Hmmm, this needs a lot of thought (the so-called "common market" we voted for is NOT one of them of course), so while we mull this over, here are some of the DISadvantages:

Firstly ......

THIRTY MILLION EUROS PER DAY NET EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR TO THE EU, effectively FOREIGN AID in addition to the official billions in foreign aid, often to the world's most corrupt regimes.


low wage immigrants entitled to more than they pay in tax from child benefit, social housing, family tax credits, NHS, subsidised nursery care, translators etc

inability to make our own trade deals like India, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland etc etc etc

ALL companies forced to accept EU rules EVEN IF they don't trade with the EU

poor low population density countries made poorer by losing their workforce

people entitled to come here & work on low wage then go on benefits forever

oversupply of unskilled workers with forcing down of wages for poorest

every other name on Southampton Maternity unit cots is East European

classes full of kids that need special lessons in speaking basic English

cheap imported labour that drives wages down & take jobs from locals

unmandated and obsessive, lemming-like drive towards a federal state

being told it's just Daily Mail fiction when we see it with our own eyes

a trojan horse of thousands of Islamists who hate & want to kill us

£600k a day going in child benefits to children in Eastern Europe

free pension top-ups for EU migrants that have been here a year

schools with no kids speaking English as their first language

endlessly being told how the EU "saved Europe", a total LIE

EU grants to move UK factories to Eastern Europe & Ireland

eight-year waiting list for social housing in Southampton

enforced association with lunatics Merkel and Hollande

people free to come & go from disease-ridden countries

many thousands of Eastern Europeans held for crimes

enforced homogenization of culturally-diverse Europe

higher house prices & rents due to increased demand

being told how to run our borders by an unelected liar

higher crime per capita committed by immigrants

80% of fish that swam in our waters given away

more crowded surgeries & longer NHS queues

more dependance on food & energy imports

East-European people and drug-trafficking

more & more centralised control by the EU

200,000 Roma gypsies with no resources

worst housing shortage since WWII

more & more houses on greenbelt

vast waste of money, OUR MONEY

80% of our laws made in Brussels

more & more road congestion

loss of control of our borders

overburdened infrastructure

EU "Human Rights" lunacy

loss of our sovereignty

more risk of power cuts

child-grooming gangs

people traffickers

I believe in European cooperation, but NOT AT ANY PRICE, and NOT WITH THE STUPEFYING ARROGANCE AND INCOMPETENCE OF THE EUROPEAN POLITICAL ELITE. Millions of poorer indigenous Brits have NO decent accommodation, and the housing supply is catastrophic; schools and medical facilities are hopelessly overloaded with our vast immigration. FRANCE IS FOUR TIMES THE SIZE OF ENGLAND WITH THE SAME POPULATION, SO FRANCE CAN TAKE THEM (including the Calais migrants who YOU ALLOWED TO ENTER YOUR COUNTRY), but of course you ALREADY have 10% unemployment year after year.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. THE EU CAN GO TO HELL. We want to be like Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, India, Brazil, Russia, Australia, Singapore, Iceland, China etc etc = INDEPENDENT, and not part of the IVth Reich. Rational discussion with EUphiles is impossible; they are all as self-brainwashed (and dangerous) as Islamists.

SECURITY? Merkel's invitation to MILLIONS of North Africans and Middle East Muslims to come to Europe is supposed to make us SAFER? WHICH PLANET ARE YOU ON? The Brusselomafiosi speak as if the UK never existed before the EU. But we survived and THRIVED LONG before the EU, whose existence IT OWES TO US, WHO SAVED YOU FROM YOUR OWN FASCISM YOU INFLICTED ON US THREE TIMES, WITH YOUR HERO NAPOLEON, THE KAISER AND THEN HITLER. WE CAN MANAGE VERY WELL WITHOUT YOU.

You fear GERMANY? So, we are supposed to put up with all that above just to keep you safe from GERMANS? WOW! Quite a sales pitch. OK, we'll stay IN and keep you safe as a counterweight to the dreaded BOCHE, but YOU CAN PAY US FOR THAT; why should WE pay YOU to keep YOU safe from the Eastern barbarians? EXPLAIN THAT TO ME!