Where ISLAM goes, freedom dies."

London Mayor Sadiq Khan talks about "British values"

Sadiq Khan: "The attack on London was not only a strike against our city, but the values we cherish."

Mr Khan, the Iast time I checked A) the Koran, B) the life of "the perfect human" whom you worship and C) how Muslims behave today, it seems to me that the values listed below are those you treasure.

Have you DENOUNCED any of these? I note that Saudi Arabia and Iran are the OFFICIAL HEADQUARTERS of ISLAM. Have you DENOUNCED them for their hideous and undemocratic practices?

  • paedophila: being allowed to marry very young children
  • the preference for educating children separately from non-Muslims
  • the separating children by sex in your "schools"
  • mysogeny: gjving men far superior rights to women
  • treating non-Muslim women as fair game to be assaulted (mass gang-abuse of children by Muslims in Rotherham etc)
  • the segregation by sex at meetings of Muslims, including in mosques
  • religious fascism: the rule by theocracy as in Saudi Arabia and Iran
  • the hysterical rejection of alcohol, pork and dogs
  • the hatred of Jews
  • the rejection of integration into British society and the preference for living in a Muslim ghetto
  • the blocking pf public roads by Muslims claiming that ISLAM will "dominate the world"
  • male Muslim self-flagellation in public areas
  • the establishment of a parallel Muslim legal system
  • the segregation in cemetaries of Muslims from non-Muslims
  • the rejection in general of British culture: Muslims frequently burn red poppies for example

ALL the above are in TOTAL OPPOSITION to British values. Do not claim that YOU want to "preserve British values" unless you DENOUNCE all the above - which as a Muslim of course you CANNOT do.

Sadiq Khan refuses to respond Donald Trump Jr's criticism of him, saying he has 'better things to do' in wake of London attack

"Better things to do? ... like pray five times a day to the man you adore and worhip, who was a delusional, narcissistic, paedophile, mysogenist, Jew-and-Christian hating and mass-murdering bigot who commanded his disciples to spread ISLAM by brute force to "dominate the world".

To a man who inspires many of his disciples to brutal violence even after 1,400 years. Why do you think that Private Lee Rigby was decapitated? Because the Koran states that Muslims should "smite the heads" of infidels.

No, ALL Muslims are not terrorists, but they ALL worship and adore one of the most vile humans ever to walk the planet. READ THE FACTS. JOIN THE HUMAN RACE.