Tiny Singapore gained independence from the Federation of Malaya in 1965 ...

Despite all the claims the tiny nation state would founder without its larger neighbours, today it has one of the most capable and efficient armed forces in Asia and it is one of the richest and most successful economies in the world.

This tiny nation, embraces cultural diversity, is a member of the Commonwealth, and the Five Powers Defence Agreement with Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. The country is home to Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jew, Muslim, etc. They have no problems with terrorism, because they do not tolerate extremism.

It's a LIE when people such as Obama, David Cameron and others try and tell people Britain cannot survive as a INDEPENDENT nation state. The fact is as the EU merges ever closer into the Super State it is becoming (already classed under international law as a "Nation State"), leaving it is the ONLY way the UK can survive as a sovereign nation!