILLIONS more UK money going south, to HARMONISATION of your taxes with France and Germany. I have lived in both for years, and trust me, you DO NOT want THAT.

There is only one way to vote, Michael ..... and I count on you to take an anti-vomit pill before voting the same way as Boris, Nigel and me ......