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The Labour Party Horror List

The Labour Horror was of course not one single unpleasant event, but a succession of scurrilous quasi-fascist and horrendous acts, specifically during the 13 glorious years of Noo Labour whose doom was sealed with Brown’s accusation of Mrs Duffy being “a bigot” because she complained about her town being swamped by foreign immigrants. You might think that your small town being completely overrun by benefit-seeking aliens often from a vile culture was a legitimate cause for complaint, but not for Noo Labour, since that was a policy deliberately engineered by them to win votes - not in their OWN back yards of course, but mostly well away from posh champagne-swilling pseudo- socialist areas.

  • The deliberate but secret and totally unmandated policy to allow millions of immigrants into the county in the assumption that these would vote for the hand that fed them, the Labour Party. The result has been growing civil unrest, an appalling housing situation and horrendous pressure placed on basic infrastructure such as the NHS and schools. Labour allowed all these people in (including a large number of Pakistani Muslim sub-humans) without ANY regard to increasing spending on the wherewithal to accommodate them. You may recall a recent plea of an A&E department to all those waiting to go home if they weren’t actually dying.

  • The monstrous and craven fawning to ISLAM, which is a vile and alien culture that has no part in any civilised society. Thus we are now plagued by: the obscene Halal meat, honor-killings. Muslim ghettoes, ditto “No-Go” areas like in Sweden, Sharia Courts (OVER 80 IN THE UK - TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE - have you SEEN what Sharia Courts do elsewhere, and WOULD/WILL here IF/WHEN they get the chance?), an increased risk of terrorism from the known 25% of Muslims who sympathise with “extremists” (who according to Turkish PM Erdogan do not exist - you’re either a Muslim or you’re not, an idea that I tend to agree with), demands to change OUR culture to accommodate Muslims, the withdrawal of pork from school menus, the refusal of Muslim taxi-drivers to carry dogs, the hideous veil and so on, all of which make some areas of England feel more like downtown Mogadishu than England.

  • Favourising "faith schools", one of the most odious acts I can think of, and a special pet-brainchild of chief plutocrat Blair. What sort of fucking brains do "socialists" have? Catholic schools are one thing: a longstanding and known culture which poses no harm except perhaps in its attitude towards contraception and abortion, but ISLAM is a totally different matter. In Muslim "Faith schools” -  see Birmingham and the Trojan scandals - young people are systematically brainwashed into accepting a whole raft of evil practices ranging from segregated/sex seating to the teaching that all other religions are heretical and that Jews are apes (as is stated in the Koran, in which they all believe completely). Unbelievable, but TRUE.

  • Fostering the insane PC culture which led to authorities (stretching the word’s meaning of course to include “officials complicit in mass child abuse”) IGNORING the disgusting and decades-long brutal abuse of defenceless minors on the basis of "not wanting to offend minorities". Any native Brits offended can fuck off, of course) Incidentally, the establishment is STILL labelling the Rotherham scum as “Asians”, which if I were a Sikh, Hindu or Chinese etc would piss me off enormously.    The term PC has become so abused and ridiculous that being called “non-PC” has become a compliment. If you hear something described as PC these days it is almost certainly total bollocks. The terms "racist", "xenophobic" and "Islamophobic" come into the same category. The last is especially idiotic, and should be replaced by "Islamoloathing" or "Islamodium".

  • The stupefyingly sheit Labour attitude to housing. In responding to the pressure from immigrants - who take up MILLIONS of accommodation spaces - the Labour Party did NOTHING except favour the growth of “buy-to-let”. This is the quaint Victorian practice of facilitating the acquisition of multiple properties by individuals who proceed to rent them out at the “market price”, which given the appalling shortage of housing is absurdly high. This of course means that those on low incomes are locked into sheit neighbourhoods where a majority are likely to be on benefits and incapable of bringing up kids properly, meaning that local schools are sheit, too.

  • The perpetual dumbing down of education: allowing the profession to be dominated by left-wing bigots, the ultimate symbol of which was the example of one school calling the police last week because a kid had accessed the UKIP website. UKIP, you may recall, is a national party which WON the last European elections and under a fair voting system would have had over 80 MPs in the last GENERAL election. It is a party which merely seeks to maintain our country’s independence rather than abandon it to a federal state dominated by Germany. This in the world created by the current establishment is enough to merit calling in the police if you look at their website .....

    And today I read about a school in Walsall that wants to abolish homework as it is “too stressful”. Left-wing morons have already done their best to eliminate competition in sports, with the decline of team games on the basis that it’s not fair to those who don’t get in the team. Did we ever complain about THAT at school? It just IS so - not EVERYONE can shine at a sport, but every child should be helped to reach his or her full potential. No, the “socialist” way is to dumb us all down to the lowest level. Brilliant.

  • The astonishing fawning to the EU and serene agreement to the continuing payment of FIFTY-EIGHT MILLION QUID EVERY SINGLE DAY to the EU plus a raft of other disadvantages, not least the loss of most of our fishing industry, control of our borders and ability to make our own laws.

    This means proceeding apace with the abandonment of Britain's 1000 years of sovereignty so that a vast flood of moronic bureaucracy impedes our manufacturers - coughing up immediately to each insane demand of the EU for more billions, INCLUDING to bail out Greece when we are not even IN the sodding euro (Blair keeping us OUT was the SINGLE good thing he did.)

  • The 10 year sulk by Brown, the only person on the planet who could out-sulk Edward Heath. This was resolved when he eventually became PM by acclaim and revealed himself to be every bit as useless as had been predicted, leading to election defeat and the shambolic Coalition half-peopled by the turgid, EU-slavish and totally useless Lib-Dems and of course 5 years later to an outright Tory victory.

  • Racking up vast public and private debt, though it is hardly worth mentioning this since it is synonymous with all Labour Party governments.

  • Lastly, but far from least, THE BIG LIE. It is astonishing that so many fall for this, but as Hitler said: “Make the lie big, repeat it often, and they will end up believing it.”

    And the lie is of course that Labour is “the party of the working class”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Vast immigration has severely curtailed job opportunities for native Brits (who of course mostly have the extreme social handicap with the unintelligentsia of being white and thus obliged to make up for the real and imagined sins of their great-great-great grandparents). Migrants will obviously snap up jobs at the minimum wage as this is vastly higher than in their own countries, which of course depresses wages generally, in particular for the already lowest-paid. Vast immigration has also made house ownership an impossible dream for many indigenous Brits unless their parents are either rich or bequeath them a property. As things stand, millions of working/class families are locked forever into renting.

    In addition, as mentioned above, living in crap housing means a crap neighbourhood which means crap schools. Is THAT what Labour mean by being “the party of the working class”?
No, only a total moron would continue to vote Labour until it has purged itself completely of unpatriotic idiots. Under the present leadership, things are going more in the wrong direction than the right one ......