"The neo-Nazi" far-right party has huge success in local elections" ("The Independent")

The press can be really IRRESPONSIBLE at times. We expect politicians to lie, but if the free, independent press starts to lie, too, then I really fear for democracy.

GET IT CORRECT - IT'S NOT DIFFICULT - AfD (Alternative for Germany) is NOT a "neo-Nazi" party, or even actually a "nationalist" party, though the term has almost lost its meaning, being so debased by the illiberal unintelligentsia, like "fascist", "xenophobe" and "Islamophobic".

Their MAIN policy is to get Germany out of the euro, which - given that A) it was based on lies and fraud and B) has totally failed and created economic meltdown in Southern Europe - would seem to be a most commonsensical position.

AfD ALSO wants an end to mass immigration, in particular by people brainwashed by an evil, mediaeval cult. If THAT is not ALSO total commonsense, then the world really has gone mad.

You are supposed to be our only hope in the face of an
establishment that has lost its balls, including its marbles.