Reply to Norman Tebbit in "The Daily Telegraph"

Sorry, Norman, but you are too polite. I have come to the conclusion that Cameron is actually deranged - no, really.

A) He said "Islam is a great world religion of peace.", that native Brits should integrate more with Islam than the other way round and that he would like to see a Muslim PM in his lifetime.

B) He wants Turkey in the EU.

C) He wants to continue paying 25 million quid net PER DAY to lose 66% of our fishing industry plus control of our laws and borders AND accept MILLIONS of economic migrants. Leaving is a no-brainer, actually, even without the immigration shambles and associated lunacy. This means that those wanting to remain are basically brain-dead.

No, our leader is mad, Norman. How did you come to elect a mad leader? Just because like O'Blather he is a glib salesman?