The UTTER BETRAYAL of the UK Fishing Industry
from a BLOGPOST in "The Daily Express" on 24 March, 2017

UKIP are right to describe our fishing grounds as 'stolen'. The EU has been controlling our fishing grounds quite illegally for the last forty years.

In 1970, when Heath was negotiating our entry to the Common Market, a crude ambush was set up by the Six original members to ensure that, as part of their price of entry, the four applicant countries, Britain, Ireland, Denmark and Norway, would have to hand over to the Community their fishing waters, the richest in the world. (Norway eventually refused and hung on to their fishing grounds.)

On the very day the applications went in, June 30 1970, the Six hastily approved the principle that all member-states should be given “equal access” to each other’s fishing waters, under Brussels control.

The point of this was that, because this had now become part of the ‘acquis communautaire’, the body of existing Community law, the applicant countries would have to accept it as a 'fait accompli'.

Within a few years, as everyone then knew, national fishing waters were due to be extended out, under international law, to 200 miles. Because the waters belonging to the four applicant states would then contain most of the fish in European waters, this would give the Six an astonishing prize.

In fact the Six knew their new fisheries policy was not even legal. Among the Foreign Office papers released in 2001 was an internal Council of Ministers document, dating from June 1970,which shows how desperate the Brussels lawyers had been to find some article in the Treaty of Rome which could be used to authorise such a policy. There was none.

The policy therefore had no legal justification, and other papers show that the Foreign Office knew this too. But so determined was Mr Heath to take us into the Common Market, that he decided not to challenge them. Britain would simply accept the 'illegal' new fisheries policy, even though this would mean handing over one of her greatest renewable natural assets and would spell disaster for a large part of her fishing fleet.

All the evidence is in FO Docs 30/656-9 and further information comes
from Christopher Booker's "Britain and Europe: The Culture of Deceit".