Dear Alex

Millions of British university students and indeed other adults who should know better DO NOT HAVE A CLUE about the EU or the real issues, so it is no surprise that foreigners find it confusing. HERE are the PRINCIPAL reasons why we voted to LEAVE the EU.

  • FIRST, LET'S GET SCOTLAND OUT OF THE WAY! Nicola Sturgeon's only rationale for existence is to fight for Scottish independence. This is hilarious, since she wants to leave the UK, where Scots are heavily subsidised by the English and have lots of autonomy, and join the EU where Scots will PAY A LOT and have almost NO autonomy. Her ranting is typical of the brain-dead REMAINERS. She is a bleating empty vessel who should be ignored.
  • EU MEMBERSHIP COST: Membership of the EU costs the British taxpayer TWENTY-EIGHT MILLION GBP NET EVERY SINGLE DAY. Only Germany pays more. I am not sure if Germans KNOW how much they pay, but perhaps if more of them DID know then we would have GERXIT .....

  • FISHING: When we joined the EU in 1975 we GAVE UP 66% of our fishing rights, destroying tens of thousands of jobs in the traditional fishing industry and devastating hundreds of little fishing ports all along the coastline. Today, a SINGLE Dutch trawler can catch 25% of our OWN fish. WORSE, WE PAID OUR MONEY to renew Dutch, Spanish and French fishing fleets with large modern boats to come and take OUR fish .... YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP!

  • IMMIGRATION: All EU citizens can travel to all EU countries. This means VAST immigration into the UK from poor countries such as Romania. Many of these people work usefully (efficient Polish plumbers are legendary) but HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS do not, and live off benefits, which are very generous to immigrants compared to the rest of Europe. Rumanians come to the UK, push down wages for Brits and send enough back home to build super new houses. TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND ROMA GYPSIES have come to the UK and need feeding, housing, schooling and medically treating. I am unclear as to why WE are supposed to do this. THIS IS OF COURSE "SOCIALISM": the impoverishment of the relatively better-off in favour of the poorer. This is all very well and indeed noble, but in this case it is not clear to me why this should involve foreigners in distant countries. OF COURSE, A) those responsible in Brussels are not affected; their vast remuneration continues as ever and forever and B) nobody in the UK ever voted for it - except idiot politicians, and here is one:

2009 - “I have read some of [the Lisbon Treaty] but not all of it.” – Caroline Flint (Minister for Europe 08-09)

Regarding immigration, please note that England is the MOST DENSELY-POPULATED COUNTRY in the entire continent except for Malta and Monaco. If FRANCE were to have the same population-density as England it would have to take in ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-EIGHT MILLION migrants.

  • SECURITY: EU LAW means we CANNOT REFUSE ENTRY TO THE UK TO KNOWN MURDERERS, THIEVES AND RAPISTS. British citizens have been robbed, raped and murdered by KNOWN foreign criminals.

  • EU REGULATIONS: There is a CONSTANT tsunami of mostly idiotic rules and reglementation from Brussels, whose bureaucracy is based on that of original EU member France. ALL UK companies have to comply with this nonsense even if they do not do business with the EU. One little anecdote: There was a little garage in a village selling petrol and doing some small repairs. When we joined the EU the owner was FORCED to stop selling petrol in gallons and switch to litres. The cost of converting his pump was so high that he ceased trading, even though his business was NOTHING TO DO WITH THE EU WHATSOEVER.

  • FOOD COSTS: The EU is basically a customs-union (which is determined to become a federal state). It erects BARRIERS against other countries. FOOD IS THEREFORE MORE EXPENSIVE IN THE EU THAN IT SHOULD BE. The idea is to protect inefficient French farmers, but AFRICAN PRODUCERS are penalised. Inside the EU, we lost our seat on the WTO and cannot make trade deals with other countries.

  • DEMOCRACY: The EU is undemocratic; the Commission is appointed, not elected. Most are failed politicians and/or cronies and friends of other politicians, failing, failed or not. The UK PROTESTED about the appointment of Juncker, but Merkel FORCED him on us. Juncker was PM of Luxembourg for years and arranged shady tax-avoiding deals with multi-nationals. He also LIED CONSISTENTLY about the euro. (see "Quotes" on my website: http://www.eutruth.info/). We TOLD Merkel he would be a disaster, but NOBODY EVER LISTENS TO US. (The EU is basically a stitch-up between Germany and France.)

Some Juncker quotes:

“We decide on something, leave it lying around and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back," he said of the euro.

In May 2011, he told a meeting of the federalist European Movement that he often ‘had to lie’ and that eurozone monetary policy should be discussed insecret, dark debates.

He also sparked controversy by suggesting that the eurozone economic policy was incompatible with democracy. “We all know what to do; we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we’ve done it," Mr Juncker cynically quipped last year.

Mr Juncker was also closely linked to the EU constitution, before the French referendum on it in 2005 he predicted, correctly, that Europe would ignore any popular rejections. “If it’s a ‘Yes', we will say ‘on we go’, and if it’s a ‘No’ we will say ‘we continue’,” he said.

Following the ‘No’ votes in France and the Netherlands, Mr Juncker claimed that in reality voters had actually supported deeper European integration, triggering accusations that the European elite was in denial over public
hostility to the EU. "If we were to add up all the votes of the people who wanted ‘more Europe’ as a ‘Yes’ , then I think we would have had a ‘Yes’ vote," he said.

  • FEDERALISATION: As said above, the EU is DETERMINED to force federalisation onto Europe. THIS HAS BEEN CLEAR FROM THE BEGINNING:

1952 - “Europe’s nations should be led towards a superstate, without their people
understanding what is happening.” - Jean Monnet (President ECSC 52-55)

... and is today enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty with the words agreeing to “ever-closer union", but what angers those of us in Britain with a brain is that NO SINGLE EUROPEAN CITIZEN HAS EVER VOTED FOR THIS. It might suit GERMANY, which as the biggest formerly independent country would dominate a European federal state, but IT DOES NOT SUIT THE BRITISH. The EU is POWER MAD: they are determined to get Turkey into the EU AND the Balkans and eventually Ukraine. As for Ukraine, EU policy towards that country has (justifiably or not) angered Russia, and relations with Putin can now only be described as dangerous.

  • EU ARMY: The EU is ALSO making noises about forming an EU army, claiming this is essential for its defence. THIS IS NONSENSE. NATO has always provided for Europe's defence since WWII. It is just ANOTHER example of Brussels thinking itself ALREADY to be a superstate. THIS is why the Lisbon Treaty created the EEAS, a "Diplomatic Service" that cost EIGHT BILLION EUROS to set up and hundreds of millions to run each year. We now have an EU "Foreign Minister" and individual EU countries supposedly are subservient to this. IT IS QUASI-FASCIST NONSENSE: an elite doing what IT wants without a mandate from the people. I remind you, NO SINGLE EUROPEAN CITIZEN HAS EVER VOTED FOR A FEDERAL SUPERSTATE IN EUROPE.

    INDEED, when the FRENCH in 2006 voted AGAINST the "European Constitution", the EU simply made a few minor changes and then PASSED IT IN PARLIAMENT with a NEW NAME, cleverly by-passing the people - BECAUSE of course, the elite knows best.

  • THE EURO? This was ALWAYS a POLITICAL project. The EU'S OWN economists told them it could not work long-term. NO CURRENCY UNION HAS EVER WORKED WITHOUT FULL FISCAL and then POLITICAL union. The last one to succeed was the Roman Empire .... The economies of Europe are TOO DIVERSE for a single currency to succeed without MASSIVE TRANSFERS of money from the richer northern states to the South. HAVE THE GERMAN TAXPAYERS AGREED TO THIS? Since the eurolaunch, we have seen successive major financial crises in the Med countries, which are now in their TENTH YEAR of recession with youth unemployment of up to 50%. TEN YEARS! Meanwhile, GERMANY has prospered.

    THE SITUATION TODAY? GREECE can only survive with endless loans it can NEVER replay, while its people live in austerity and recession (partly their own fault of course); ITALY is effectively bankrupt, its banks on the point of failure; FRANCE is in OFFICIAL "economic crisis" and falling FURTHER AND FURTHER behind Germany - and as it happens ENGLAND. Spain and Portugal stagger along. THE EURO HAS BEEN A DISASTER for everyone except Germany. The UK sensibly did not enter the euro. WE TOLD YOU IT WOULD NOT WORK (AND of course the EU LIED about Greece’s original qualifications to enter the euro in the first place; Goldman-Sachs and the ECB were engaged to fiddle the books) BUT as we have seen above, YOU NEVER LISTEN TO US.

    By the way, the ECB headquarters in Frankfurt cost ONE THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED MILLION EUROS and counting - NOTHING BUT THE BEST FOR BRUSSELS, but HEY, it's only the plebs' money .....

    The EU response to the obvious euro failure is to demand a SEPARATE "EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT" for Euro members .... their response to ALL crises is to call for "MORE EUROPE" = more integration. Martin Schulz called for this YESTERDAY, despite the BREXIT result and the huge discontent everywhere in the EU.

CONCLUSION: The EU as it is today has failed. The original noble aim of creating a "Common Market" (actually, it was to create a superstate to make sure Germany never launched another European war, but that was never mentioned in polite society) was hi-jacked by unelected and obsessive federalisation zealots. As long as France and Germany were doing OK, it bumbled along, each year grabbing for itself more and more power.

July 10th, 2007 - EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, rejoicing in the “success” of his Revised
Constitution, hailed the EU as “the creation of an Empire”, adding “We have the dimensions of Empire”.

NOW THE TRAIN HAS HIT THE BUFFERS, and even the Germans are demanding more power be returned to individual countries. From the British point of view, THIS IS TOO LITTLE TOO LATE. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN WE TOLD YOU THAT REFORM WAS NEEDED? You treated us with contempt. Cameron went to Brussels (and Berlin) to "renegotiate", came away with almost nothing and yet told us he had got a good deal - while the EU, Merkel and Hollande congratulated themselves on having given us NOTHING. The average British pleb, however, is somewhat more intelligent than the European political elite seem to think. (Learning from history is not their strong point.)

As Nigel Farage said in the European Parliament, "WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?" Though of course, the establishment will as usual do its best to overthrow the vote. They have always succeeded in the past; will the British people prevail this time against a plutocratic elite?

I hope this makes sense Alex!