REMOANERS never mention the immorality of the EU. For the so-called "liberal" party and other REMOANERS, it is ALL about money. They are of course wrong about that, too, but MORALITY never even gets a look-in.

  • The EU elite is venal, paying itself vast salaries and perks: their pensions alone are obscene, and the top brass get paid TENS OF THOUSANDS OF EUROS per year even AFTER they have LEFT EU employment.

  • There have been many cases of proven corruption by EU officials in cahoots with national politicians and officials.

  • The EU is riddled with cronyism and failed national politicians (Kinnock for a start), and is corrupt and wasteful. It has NEVER had its accounts properly audited.

  • They LIED about Greece's finances to get Greece into the euro. LOOK AT THE RESULTS. The whole of Southern Europe is in a shambles. The GDP per capita of Italy is NO BIGGER TODAY than 16 years ago at eurolaunch.

  • Ireland, France and Holland for a start ALL had referendums at which the people voted AGAINST various EU propositions. IN EACH CASE either their national governments simply ignored the referendums or the people were forced to vote AGAIN till they got the right result.

  • The EU claims to have "saved Europe" from war. This is staggering arrogance. It is NATO that has "saved Europe - after of course the dreaded Anglo-Saxons saved the Continent from its own fascism during WWII and then from the Russians AFTER it. Despite this, the EU was delighted to accept the Nobel Peace Prize without a mention to NATO, which also gets hardly a mention in its Brussels EU Museum dedicated to its own glory.

  • The EU has "educational programmes" specifically designed to indoctrinate young people with the idea that the EU is perfect and indispensable. It ALSO provides funding to the BBC, an act of staggering immorality.

  • The EU agenda has ALWAYS been to create a federal superstate, which is why EACH YEAR they take more powers, with estimates of up to 80% of British law now being made in Brussels. You may note that NOT ONE SINGLE EUROPEAN CITIZEN HAS EVER VOTED FOR THIS POLICY.

The immorality of the EU is staggering, yet Farron

And the bottom line? Membership of the EU is (or was, as BREXIT may FORCE them to change it - at least temporarily) a slippery slope towards losing our national sovereignty (check out the Kalergi-Coudenhove Conspiracy here). You may think this a good thing, but NOBODY HAS EVER VOTED FOR IT.

For myself, I consider people complicit in this federalising project to be TRAITORS: Ken Clarke is a good example:

“I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a council chamber in Europe.”
(Ken Clarke: British Minister - 1966)