The hysterical braying of REMOANERS about the dire consequences of being outside the "single market" is just that: hysterical braying. They have latched onto this soundbite in the hope of persuading the gullible of the righteousness of their cause, though the total failure of "Project Fear" should have taught us all something. As it happens, the "single market" is NOTHING for which it is worth paying 36 million euros net PER DAY, losing 66% of our fishing rights, being swamped by a mountain of EU bureaucracy, losing control of our borders and laws AND being sucked into a federal superstate. IT IS ALL NONSENSE

FROM THE BBC, no less: "Over the past two decades, 14 economies - including Canada, India and the US - that trade under WTO rules increased their exports of goods to the 11 founding members of the single market faster than the UK," the study said.

"The evidence shows that the disadvantages of non-membership of the EU and single market have been vastly exaggerated and that the supposed benefits of membership, whether for exports of goods and services, for productivity, for worldwide trade, or for employment, are largely imaginary," the study said.