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I am reposting this by EUBanker as it is so good. I would add this:

England is the most densely-populated region of the entire continent of Europe save Monaco and Malta. If France were to have the SAME PD as England, then France would have to take in ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-TWO MILLON immigrants.

And her comments about "others suffering more" on the Continent are DISGUSTING. For a start, Paris was not blitzed as London was. She also forgets that THEY STARTED IT, NOT US. WE HAD TO SACRIFICE MILLIONS TO SAVE THEM FROM THEIR OWN FASCISM. We have NO LESSONS TO LEARN from the Continent.

We would possibly have stayed in the EU except for A) the absurd cost of 29 MILLION quid per day net B) the loss of 66% of our fishing C) the tsunami of absurd regulation and D) ABOVE ALL the insane drive towards federalisation, for which NOT ONE SINGLE EUROPEAN CITIZEN HAS EVER VOTED.

I have seen lobotomized slugs with more intelligence than this woman.

"This Petiffor woman is an idiot! This country lost almost a generation of young men in WWI. In every city, town and village throughout the UK are the war memorials to their sacrifice. Some villages in Britain lost nearly all their young men. My maternal grand mother was a nurse in WWI and she said of all the boys in her school class only two came back from France! Then we had WWII. My father fought right through that war, along with countless others, many of whom never came back (his 27 year old eldest brother being one of them). We entered very reluctantly into war with Germany but did so to keep our promise to Poland against Nazi oppression. I am disgusted at those in Britain who do nothing but pull our nation down. Per our population we give the highest amount in foreign aid of any other country on this planet. Despite crippling and savage cut backs due to the massive bankster bailouts, that aid money has always been ring fenced. This stupid woman needs to wake up and see the fallacy of the EU. Every nation in it is either in it to get subsidies or in the case of Germany, France and Italy to have power over Europe. They think completely in their own interests and now, with mass and uncontrolled immigration into the UK, causing our struggling public services and NHS to their inevitable ruin, plus a housing crisis not seen since the bombings of WWII, this country has NO option but to leave the chains of this undemocratic and Europe destroying EU dictatorship."