This is a big and very controversial subject that people have to make up their own minds about. I propose to respond in the form of imagined questions put to Frau Merkel:

  1. What exactly is a refugee, someone fleeing from conflict and/or persecution in country A into country B or ALSO someone continuing to travel from safe country B to a distant but richer country on another continent?

  2. The Dublin Regulation requires that refugees apply for asylum in the first country they land in. On 24 August 2015, Germany decided to suspend this regulation for Syrian refugees. Why? Was this the nonsensical German War Guilt again, and/or part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to extinguish the native cultures of Europe?

  3. How can it be that the EU (aka Germany) allows refugees to choose in which country they want to live when the Dublin Regulation clearly says they should’ve stayed in the first safe country they arrived in? Do you think they should they be allowed to "shop around" for countries that are more prosperous and generous? In other words, do you think refugees have a right to CHOOSE which country they want to seek asylum in?

  4. Someone fleeing from Syria into the safety of Turkey is clearly a “refugee”. If they then decide to go somewhere ELSE, do they not then become an “economic migrant”?

  5. Why have the five richest neighbouring ISLAMIC countries to Syria not taken A SINGLE REFUGEE from the conflict there? Saudi Arabia, the HEART of ISLAM, has THREE MILLION PLACES in tents with electricity, water and plumbing - ALL OF THEM CURRENTLY EMPTY, yet SA has not taken ANY “refugees”? Nor has IRAN, the other twin pillar of ISLAM.

  6. Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states say they are concerned by ”the risk of terrorism.” Are they wrong to be concerned? If not, why are YOU not also concerned about “the fear of terrorism”? Is not your first duty the safety of your own citizens?

  7. Why are you now planning to spend BILLIONS of euros of German taxpayers’ money to pay “refugees” to go home after having invited them to come to Europe in the first place?

  8. When you invited millions of “refugees” to come to Europe, why did you not consult either Germany’s neighbouring states or your own people?

  9. Do you realize that the vast majority of these “refugees” are fit, young Muslim men who ....

    - have for the most part paid people-smugglers
    - despise European culture and values
    - have left behind the poor, old, young, sick and infirm?

  10. Should not fit, young men be fighting for their country’s freedom instead of travelling to distant countries as economic migrants leaving behind those least able to defend themselves?

  11. Do you also realize that very few of these migrants are educated, most speak little English let alone German and that it will take billions of euros to train them to the point of being productive workers? Did your people sanction this expenditure of their money?

  12. Is there a secret agenda to help replace Germany’s falling population because of its low birthrate?

  13. Have you been personally to visit any of the multiple German victims of migrant rape to explain to them why you invited these people into Europe?

  14. Do you really think that ISLAMIC culture is in any way compatible with European values?