Smart borders after Brexit will give Britain 'extra advantage', EU-commissioned expert says


Carney BACKTRACKS on Brexit as BofE governor admits living standards will RISE

Lawless London: Taxi driver shot dead in ‘targeted attack’

SOROS: "The EU should protect society from social media"   (Ed: You belong in 1930s USSR matey .....)

Brexit: Leading British intellectuals unite to nail Remoaner lie of 'thick' Brexiteers
"We are paralysing ourselves. EU rules are crushing normal people."

The Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz slammed the EU today for an “influx of regulations” he claims is "paralysing" the bloc and punishing small businesses.

Guy Verhofstadt mocks 'STUPID' Brexiteers and boasts EU is MORE popular since Leave vote

GUY Verhofstadt has continued to mock Brexiteers, describing the vote to exit the EU as “stupid” and boasting that Europe is now more popular and more united since the referendum took place.

ITALY DEBT CRISIS: Borrowing soars to €2.2TRILLION sparking Eurozone fears
Brexit BOOST: London NUMBER ONE choice for international technology despite 'Project Fear'

DESPITE Brexit fears London remains the number one draw for international technology workers in Europe and attracted more EU tech workers than any other European city, according to data compiled by LinkedIn and Stack Overflow.

Britain is BOOMING: Economy accelerating faster than previously expected
Migrant ghettos ‘nuclear time bomb’ may ‘explode’ due to building unrest, EU official says

MIGRANT ghettos could “become a nuclear bomb in the future”, a European Union official has warned as violence escalates near former settlement camps.

EU Commissioner warns of migrant ghettos ‘nuclear bomb’, wants to use £310 billion Brussels fund
We DON'T need EU! Swiss exports 'at all-time
EU regulation costs 'will double to £240 billion annually AFTER Brexit'
German women launch campaign against mass immigration violence
EU to build itself a new £136 million conference centre - and taxpayers will foot the bill

In this speech during the EU Referendum campaign, the former Prime Minister David Cameron confirms the Referendum will be the "final decision" - for the British people!

‘No voice or vote!’ Expert reveals the SHOCKING truth of the EU's control in a soft Brexit

A SOFT Brexit is “very unappealing” because it would mean accepting EU rules with “no voice or vote”, a former government economist has warned.

The future of the EU? Youth movement to create United States of Europe party .....
Swedish Police Chief Warns Women: "Do not go out alone due to Muslim Rape Epidemic"
Trump on Immigration
‘Take THAT Macron!’ Macron dealt HUGE blow as CEO reveals he's moving to London NOT Paris

FRENCH President Emmanuel Marcon’s plan to make Paris a tech hub has been snubbed by a CEO who revealed his company would move to London instead.

Jan 18
BBC Brexit bias EXPOSED: Flagship programmes under-representing anti-EU views for DECADES
Huge outpouring of support for HERO Sir Michael Caine after he attacks Juncker and the EU
Trump presides over LOWEST black unemployment rate IN HISTORY
Govt. failed to deport illegal immigrant SIX TIMES before he committed murder
UK Technology Investment at Record Levels Compared to Continental Rivals "despite" BREXIT
"Project Fear" debunked YET AGAIN
Lone child refugees are costing British councils £70,000 a year EACH with bills continuing until they reach 25
Massive Rise in Crime in Khan's London
Obama: the most divisive President in history?

The European Court of Justice is going to tell sovereign states how many migrants they have to accept
Join our United States of Europe or ELSE says Schulz

COUNTRIES should be forced to sign up to a “United States of Europe” by 2025 or else be booted out of the EU with immediate effect, a top German politician demanded today.


UK factories see strongest growth for four years

BREXIT BOOM: UK’s economy worth BILLIONS, experts say – 'We have NOTHING to fear'
New report shows that Brexit vote has had NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on Britain’s prosperity
Manufacturing sector shifts up a gear to record best growth in four years
British workers will earn more after BREXIT!
Carney Admits BREXIT Will Cut EU Red-tape
‘We LIKE being in the UK!’ Ford boss says firm will FIGHT to stay in the UK after Brexit
Taxman rakes in record £72bn from the City as Britain’s crucial financial services sector remains in rude health
May will keep final Brexit Bill SECRET fuelling fears the final settlement will soar far higher than the £40bn already offered
HUMAN RIGHTS MADNESS: Criminals can’t be deported as Romanian jails are TOO SMALL
We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years

Brexiteer Lord Bamford (of JCB) has waded back into the political debate, accusing the Government and lobby groups of ignoring the millions of small businesses that form the “backbone” of Britain.

In a rare interview, the boss of  manufacturing giant JCB told The Sunday Telegraph that senior politicians could have anticipated the UK’s vote to quit the European Union if they had listened to views of the country’s 5.4m private and family-owned firms. He also launched a fresh attack on the CBI, calling the lobby group a “waste of time”.

It is the first time he has spoken out since publicly backing the 2017 referendum. His family-owned company – which has annual revenues of £2.6bn –  abandoned the CBI last year over its anti-Brexit stance.

“The CBI is a waste of time, it didn’t represent my business or private companies,” he said. “I didn’t agree with its view on Europe.” He claimed the lobby group – and others like it – failed to promote the interests of private and smaller businesses.

“The CBI really only represents 20 companies in my view and they are multinational and not British – something like Unilever, Royal Dutch Shell,” he said.

In his support of Brexit, the peer said he represented the opinions of a huge silent majority.  He admitted his stance had made him unpopular with many leading figures in commerce and the Government, but addded he was “not the tiniest bit surprised” by the 51.9pc vote to quit the EU.


A thug who forced a young teenager into bushes and raped her was today sentenced to nine years detention. Samuel Ciornei, 20, had only been in the UK for three weeks after travelling over from Romania when he pounced on his terrified victim.

There are now 25 UK maternity units where foreign mothers outnumber British-born mothers
London’s secret Muslim only accommodation has been exposed thanks to "Rebel Media" and the "Daily Star" - Hundreds of property adverts on websites such as GumTree were only available for those who are Muslim or of Asian descent.
4/11 'The right thing to do': Robert Peston says Brexit voters were 'on the right side of history'
Bank of England chief SHOCKS Remainers with praise for Brexit's 'global opportunities'

THE Governor of the Bank of England has downplayed fears of a 'bad Brexit deal' and revealed Brexit benefits include new opportunities and a renewed relationship with the rest of the world.

'GET US OUT!' Anger as its revealed EU is costing Britain £267million A WEEK
World Bank says UK is ‘better for business than Germany AND France’ as EU nations fail
Germany fears EUROZONE MELTDOWN: German investors rush to buy gold - GERMANY has become the world’s biggest buyer of gold amid fears of economic meltdown across the eurozone
'Brussels has failed' UK could save '£90BILLION' by leaving the EU
Single market is a 'POISONED CHALICE': Labour Leaver says hard Brexit a 'BOON' for UK
Nick Clegg says elderly Brexit voters are going to DIE meaning vote can be reversed in a second referendum
British manufacturing records first "significant" production growth of 2017
Fearmongering City Should Welcome BREXIT
Romanian Sex Offender Used Freedom of Movement to Enter UK: Attempted to Rape Grandmother
BREXIT CASH BOOST: Britain’s poorest families will be £2,288 a year better off ‘thanks to Brexit’ as groceries and rent will tumble - Researchers from three pro-Brexit organisations warn that we will be worse off if we have follow Labour's plan for a 'soft' Brexit
'The Brits are dawdling and clueless'- German media lashes out at UK Brexit strategy 
UK manufacturing SOARS as companies see surge in post-Brexit orders, new survey finds
Aston Martin today announces a trade and investment deal with Japan worth £500 million.
Japanese car-maker Nissan has said it will increase output from its Sunderland plant by 20% to 600,000 units per year, and raise the quantity of parts sourced in the UK from 40% to 80%.
“According to figures released by the treasury these (PFI) deals will have created £57bn of assets, however, by the time PFI contracts have all been paid off they will have cost £307billion in total – this is over five times the value of the assets.
'It's a no-brainer!' Remainers WRONG AGAIN as Fintech group sets up in Brexit Britain, which will remain a massive player in the global economy after Brexit, according to the world’s biggest financial technology operation.
At least 200 illegal immigrants sneak into Britain EVERY DAY
Juncker calls borders "the worse invention ever made by politicians (video)
Illegal immigrant sentenced for murdering man, 62, in Hyde park as authorities failed to deport him 6 times
History will not be kind to the "broken people" of Remain
The infantilism and anti-intellectualism of the anti-Brexit camp has created much bad feeling in Britain. But, like the Fellow Travellers of the Cold War, they are the ones that will ultimately suffer when history hands down its judgement.
'Big worry for Brussels': EU attempt to punish thriving UK will FAIL says German economist
French economy CAN'T compete: Poland mocks Macron over France's 4-day working week
Germany's "Stern" magazine publishes on front page a photo of Trump making a Nazi salute .....
THE “protectionist” European Union is doomed to collapse because it has lost sight of its commitment to free trade and the beleaguered euro currency has “already failed”, a leading German economist said today.
UK economy to THRIVE after Brexit: 'Cack-handed and destructive' EU holding Britain back
Channel 4 anchor Jon Snow admits he was WRONG on Brexit and is an out-of-touch 'elite'
EU apparatchik Frans Timmermann confirms existence of Kalergi-Coudenhove plan to swamp Europe with "diversity"
(Of course, Blair had to go along with this to have a shot at the EU Commission Presidency)
Merkel's NIGHTMARE: Brexit could WRECK Germany's economy, Berlin officials warn

OSBORNE LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH. Change Britain group reveals that more than £50 billion of investment and 44,000 new jobs have been announced since the referendum. The accuracy of their findings is borne out by last week’s news that 125,000 people found a job in the three months up to June, with employment at a record high. 

Looking ahead, the Economists For Free Trade group says that removing all trade tariffs and barriers after Brexit would generate a £135 billion boom for Britain and make every household up to £40 a week better off. 

Walking away from EU would lead to cheaper food
Continuity Remainers are so determined to hate Brexit that they've become detached from reality (Daniel Hannan)
Leaving EU will boost economy by 135 million GBP annually - (see also BBC here)
Europe's 'ticking time bomb': Italian debt could DESTROY Eurozone as M5S soars in polls
‘We can’t cope alone!’ Italy says it's been abandoned by Europe over migrant crisis (Italy doesn't count, Duckie ...)
Sarah Champion forced out of Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet after warning Pakistani men are raping white girls
Europe's childless leaders represent a dying continent soon to be overrun by Muslims
‘Eurocrats look after THEMSELVES’ John Cleese savages Brussels and praises Brexit vote
Islamic tackeover in Europe isn't a prediction - it's already happening
"Many on the left are the worst racists." (Trevor Phillips, former Head of Commission for Racial Equality)
UK unemployment falls to 42 year low

True’ weekly cost of Britain’s EU membership calculated to be £660 million (£94.29 million per day)

Statistics reveal that 20% of the unemployed are migrants
UK to slap import taxes on all EU goods if Brussels doesn't buckle to deal
'European Union is just another name for 4th Reich!' Poles FURIOUS at German-led EU
Germans complain about ECB Ponzi money-printing, otherwise known in EUSpeak as 'Quantitative Easing'
EU free movement has led to rise in people trafficking: people are being exploited in every major UK town or city.
68% now back a so-called "hard BREXIT" according to joint LSE/OXFORD University study
Brussels plans Brexit REVERSAL as bloc 'spends THOUSANDS on pro-EU propaganda in the UK'
Swiss plan MAJOR financial alliance including UK but NOT EU after Brexit
New figures show UK attracts more FDI than ever (Foreign Direct Investment)
FRENCH family turns down free 5-bedroom house as TOO SMALL; council pays multiple tens of thousands in benefits
Steven Woolfe on the EU expenses scandal: "They get low taxation, huge payments in pensions, they get an expense account for taking people out, an expense account for their accommodation and then they get these hundreds of thousands of Euros a year for doing the job and now they're throwing in these trips! They live a life of luxury; no wonder they want other people to pay for it!"
Juncker spent £24,000 on private flight to Rome 
Firms recruiting at fastest rate in two years; companies lift wages as they compete for staff
Asian merchant bank picks London for new HQ
"Acid attacks now at record levels," says surgeon
Austin Mitchell Rips Apart Labour REMOANIACS
Cable launches vile and insane attack on Brexiteers
'We're in urban warfare'; Italian soldiers clash with migrants as locals 'fear for families'
A) Merkel unilaterally invites into Europe millions of fit, young Muslim male migrants who hate our culture

B) EU imposes tough "dangerous-border" checks on UK to improve security - in AUGUST

What insane, lowlife scum they are (the European political elite)
UK-US Trade Deal Potential Becomes Ever-clearer
REFERENDUM: Statistics prove that "Project Fear" was indeed LYING ESTABLISHMENT PROPAGANDA
Labour and Tory MPs plot to force vote on KEEPING UK in single market
German MEP savages EU for 'breaking their own rules' to save crumbling eurozone

Jean-Claude Juncker took a €63,126 air-taxi flight to the G20 summit in Turkey, according to EU expenses claims.
TOP MAN - JUST LIKE JOE BAMFORD (JCB) - two GREAT British entrepreneurs not taken in by "Project Fear"

Speaking to The Spectator, Sir James Dyson has said:
“I am very confident in our ability to negotiate trade deals outside Europe – with Japan, Australia, China, America and so on – because it’s very easy. It’s just us negotiating with them. It’s very, very straightforward and you don’t have to satisfy 27 other people.”

In terms of an EU deal he has said that: “My view is we almost certainly won’t get an agreement. We’ll have to walk away,” but added that he doesn’t think it is a big deal and could be dealt with by lowering corporation tax.

TRAITOR Hammond foresees YEARS of continuing immigration
Donald Trump promises 'very big and exciting' trade deal with the UK after Brexit
2/2015 Pakistani Muslims Child Abuse and the Tyranny of Political Correctness (old but still relevant)
Sweden goes from bad to worse

Two Bury council officers deliberately delayed investigating allegations against Labour politician ahead of election, independent inquiry concludes

BREXIT CATASTROPHE: EU chiefs ‘desperate to PUNISH the UK’, German MEP says

Bill Gates warns that Germany's open door policy to migrants will overwhelm Europe and urges leaders to 'make it more difficult for Africans to reach the continent via current routes'
  • Bill Gates warned of 'huge' number of migrants waiting to come to Europe 
  • He said generosity of European leaders will only encourage more to come 
  • 61-year-old said Europe must make it more difficult for people to cross border


BRUSSELS should be given the power to raise taxes directly from citizens and companies to foster a sense of loyalty to the bloc, an arch proponent of a European superstate said today.

Britain’s economy to outperform France, Germany and Eurozone, says bombshell report
New levels of violence brought to London by invading Africans
Student Union President calls for ISLAMIC STATE in Britain
'Young voters were fooled' Marr skewers Labour frontbencher over Corbyn's Brexit stance

The EU is taking over Europe's taxation and forming an army. Thank God Britain is leaving

EU pension plot EXPOSED: Bloc wants SINGLE pot where savings can be moved ACROSS STATES
BBC struggle to find Rotherham Europhiles for show as steelworks praises ‘Brexit boost’
REVEALED: Staggering figures show how many CRIMINAL migrants live in Britain
EU to blow €650,000 on propaganda competition to promote bloc
OECD changes its mind: BREXIT will not lead to decline in UK living standards after all
BREXIT will lead to the rejuvenation of Britain's north says think-tank
Juncker praises "heroic Greece and Italy" as they are swamped with economic migrants
The EU wants to continue fining Britain even after BREXIT!
Millions in EU farming subsidies go to rich

MIGRANTS were caught trying to sneak into Britain at a rate of one every 10 minutes last year.

Why Macron is a cretin
Fewer than 3% of migrants who reached Italy after crossing the Mediterranean in 2016 were deemed refugees, UN report shows
Farm industry to boom after BREXIT
Foreign Investors Back Britain
Fewer than 3% of migrants entering Europe are genuine "refugees"
EU riven by internal division over BREXIT
Banks WON'T quit London after BREXIT!
REMAINER MP changes mind: "The EU is a protection racket." he now claims!
18/4 Remainers WERE fear-mongering: Shock new Brexit stats show staggering level of FALSE fear
EU NIGHTMARE: Albania threatens Brussels ‘give us membership or prepare for CHAOS’
Why the EU is in such a mess ("The Economist")
The Catastrophic Euro - "an obsession too far" (Jacques Sapir)
'Proud to be in the UK' Ford backs Brexit declaring giant car firm is STAYING in Britain
Top business leader calls for ‘soft’ Brexit over fears for GERMAN economy
Mark Carney admits Brexit could lead to MORE jobs and higher growth for Britain
Sir Michael Caine hails Brexit FREEDOM: 'I'd rather be a poor master than a rich servant'
Spanish MEP claims triggering Article 50 was a 'declaration of WAR' by Britain
REVEALED: EU budget CRISIS as Juncker facing cliff edge over £200BN deficit
‘Naive and irresponsible’ German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier rips into Brexit
EU ULTIMATUM: Brussels tells Poland & Hungary to 'accept more migrants or LEAVE the bloc'
'That's the COST of leaving' German MEP says EU stance over Gibraltar is Brexit punishment
(Ed. Apparently "punishment" IS allowed in Germany, but only against Brits .....)
Why a 'significantly undervalued' pound will bounce back this year

10 reasons to feel positive after Brexit

Remember the fundamental facts: not catchy but keep repeating that mantra to yourself: "The only way to have lots of jobs and higher wages is to have a competitive economy." This is the fundamental fact, and, in the end, it is much more important than being in any particular club. Having a huge single market to exploit is useless if no one wants your expensive, rubbish stuff.


Greece is a full-on EU member and is fundamentally uncompetitive, hence its problems. South Korea couldn't be much further away from the EU and is now a prosperous nation that exports its electronic goods and cars all over the world, including the EU. Germans buy Hyundai and Samsung stuff even though Seoul isn't a political partner and doesn’t share its labour laws or currency.

PLUS: "we probably would have been forced to join the euro eventually; and savings on the EU budget contribution are real."

UK Unemployment the envy of the Continent
Never underestimate the USA - the MYTH about its decline


"Over the past two decades, 14 economies - including Canada, India and the US - that trade under WTO rules increased their exports of goods to the 11 founding members of the single market faster than the UK," the study said.

"The evidence shows that the disadvantages of non-membership of the EU and single market have been vastly exaggerated and that the supposed benefits of membership, whether for exports ofgoods and services, for productivity, for worldwide trade, or for employment, are largely imaginary," the study said.

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Ensure the British fishing waters are returned to the UK post Brexit”.

Government responded:

On leaving the EU, the UK will control fisheries access in its Exclusive Economic Zone and manage those waters in accordance with international law, including the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

As a coastal state outside the EU, the UK will be responsible, under international law, for control of UK waters and the sustainable management of fisheries within the UK’s Exclusive economic Zone. The UK will negotiate as an independent coastal state.

We want to use this opportunity to create a resilient, competitive and ultimately more profitable UK Seafood sector, and deliver a cleaner, healthier and more productive marine environment. We will work to achieve the best possible deal for the whole of the UK fishing industry in negotiations.

Japanese PM backs idea of EU superstate as he takes swipe at Brexit on visit to Brussels - JAPANESE prime minister Shinzo Abe today gave his full-throated support to the idea of a European superstate as he made repeated digs at Brexit following a meeting with top eurocrats
JUNCKER'S REVENGE: We must PUNISH UK so no-one else will want to leave EU, blasts Eurocrat - EUROPEAN Union chief Jean-Claude Juncker said punishing the UK over Brexit negotiations would make sure no other countries want to leave the bloc.
FTSE 100 reaches RECORD high - index is now 17 per cent higher than before Brexit vote
ECB printing 80 BILLION euros each month to prop up fraudulent euro
As I have maintained, this women is INSANE: Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germans have failed to grasp how Muslim immigration has transformed their country and will have to come to terms with more mosques than churches throughout the countryside, according to the "Frankfurter Allgemeine" Zeitung. ()

SEE ALSO HERE: http://www.eutruth.info/articles/merkel.htm
Greece staggers on as Germany refuses any debt relief ...
EU LEAVE - Article 50 may be invoked as early as NEXT WEEK!
Germany needs good BREXIT deal or 1,000,000 German jobs are at risk
Richard Dawkins calls LEAVE Voters "ignorant" in humongous REMOANIAC rant
Brussels Pro-EU Child Brainwashing Programme
Britain performed ‘the GREAT ESCAPE’ by voting to ditch Brussels, leading economist boasts
Budget 2017: Philip Hammond to hail Britain’s BOOMING Brexit economy in upbeat assessment
Galloway brands peers 'bloated PARASITES' in furious rant at House of Lords over Brexit
IREXIT? Ireland must now leave the EU to avoid a post-Brexit disaster, says academic
London Mayor Sadiq Khan expects 1.5 million new people to capital as he reveals shock 'London Plan'
Bill Clinton video on restricting US immigration 22 years ago - HARSHER than Trump!
Swedish ambulance boss calls for police protection in Muslim no-go zones

Islamists building parallel Islamic society in Sweden: authorities remain silent

Without even trying, Brexit Britain is thriving. Wait until we really go for it ......
EU's fishing policy is a 'SOVIET SYSTEM' which kills a 'MILLION tonnes of fish each year'
Defiant Theresa May ‘plans to trigger Article 50 in TWO WEEKS’ despite Lords defeat
BRING BACK THE LIRA! Italy should reclaim currency, former PM Silvio Berlusconi says
EUROPE'S BREXIT REBIRTH: Juncker to unveil grand masterplan to SAVE the EU without Britain
Germans think Brexit voters are ‘STUPID’: Martin Schulz's party chief sparks FURY
The European estabishment media is LYING about the situation in Sweden
Dyson shrugs off Brexit fears by unveiling plans to expand UK workforce and open new site
‘Cough up, Angela!’ EU budget chief says GERMANY will have to cover Brexit black hole
HILARIOUS! No mention of living within one's means then ..... just suck more out of the Milch Cow .....)
27/2 'Let's not pretend!' LBC host says Muslim communities are NOT integrating in Britain
EU approves visa-free travel for Georgia as Serbia moves closer to joining
German voters face a phoney choice in elections this year
‘Let’s revive Europe!’ European leaders call for ‘FEDERAL UNION’ to save crumbling EU
The EU prepares to censor negative comments about itself ........
Two Top Swedish Politicians SILENCE American Left - Prove Trump Was Right All Along about Swedish immigration chaos
Robert Kennedy Jr: "Trump Could Be Greatest President in History" (OH DEAR! THAT wasn't in the liberal script!)
Brexit Britain to rip up the 700,000 pages of EU RED TAPE that costs UK billions
Family of 12 refugees put up in vast house costing taxpayers nearly £1,500 a week - will also be eligible for other handouts such as unemployment and child benefits, which could potentially add up to an additional £1,300 a week
Swedish leaders deny rioting: "In their efforts to be politically correct they’re not being factually correct." (Nigel Farage)
BREXIT BOOST: Boeing to build first ever European manufacturing plant in Britain
BREXIT BOOST: Nissan unveils £37million machine as it secures future in North East
Pregnant Eastern Europeans dash to Britain to give birth & claim benefits, top doc warns
The day I was accused of being racist, I knew political correctness had gone mad, writes TREVOR PHILLIPS
(Mr Phillips is a former Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and is black)
Merkel begs EU to water down Human Rights so she can deport more migrants more quickly
We must leave the EU quickly – it is falling apart faster than I thought
‘Spain is RUINED FOR 50 YEARS’ Economist predicts crisis and slams ECB over ‘crazy’ loans
Pregnant Eastern Europeans dash to Britain to give birth & claim benefits, top doc warns
Dutch MPs set to force through EU Ukraine free-access deal voters REJECTED in referendum
Shocking extent of Greece’s poverty REVEALED as EU-enforced austerity CRIPPLES nation
The British people knew what they were doing by voting for Brexit, Mr Blair
Angela Merkel DOWN AND OUT: Martin Schulz sends rival SPD party to RECORD lead
Mandelson backs up Blair and says Brexit voters had NO CLUE
'They're ECONOMIC MIGRANTS' - Nigel Farage slates misuse of term 'refugee'
Merkel gets tough on migrants: Chancellor deports RECORD 80,000 asylum seekers in ONE YEAR
Angela Merkel's migrant failure exposed as up to ONE FIFTH VANISH as Germany UNPREPARED
Angela Merkel says EU must accept MORE refugees as Islam is NOT a source of terror (Ed. Is there ANYONE on the planet who does not think this woman is mad? READ THE KORAN! - STUDY THE CV OF MUHAMMED!)
Angela Merkel and European leaders resist Donald Trump's ultimatum to increase defence spending or risk losing US commitment to Nato
Angela Merkel admits euro’s FAILURES as she hints at bringing Deutschmark BACK
'The euro may ALREADY be lost' Economists predict DOOMSDAY for European Union's currency
Banker warns this Greek crisis is even MORE uncertain than previous deadlocks
Britons' food bill could fall by £305 if we scrap all tariffs after Brexit, says Tory MP
EU BOMBSHELL: Juncker 'to QUIT' amid fears Brexit will divide EU in 'continental tragedy'
VINDICATED: Nigel Farage CLEARED of misusing EU funds over work of Brussels assistants
Muslim Grooming Gang shout "Allahu Akhbar" as they are jailed for horrific child abuse in Rotherham
Half of Britain's new homes will be for migrants - ONE home every five minutes needs to be built to accommodate Britain’s booming migrant population, the House of Lords has been told.
EU commission drops anti-corruption report
Britain's most senior immigration judge criticises taxpayer-funded lawyers helping child sex abusers to avoid deportation and stay in the country 
Theresa May tells Syrian migrant he can't leave UK - because he's a suspected TERRORIST
‘Buoyant’ Britain hits employment BOOM in MAJOR Brexit boost, report claims
Trump’s trade advis​​er says Germany uses euro to 'exploit' US and EU
Trump is right: Germany is running an illegal currency racket -
'Surge of change' Anti-EU chief says Brexit and Trump forces are now coming to NETHERLANDS
'You have NO moral standing’ Galloway blasts liberal Obama fans for criticising Trump ban
Britain BOOMS after Brexit vote: UK GDP grows faster than BEFORE referendum
Eurozone has 18 MONTHS: Man tipped as Trump's EU ambassador warns of swift Euro collapse
Scottish exports to UK FOUR times those to rest of EU
Austrians living in fear as violent migrant gangs carry out DAILY attacks in Vienna

MIGRANT youth gangs have turned Sweden’s largest shopping centre into a “no-go zone” as they intimidate police, harass girls and deal drugs openly.

EU chief in SHOCK admission: Brussels' Single Market ‘does NOT function properly' for UK
‘I am a winner’ Juncker boasts he's made march to federal EU ‘irreversible’ despite Brexit
Swedish women left in FEAR as number of sexual assault claims ‘SOAR BY 70 PER CENT’
BREXIT BOOST: Business confidence in British economy SOARING since vote to Leave EU
House prices soar again: Big surge since EU exit vote smashes economists' expectations
Jeremy Corbyn today vows to slash the number of EU migrant workers as he continues his Trump-inspired rebrand and abandons his decades-held belief in free movement. Corbyn will use a speech in Leave stronghold Peterborough to say: “Labour is not wedded to freedom of movement for EU citizens”, instead demanding “reasonably managed migration”. Jezza will pledge to “close down cheap labour loopholes” and “ban exclusive advertising of jobs abroad”.
Britons value greater immigration controls OVER single market access, polls says
House prices soar again: Big surge since EU exit vote smashes economists' expectations
Britain's booming technology sector hits deal record in 2016 amid Brexit vote
Immigrants must not lead 'parallel lives' in UK, says Chuka Umunna - Former shadow business secretary says it is ‘not an option’ for people to not integrate into British life and their local communities
Unumma: "Immigrants must learn English" - When Farage said this in 2014, he was called "racist"
‘End free movement NOW’ Union boss says EU migration only helps rich to hire cheap nannies
Brexit leaves UK with ‘WORLD LEADING ECONOMY’ as Bank of England experts are HUMILIATED
FTSE 100 hits new RECORD high as Britain's Brexit economy boom continues
Top Remainer Vince Cable calls for an END to free movement & hails Brexit 'opportunity'
Newquay houses Eastern European Brothels - they must be delighted down there ...
The BofE's "Michael Fish" moment, except that we can forgive Michael ...
The economic consensus was horribly wrong and here are the real reasons Brexit is succeeding

"A former deputy director of the International Monetary Fund’s European and Research Departments explains why the performance of the UK economy has confounded expectations since last June’s referendum and why an even bigger political prize is on offer."

Project Fear Brexit predictions were 'flawed and partisan', new study says 
UK Puts 15-Year-Old Burqa Opponent on Anti-Terror Programme!
Umunna's U-turn on English for Immigrants (having slagged off Farage for proposing the same policy in 2014)
Ford to scrap Mexico plant, invest in Michigan due to Trump policies
Remoaner Paddy Ashdown ludicrously claims Brexit is 'similar' to the rise of Hitler
Ex-business leader says he received ABUSE from Downing Street after speaking out on Brexit
28/12 Seven migrants arrested after a sleeping homeless man was set on fire on Christmas Eve at a Berlin subway station
26/12 Leaving 'unsuccessful' EU will give UK 'real opportunities', ex Bank of England boss says
23/12 UK - 7th best place to trade in the world - Germany 17, France 29
BREXIT BOOST: Finance business will NOT leave the City after Britain leaves, experts say
14/12 'COMPLETE NONSENSE' Top economist's fury as he says the euro has RUINED Europe
13/12 MERKEL'S SHAME: Map reveals shocking extent of migrant sex attacks on women and children
12/12 FRANCE’S NO GO ZONES: Women fight back after being BANNED from streets by Muslim men
"Rotten Borough" in Birminghham where Muslim children are radicalized
11/12 ISLAMIST migrant and serial rapist who dodged deportation after claiming to be a child is jailed for 18 years

The town where even immigrants are fed up with migration: Failing schools, filthy streets and benefit fraud – a ROBERT HARDMAN dispatch which those who accuse Brexiteers of being racist MUST read

10/12 The Myth of the 48% Remoaners
German taxpayers to shell out £126 MILLION for programme to encourage migrants to GO HOME
SECOND Germany horror: Iraqi asylum seeker arrested for sexually assaulting students
End open borders says Farage as he warns Brussels has multiple 'NO-GO ZONES'
Merkel will have to spend £2.52 BILLION to deport HALF A MILLION migrants
Five migrant teenagers charged with raping boy in Sweden
'Euro is burning building with NO way out' Hague destroys single currency - WILLIAM Hague has blasted the euro as "a misconceived and terrible blunder" which has made countries like Greece and Italy poorer while Germany continued to grow richer.
Historian admits he was WRONG to back Cameron and reveals he should have voted Brexit - LEADING British historian Niall Ferguson has admitted backing David Cameron and the Remoaners was a mistake and the UK was right to vote to leave the EU.

Britain will be the fastest growing economy in the G7 and beat Bank of England forecasts with 0.5% economic growth in the final quarter of 2016, The Times reports today under the headline “Economy to defy Brexit fears”. A survey of businesses showed the service sector had its best month since January. Of course according to the times this is Despite Brexit:

“The country’s dominant service sector has experienced its best month since January, the survey of businesses showed, defying fears of a slump in growth after the Brexit vote.”

Mass immigration is turning communities into GHETTOS, damning Government’s report reveals
Nigel Farage should be Time magazine's person of the decade, not just 2016

There's nothing the UK can do to save the eurozone from its own folly

Parliament is sovereign only because it represents the people. Of course a referendum trumps it.

White liberals have speeded segregation in the UK. The great struggle now is to reverse it

William HagueThe euro has trapped poor countries in a failed experiment. It must give them an exit – or collapse


BUSINESS leaders will today call on Theresa May to “get on with Brexit” as the Government goes to the Supreme Court to fight for the right to trigger Article 50. by

A letter signed by 200 business leaders being delivered to Downing Street today urges the Prime Minister not to waiver on her plan to trigger formal Brexit talks by the end of March without a vote in Parliament. 

The letter says: “We are confident that Britain can prosper outside the EU. Some of us voted Leave, some Remain. Others represent international businesses with a stake in Britain’s success. What we share is a respect for the decision made by a clear majority of the British people to leave the EU and a belief that it is now vital that Article 50 is triggered within the Government’s time frame – no later than March 31, 2017, but preferably sooner – so that the country can get on with leaving the EU and businesses and investors can plan accordingly."
It's no good waiting for EU leaders to take a reasonable line on Brexit - GET OUT NOW

Unlike Barack Obama, Donald Trump actually believes in Britain. A new age beckons for the Special Relationship

The Bank of Italy’s liabilities to the rest of the eurozone hit a record in October as  capital continued to leak out of the country, a sign that the currency bloc remains deeply fragmented despite the efforts of the European Central Bank.
30/11 Dutch anti-terror laws may violate the human rights of JIHADIS, rules Council of Europe
(Council of Europe? Another load of moronic elitist tossers. And Jihadis HAVE ho "human rights". They would not even comprehend the PRINCIPLE of human rights.)
30/11 Stockholm Muslim no-go area on fire as cars are torched
29/11 Merkel BACKED Hillary: Clinton Foundation received £4M German taxpayer cash pre-election

Mrs Clinton said on board her plane: “One of my favourites is Angela Merkel because I think she’s been an extraordinary, strong leader during difficult times in Europe, which has obvious implications for the rest of the world and, most particularly, our country."
(Thank God the Yanks rejected someone with such poor judgement: Merkel is a total moron.)

28/11 Brexit voters NOT racist - and LEFTIES snidey asides make racism worse says Equality boss
Remoaners blasted for branding Brexiters racist...by EQUALITIES boss
27/11 BRUSSELS bureaucrat Jean-Claude Juncker lauded communist dictator Fidel Castro as a “hero for many” in a gushing statement released by the crumbling Brussels bloc. (Stalin was a hero to most of the 30,000,000 he did not murder.)
25/11 Three Somalis JAILED for 32 years for vile sex abuse of girls as young as 14
These are the people invited into our country by the estabishment: not by me, not by most of you, but by our "leaders", the people elected to represent us and look after our welfare, and "No, you could not make it up.".
22/11 Migrants involved in horrific knife-fight in Milan: government to send in 150 troops
19/11 Brexit bashers silenced as banks want to stay in 'financial centre' London after Brexit

LEADING global banks have no plans to leave London following Britain's vote to leave the European Union (EU) and are now toning down threats and warnings of an exodus, as Theresa May reaches out to assure the financial sector.

Brexit Britain's manufacturing hits 10-month HIGH as May vows 'UK is open for business'
EU STRANGLED Greece after colluding to bring Athens into euro, blasts Archbishop

THE Archbishop of Canterbury has blasted the Brussels elite who 'strangled the hopes and futures' of Greece, after fiddling the sums so that Athens could join the euro.

BREXIT GROWTH: Bank of England UPGRADES economy forecast and admits doomsday failings BRITAIN's economic outlook has been massively revised up by the Bank of England today, as policymakers admit doomsday warnings over a Brexit vote were wrong. By

In a series of embarrassing U-turns, policymakers at the Bank said economic growth will be stronger than expected following the referendum outcome, as it held interest rates at 0.25 per cent. Rates could now even RISE in the coming months, said the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)  as it admitted household spending has grown faster than predicted and the housing market has surprised with its resilience.

Governor Mark Carney said households looked through Brexit uncertainties, while wages are growing at the same pace as before the vote, and that confidence remained solid. Stronger growth has now been forecast for 2016 and 2017 and plans to cut interest rate further have been abandoned in light of the abundance of positive news.

17/11 BRITAIN'S manufacturing output shrugged off Brexit worries to hit 10-month high last month, sparking huge jump in GBP
‘We will multiply our numbers’: Muslim migrants aim to outbreed Christians, says German translator

Hillary Clinton would have caused WW3 – not Trump, says former German politician

GREECE IN FLAMES: Riots in Athens at Obama's visit as Greeks scream 'Barack go home'
Far-right protestors storm migrant camp after 67-year-old woman is 'sexually abused'
14/11 ‘Leave voters were NOT RACIST!’ Sadiq Khan tells whinging Remoaners to ACCEPT RESULT
British holidaymakers face £10 VISA to visit EU as Brussels bureaucrats hit out at UK
What's he doing? Italian diplomat SLAMS Juncker for saying Trump must be TAUGHT what EU is
Turning his back on Brussels: Italian PM Renzi REMOVES EU flag from press conference
13/11 THIS is the kind of lying moron you are supporting, Eric. Are you PROUD of your stance? You somehow find it MORAL?

March 2015: Even Nick Clegg disagrees… Deputy PM blasts plans for EU army as 'dangerous fantasy'

Arch-Europhile Clegg Backs Britain Joining EU Army Despite Brexit ...

Enough already - have a good day

Nigel Farage meets Donald Trump after pledging to forge ties between president and May
FTSE 100 rallies and pound posts biggest daily rise in eight years on reduced Brexit fears
12/11 BREXIT BOOST: Britain ‘to form free trade deal with the US, Canada AND Mexico’
10/11 EU goes to WAR on Trump as it threatens to BLACKLIST AMERICA in tax clampdown
Brussels devastated over Trump's win as Schulz admits life will be 'harder
Spain & Portugal fight with EU over financial penalties
'EU WILL NOT SURVIVE’ – Juncker’s right-hand man admits DEFEAT after Brexit
The strain of asylum seekers 'on schools and GPs' revealed
Sharia law being administered in shop basements, MPs told

Economist claims the pound will be STRONGER after leaving EU

Migrants fight running battles with police in Paris
Shock return for Farage as UKIP leader?
British communities ever more divided on racial grounds
Germany at boiling point as mobs take to streets
1/11 Business confidence defies gloomy Brexit forecasts: Optimism on the rise as firms eye opportunities
Helen Mirren ludicrously claims Brexit is a blow to HUMANITY
'We are losing control of the streets": Merkel's Germany descends into lawlessness
Syrian refugee hunted in Denmark after his wife and daughters, aged 6 and 9, found dead IN FREEZER
30/10 Brexit boost as UK financial services sector to 'save £12bn-a-year slashing EU red tape'
30/10 Hard Brexit 'may see Britain more than DOUBLE worth of failing EU agreements' say experts

Brexit has reversed the long decline of post-imperial Britain. Even Tony Blair can't spoil that

Lord Owen: ‘Half-baked’ eurozone to end up as just FOUR ‘core’ countries & Italy must QUIT
28/10 We need a HARD BREXIT: JCB boss brands EU's single market ‘HARMFUL for British business’
27/10 UK 'well placed', says Hammond, as economy grows 0.5pc following Brexit vote to defy fears of 'severe shock'
So much for "Project Fear": Retail spending booms in October
Vast EU immigration was a 'MISTAKE', admits multiculturalism "expert"
"House-buying confidence back at pre-BREXIT levels," say estate agents
25/10 The euro is turning into a poverty-machine (THIS IS DYNAMITE - DO READ IT)
Thirty countries issue warning to Brussels over threats they may be banned from doing business with Britain
19/10 Italy tried to QUIT EURO five years ago and now faces WORSE situation, economist claims
18/10 Out-of-control migrant teens 'cause bus crash' in Denmark after distracting driver - many children injured
Cheaper food AFTER EU exit: Consumer boost as experts now say that prices WILL come down
17/10 One of the world’s biggest banks is moving traders from Europe to London in a huge vote of confidence in the City.
"The euro is a house of cards certain to collapse," says Professor Otmar Issing, the ECB's first chief economist and a towering figure in the construction of the single currency.
"BBC heavily biased towards REMAIN" new research shows
'Don’t worry about weakened pound’ More experts dismiss concerns over drop
15/10 Britain should embrace weaker pound and it needs to fall further, says former BoE governor and currency guru
15/10 Audit reveals stupendous waste in Brussels on moronic projects
Nissan gives UK vote of confidence despite BREXIT
11/10 School threatened with massacre of non-Muslim pupils
JCB quits CBI in protest about BREXIT REMOANING
Turkey 'CONSTANTLY alerts EU about Islamic State terrorists posing as migrants'
Syrian Nun: "Europe has allowed Islamic wolves to penetrate Europe"
EU gives Greece MORE BILLIONS to bailout collapsing economy
10/10 Christmas suppressed for German kids in Kassel to avoid offending Muslim migrants

Migrants arriving in Lithuania feel cheated as it is not rich enough for them ......

UK Manufacturing output highest since 2014
28/09 Labour MP Rachel Reeves: Riots could sweep streets of Britain if immigration isn't curbed after Brexit
Hard BREXIT would have only modest effect on economy say Moody's
EU fat-cat Borroso gets €7k-a-week pension from Brussels - despite RAKING it in at Goldman Sachs

UK rises to become SEVENTH most competitive economy in the world

27/09 ‘The EU doesn’t have a CLUE’: Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary ....
IT'S OFFICIAL: Brexit Britain WILL thrive out of EU as our economy SURGES ahead
Brexit will make Britain BETTER OFF than other EU countries, top German businessman admits
22/9 The EU is more dependent on the UK for jobs than vice versa.
Muslims demand British locals do not walk dogs as this is "offensive" to Muslims
Muslims enforce Sharia Law on streets of Britain
25% of French Muslims favour hardline Islamic policies
Swedish police lose control of ever more no-go zones

Thugs set cars alight in lawless Malmo
20/9 Saddo KHAN warns people to expect terrorist attacks as they are "part of living in a big city."
Carney admits BofE was over-pessimistic re BREXIT
Three migrants rape woman near Eiffel Tower
14/9 German Police: ‘We aren’t allowed to arrest ISLAMISTS . Rapes and slashings are reported as minor incidents.
Brexit has wiped more than £1bn off the UK’s vast trade deficit due to a post-referendum exports boost
Banks CANCEL recession forecasts: Backtracking 'Remain' banks now BACK Brexit Britain
Liberal Sweden turns on migrants amid unprecedented rise in violence and sex attacks
British economy rebounds at record pace after BREXIT vote ("The Daily Telegraph")
Pound soars to seven-week high after UK services sector posts biggest rebound in 20 years
"The euro was flawed from birth." says Nobel Prizewinning economist Joseph Stieglitz as he praises BREXIT
Britain gets massive post-Brexit economic boost as Australia offers monumental trade deal
Boris Johnson to May: "Forget the Single Market - just get out!"
Brexit embarrassment for IMF as it admits market turmoil has 'ebbed' after doom-mongering
Brexit Britain's manufacturing jumps to 10-month HIGH, boosting pound
Iranian migrants arrested after landing on south coast - then released ......
800,000 migrants working in the black economy in Britain ....
Ex EU Commissioner Boringissimo hired by Goldman-Sachs - goodness, what a surprise!
Banks prepare for 'economic nuclear winter' - Senior banking analyst warns of EU APOCALYPSE
'Brexit voters AREN'T racist' Pro-EU ministers FINALLY admit they were WRONG on migration
Brexit boom: UK car industry success as 2016 production tops one million
So much for BREXIT DOOM: Welsh Bike Factory opens: no more outsourcing to China!
From "The Spectator": As Dr Gregory House might have said: "All REMAINERS lied."
Trump is no more a "racist" than Nigel Farage
The Secret History of the Post-War EU Federalist Project
Pre-BREXIT: "There are no plans to form a European army." - post-BREXIT: "We want a European army asap."
Theresa May will trigger BREXIT without a Commons Vote
UK Judge Speaks Out: ‘Country Can’t Cope’; More Than 1 Million Illegal Immigrants May Be In London Alone
Italy and France growth at ZERO as Britain booms
Favourite to be next Dutch PM vows to CLOSE all mosques and BAN the Koran
STAUNCH REMAINER Sir Martin Sorrel now calls for quick BREXIT
French support for the EU crumbling both left and right .....
Brexit Armageddon was a terrifying vision – but it simply hasn’t happened (Larry Elliott - "The Guardian")
BREXIT brings UK massive tourist boost
EU army WILL happen: EU was just waiting for Britain to LEAVE
Expert predicts that REAL migrant surge is still to come - soon
Belgium seeks to establish "North Sea Union" to trade with Britain
The euro has destroyed the EU and led directly to BREXIT (Jeremy Warner)
House prices predicted to FALL after BREXIT
Prison staff terrified of challenging extremists for fear of being called "racist"
Shock poll finds nearly 80 per cent of Leave voters want EU migrants to STAY after Brexit
(So much for LEAVERS being "racist" - Farage ALSO said they should stay if they chose to ....)
Judge: "UK asylum system heading for disaster."
UK bonds give rich returns as REMAIN scaremongering is reveal to be lies
New planned EU raid on our fishing-rights now abandoned thanks to BREXIT!
Italy's economy is the same size now as was when the country joined the euro 15 years ago.
Government borrowing hits lowest level since 2008
Pro-Remainers JP Morgan NOW forecasts FTSE 100 will outstrip rivals
1.4 BILLION "STAYCATION" boost to UK Economy
Boeing's Brexit boost: World's largest aircraft maker picks Britain as home for its new European headquarters
UK unemployment claimant count falls after Brexit vote; jobseeker's allowance claimants fell unexpectedly in July.
Government borrowing falls and tax receipts rocket, official figures showed yesterday
19/8 FTSE edges higher and GBP rises .....
Shoppers shrug off BREXIT with spending spree!
16-8 Migrants armed with bats and knives are smashing motorists' cars 'just for fun' while they're stuck in traffic in Calais
14-8 Brexit isn’t a leap in the dark - just look at Greenland, says Ross Clark
Brexit will be brilliant for business says top entrepreneur
13-8 Investor confidence has RISEN since BREXIT vote
"Euro was flawed at birth and destined to COLLAPSE" - Joseph Stiglitz
Romanian gangs exploiting Schengen will sell arms to ISIS attackers
BREXIT saved the UK's independence ....
Economist demands PM pull UK out of EU IMMEDIATELY and Britain will BOOM
Mark Carney: "Britain will succeed after Brexit."
Romanian crook allowed to stay in Britain jailed for vicious sex attack.
"BREXIT gives UK huge advantage in car deals" predicts industry
Italian, Spanish and German banks SAVAGED in key test of Europe's financial institutions
Lloyds uses Brexit as 'excuse for job cuts' that would have happened anyway, say experts
Drugs giant invests £330m and says UK is still top for science
No stopping booming Britain: Rush to invest in UK as Brexit economy soars
GSK: UK still 'attractive' post Brexit as it invests £275m
Cost of grocery shopping drops again as Brexit vote has 'no immediate impact' on supermarket prices
SUPERSTATE OR OBLIVION: 'Unsustainable' EU told to merge or die by Standard and Poors
The Brexit pill has not choked us as expected (Roger Bootle)
Sadiq Khan slams calls for second EU referendum
FEARS that BREXIT vote will damage Britain’s economy are OVERBLOWN, EU bank boss declares

Italy on the brink of economic collapse....
UK unemployment falls below 5%
BOOMING BRITAIN! THAT wasn't in the REMAIN script, was it?
‘As fast as possible’ USA's John Kerry calls for urgent transatlantic trade with Britain
IMF forced to admit UK economy growing faster than those of Germany and France
BREXIT has NOT caused a UK business slowdown .....
IMF does have a 'BIAS’ to eurozone, savage report by its OWN experts reveals
French president Francois Hollande on tour of Europe’s capitals to push ‘EU army’
Hundreds of thousands of new schoolplaces needed to cater for mass immigration
Labour's Chris Bryant blames Turkish coup on BREXIT!
We're suddenly all wealthier after BREXIT vote!
Germany states British access to EU single market 'reasonable' Brexit condition
Countries queuing up to do trade deals with UK
The collapse of the euro is approaching ever faster ....
OSBORNE!!! "BREXIT could bring closer trading ties with the USA."
"Theresa May would betray BREXIT" claims Aaron Banks
Cocaine dealer exploits EU "Human Rights" laws to avoid deportation and costs us 100,000 QUID
EU fines UK 642 MILLION QUID for "poor accounting"
Calais migrants stage deadly ambushes and hurl bricks at truckers
IMF says EU on brink of collapse, while euro currency may have to be scrapped
French Security Chief: "France is on the brink of Civil War"
What do Monti, Draghi and Papademos have in common? ("Le Monde")
Toyota to STAY in Derbyshire despite BREXIT vote
Swiss banks seek City alliance in wake of BREXIT vote
Don't believe the hype; a falling GBP isn't always bad news
British retailers to source more food locally after BREXIT vote
Osborne backtracks on City scare-mongering
The weakening GBP is NOT a disaster!
'EU is completely impractical' Brexit will SAVE British industry, says business owner
Students At Australian Public School Walk Out When NATIONAL ANTHEM Plays
Schoolgirl, 16, branded 'racist' by her own friends after family voted for Brexit
"UK IS NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE EU": EU Commission staffer writes to ALL MPs demanding they vote to overturn historic Brexit result - backed by 52% to 48% - because the decision was 'too complex' for the 'uninformed' electorate.
Schäuble: "Osborne asked me to warn people off BREXIT"
Leaked police report in Germany 'CONFIRMS surge in migrant sex attacks in swimming pools'
Countries queuing up to make UK trade deals
There's HUGE potential despite BREXIT say top British firms .....
Farage:VOTE LEAVE are betraying us
Microsoft doesn't care about BREXIT
Farage on BREXIT (video)
Around 20 banks, unfazed by Brexit, to invest 500 million pounds in Britain - PwC
US-UK Trade Bill In Congress Just One Week After Brexit Vote
Merkel NEEDS free trade deal with UK or 750,000 German jobs could face the axe
China's JD.com says Brexit will be good for business
Britain has started a REVOLUTION against 'stupid' Brussels elite and EU is 'DOOMED'
EURO COURT BLOCKED extradition of Istanbul airport massacre ‘mastermind’ because of his HUMAN RIGHTS.
FTSE 100 leaps to HIGHEST level since 2011 just a week after EU referendum
One-third of Big Issue sellers now Romanian: Job once reserved for Britain's homeless has been swamped by Eastern European immigrants. And many of them have homes AND claim benefits
25/6 Mervyn King: "Brexit does not mean job cuts"
Italian MP destroys anti-BREXIT arguments
Mervyn King: "Doom and Gloom" widely exaggerated
"Carry on trading without any barriers," beg German car bosses
Ex-immigration minister warns 500,000 European migrants will head to Britain before ‘the door slams’ after UK vote
FTSE 100 rallies to BETTER level than start of the week after early Brexit slump
Germany, USA and Canada ALL say they want special trade deals with post-Brexit Britain
Marni Soupcoff: Brexit is about autonomy and overbearing bureaucracy, not chauvinism or bigotry
Morgan-Stanley denies plans to move 2,000 jobs
Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has said the Remain campaign lost the referendum thanks to the 'white working class' who have 'probably never even seen a migrant' (Ed. Cameron appointed this woman, which gives you an idea of his level of judgement)
Italy Demands EU Reform, Warns Over Full Collapse
BOEING confirms the UK as Headquarters of its European operations
David Cameron made a HUGE mistake - former UN Ambassador John Bolton

Aston Martin will go ahead with plans for a new £200m on a new plant in Wales despite the UK voting to leave the EU.

Company boss Andy Palmer said in a statement that Brexit will have no impact on the company’s plans, though warned the sports car maker would require additional "productivity and efficiency" gains.

Aston is planning to produce its an SUV-sized vehicle at the Welsh plant to capitalise on growing global demand for the out-sized cars. The new factory will span across 90 acres, repurposing some of the facilities currently in use at the site by the Ministry of Defence, specifically transforming three "super-hangers". Construction work is planned to commence in 2017, with full vehicle production commencing in 2020.

  INDEPENDENCE DAY + ONE: A Prime Minister resigned. The £ plummeted. The FTSE 100 lost significant ground. But then the £ rallied past February levels, and the FTSE closed on a weekly high: 2.4% up on last Friday, its best performance in 4 months. President Obama decided we wouldn't be at the 'back of the queue' after all and that our 'special relationship' was still strong. The French President confirmed the Le Touquet agreement would stay in place. The President of the European Commission stated Brexit negations would be 'orderly' and stressed the UK would continue to be a 'close partner' of the EU. A big bank denied reports it would shift 2,000 staff overseas. The CBI, vehemently anti-Brexit during the referendum campaign, stated British business was resilient and would adapt. Several countries outside the EU stated they wished to begin bi-lateral trade talks with the UK immediately. If this was the predicted apocalypse, well, it was a very British one. It was all over by teatime. Not a bad first day of freedom.

19/6 Remainer Ed Vaizey savaged by facts and has no answers against Brexit (video)
Muslims place Islamic law above German law

Youth violence soars in Dagenham and Barking, including increased acid attacks

The police and council have promised a “blitz” against youth crime after the number of serious youth violence incidents increased by a third in the year end to March – compared to just a three per cent rise across London.

A briefing report has revealed that there have been 21 attacks using corrosive liquids since January.

It shows that Barking was the most targeted area in the borough, with 18 of the 2016 liquid attacks taking place there, particularly in the town centre, Longbridge Road and Gascoigne area.

Borough commander Supt Sean Wilson has vowed to “flood” problem areas with police officers to stop youngsters using shop-bought cleaning fluids as weapons.

Jewish and Muslim mobs fight in Paris (video)
Greeks send open letter to UK about BREXIT
JO COX was planning to launch a report in Parliament on the dangers of nationalist radicals, including a statement claiming many women “don’t feel safe” walking British streets. (I wonder why .....)
Builder in Britain advertises for POLISH-ONLY workers
Corbyn: "EU means no upper limit on immigration."
The Staggering Lifestyle of EU Bosses
Britain's Jails Clogged up with TEN THOUSAND foreign criminals
Get ready to spend LOTS more on lightbulbs, thanks to the EU
How the EU Spends your money (video)

Group of men jailed for total of 169 years for sexual abuse of vulnerable schoolgirl

TWO MEN from Bradford are among 15 given jail sentences totalling over 160 years for sexual abuse of a vulnerable schoolgirl.

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC had already jailed the pair and 11 other men for raping or abusing the same girl from Halifax when she was aged between 13 and 15 and today jailed two others for sex offences against her and another man for supplying the girl with cannabis bringing the total sentences imposed to 169 years four months.

During the trials, the court heard the schoolgirl was preyed on by as many as 100 men, the majority of them of Asian origin, during a two year period.

18/6 Former HSBC CEO: "It is absurd to say that the UK would not thrive outside theEU."
1 in 4 Swedish Women Will Be Raped as Sexual Assaults Increase 500%
Migrant in Vienna who brutally raped boy, 10, because of 'sexual emergency' jailed for six years
Germany goes the same way as Sweden as police give up .....
'I have confidence in this country' : property and construction tycoon Fred Story backs Brexit
Labour MP’s anger as Jo Cox murder used for political capital in EU referendum debate
Former military chief switches to Leave campaign over 'DISASTROUS EU army' fears
Goldman-Sachs made 450 million from crashing the Greek economy
German banks in big trouble (you won't hear about this on the BBC)
Leaflets found in Muslim school in Birmingham 'describe music and dancing as acts of the devil'
I'm a left-wing teacher; get me out of the EU!
A motor trade entrepreneur goes for BREXIT

How The Death Of Jo Cox Is Being Used By The Corporate Media, EU And Establishment To DEMONISE Supporters...

PROJECT GRIEF: REMAIN’S DIRTY POLITICKING HAS HIT AN ALL-TIME LOW: http://www.breitbart.com/…/project-mourn-remains-dirty-pol…/

COX WITNESS SAYS NO ONE SHOUTED BRITAIN FIRST: http://www.lbc.co.uk/jo-cox-witness-says-no-one-shouted-bri…

EURO PRESS EXPLOITS TRAGEDY: ‘BREXIT IS STAINED IN BLOOD’: http://www.breitbart.com/…/european-press-blame-brexit-mp-…/

DAILY STAR NEWSPAPER LINKS GUNMAN TO BREXIT: http://www.breitbart.com/…/outrage-daily-star-newspaper-li…/

POLITICISING DEATH: EU COMMISSIONER TWEETS JO COX MP MURDERED FOR HER EU SUPPORT: http://www.breitbart.com/…/eu-commissioner-claims-jo-cox-m…/

REMAIN CAMPAIGNERS RUSH TO BLAME BREXIT FOR MP ATTACK: http://www.breitbart.com/…/remain-campaigners-rush-blame-b…/

REVEALED: MP KILLER HAD ‘PSYCHOTHERAPY AND MEDICATION’; NEVER SPOKE ABOUT EUROPE OR POLITICS: http://www.breitbart.com/…/revealed-mp-killer-psychotherap…/

'AN ATTACK ON DEMOCRACY FROM A WELL OF HATRED' CAMERON AND CORBYN PAY TRIBUTE TO JO COX: http://www.express.co.uk/…/Jo-Cox-murder-counter-terror-pol…

Enoch Powell and Tony Benn were right on Europe – it was a great deception
"Britain will thrive outside the EU," says country's richest entrepreneur
17/6 Top Muslim cleric in Norway advocates killing those who burn the Koran
16/6 Corbyn insists immigration isn't a problem as Shadow Cabinet colleague John Cryer declares for Brexit
Economist who once advised European Commission switches allegiance from Remain to Leave
"The Spectator" backs BREXIT
Marc Faber: Brexit Would Be Best Thing To Happen in Britain’s History
US businessman Gary Klesch backs UK breaking away from 'cumbersome' EU: 'It allows for explosive growth'
"Treasury grossly exaggerated impact of BREXIT" says academic review
Brexit is the only way the working class can change anything ("The Guardian")
IMF Groupthink and Economic Predictions
Ten truths the EU is keeping silent
15/6 Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of "The Daily Telegraph" comes out for BREXIT
Germany’s Largest Bank Says Massive UK Growth After Brexit – BBC and Remainers Silent
Brexit is NOT biggest risk to the global economy and it WON'T be fatal, says top city boss
Steel Chief Simon Boyd: Free Us From Shackles of EU

Labour MP John Mann has said the EU is "fundamentally broken", adding that he asked himself if it could be "reformed from the inside" and concluded that it could not.

As investors wring their hands over the impact of Britain's potential withdrawal from the European Union, otherwise known as "Brexit," one of the market's biggest bears delivered a surprising message. "I happen to think that a Brexit would be bullish for global economic growth," Marc Faber told CNBC's "Trading Nation" on Wednesday.
Lord Mandelson admitted: “In 2004 when as a Labour government, we were not only welcoming people to come into this country to work, we were sending out search parties for people and encouraging them, in some cases, to take up work in this country.” (from 2013)
Now even TRUCKERS want to leave the EU!
What REALLY happened in Marseilles when England played Russia
"The EU Referendum pits big business against working people" - John Mills
12/6 "The euro is doomed to fail." Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England
China moves to ban Islam outright
British armoured vehicles made in Sweden with Swedish steel
Muslims on march in Leicester .....
Four Syrian Immigrants Accused of Sexual Assault on 14-year-old girl in Newcastle - news concealed by local police
Migrants set up camps in Sherwood Forest
Safer in EU? 100% NOT. Jihadis are now posing as refugees to sneak into Italy. The truth is the EU & EU nations have no idea who is coming in, where they are, what their intentions are & if they are a threat. In the future EU nations will also be able to give out their passports to 'refugees' entering & then if we are in the EU they will have the right to come to the UK

BBC Newsnight now deleting videos off Youtube which show them reporting on sex attacks by a migrant.

EU launches Orwellian Thought-Control Project
10/6 Draghi: "The eurozone is failing; we must have CLOSER integration" (EU logic ...)
EU staff banned from using word "BREXIT"
European Court outlaws criticism of EU
Academic working as Treasury Advisor suspended after co-authoring a book criticising EU
Cobyn's OWN immigration spokesman slams him for ignoring people's fears on immigration
Rape Epidemic In Europe: Why Won’t European Politicians Do Anything To Stop It?
The EU BRIBES EMPLOYEES (with OUR money of course) TO STAY ON-MESSAGE - see Mandelscum and pension
"Beast of Bolsover" Dennis Skinner comes out for BREXIT
Labour traditionalist John Mann declares for BREXIT
8/6 The EU Commission and its power (video: Paul Embery, firefighter, regional secretary, Fire Brigade Union)
EU to fork out BILLIONS to bribe Africa not to send illegal migrants ....
Top 13 reasons for REMAIN debunked
Albanian double-killer living freely in the UK and can't be deported
Muslims attack Rotherham pub (video)
Quotes from the EU establishment mafiosi
Muslim Migrants BURN 5 British teenagers with ACID, leaving one ‘BLINDED IN ONE EYE’ and 4 others horrifically injured
EU to solve migrant invasion by importing MORE Africans ... (GENIUS UNBOUNDED ....) (video)
Europe's biggest investor: "BREXIT is good for Britain."
Migrants Responsible For 69,000 Crimes In Germany In The First Quarter: Police Report
Syrian Refugees Spreading Flesh-Eating Disease, Polio, Measles, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis
Now the EU wants to force us to insure our lawnmowers!
Brexit: British Hovercraft Company boss joins Leave campaign
New EU threat to your pension: Expert says vote leave to protect retirement pots
VIDEO: Immigration and culture - the choice on 23rd June
Migrant Slums Spring Up Around London
If we Remain, the EU is going to ruin the City
Romanian thug battered pensioner into coma after being let into UK with criminal record
The Investor Who Predicted The Recession Warns The EU Is About To Implode
Joe Guinan, Senior Fellow at the Democracy Collaborative
British fishermen being offered '25 TIMES a day's pay' to SMUGGLE migrants into UK

Paul Embery, firefighter, regional secretary, Fire Brigade Union

Mihael Portillo’s blistering attack on the Tories: “they have nothing to say”

Over 12,000 EU graduates have “disappeared” after studying at British universities, leaving £89 million of debt unpaid.

Muslims march through centre of Leicester
France on Fire: Transit Workers Riot Over EU-Backed Labor Reforms
Britain asked for more cash as migrant crisis strains EU budget
Europe is 'sleepwalking towards civil unrest', says Armed Forces minister Penny Mordaunt
Shanty towns in suburbia: Migrants working for just £40 a day living in squalid conditions in camps around London
Why the Stockmarket won't even Notice BREXIT
Bonanza for the people-smugglers as 20,000 migrants wait for boats along 450 miles of French coast 
Kurds Clash With Islamists In London
Faceless bureaucrats plot EU-wide tax as fears over superstate grow
Muslims in Birmingham preparing for Jihad
Coming soon to a street near you
'Hypocrisy of the first order': Outrage as Europe fines UK £642m for poor accounting
One glance at the EU's dismal trade policy simply destroys the economic argument for Remain
Muslims DEMAND Denmark Allow Child Brides: ‘It’s Part Of Their Culture’
One-legged Albanian murderer given a council house and 2,000 quid a month benefits
UK's inability to deport thousands of foreign killers and rapists undermines case for the EU, say MPs
BBC has received £2m in EU funding in run up to referendum, fueling accusations of bias....
Corbyn Told His Threat to Block TIPP Treaty is Worthless
"TIPP Poses Real Threat To NHS;" says UNITE Union
Muslim Mass-hysteria in Leeds
Labour MP Remain campaigner tells activists not to bother canvassing old white men as they are 'the problem'
Top economists blast Government 'deceit' over Brexit and reveal risks of staying in Europe
Merkel displays her diplomacy skills as she threatens UK
VIDEO: Seven Years Ago Cameron Said UK Needs to Be Independent Of EU!
Corbyn Admits Concern Over Mass Immigration Not Racist
Corbyn Rubbishes Osborne's Claims
UK Immigration has NOT been too high claims Corbyn
Corbyn Attacks Project Fear and Anti-Brexit Forecasts
EU referendum: UK could be better off leaving if TTIP passes, Joseph Stiglitz says
Islam DOES inspire ISIS fanatics to commit horrific terror attacks, BBC religion chief claims
VIDEO: Why Voting LEAVE is the only sane option
Maurice Glasman: Why should Labour support the undemocratic EU? The case to leave
Shameless Remain's wilful dishonesty over Europe
Algerian Author: "Islam Will Split European Society"
France WANTS us out of the EU: Majority of French people hoping for a Brexit
FARAGE reacts to immigration points system proposals
Japanese PM: "Huge financial crisis about to hit world"
France WANTS us out of the EU: Majority of French people hoping for a Brexit
"We let France bend the rules because it's France," admits Juncker
"They can't all come," says the Dalai Lama
Lord Owen on the EU's destruction of Greece
DEATH OF FREE SPEECH: EU blasted for 'Orwellian' crackdown on online criticism
French fishermen paid £1,000 pp to take migrants half way across the Channel before forcing them to complete the journey in flimsy boats 
Non-British residents get voting slips in referendum scandal
The hard-working Australian family we're kicking out of Britain because they're not from the EU (even though their son speaks fluent GAELIC)
31/5 The EU budget lost nearly billion dollars to fraud last year
Turkey's PM Erdogan Says “Contraception is Treason, Women Not Equal to Men, Muslims Must Multiply Descendants"
EU DEMOCRACY DEAD: EU ignores Dutch referendum to push through Ukraine deal
New migrant 'invasion' of Britain bigger than the Vikings, Romans and Norman Conquest
Tebbit on EU: "Don’t trust economists – they said Thatcher would leave UK on its knees."
"Continued immigration at this level will kill off the NHS," says top doctor.
"Britain will be forced to join an EU ARMY unless we leave", says Armed Forces Minister
Pro-Brexit economists: UK GDP will rise by 4% outside EU
Secret report warns of migration meltdown in Britain
Government explanatory sheet: "How to vote by post" (for REMAIN of course!)
Just THREE PERCENT of BBC programme’s guests are ANTI EU, shocking report reveals
France and Italy could be the next European economies to crash
EU plots new ID cards to TAX YOU in ‘another signpost to Superstate'


"EU will kill off a free NHS for all" says leading doctor
Alan Johnson: "Brexit could end Britain's hopes of hosting another World Cup or Olympics"
One Dutch trawler gets a quarter of England's entire fish quota
Romanian migrant attacked two lone women in underpass JUST WEEKS after arriving in Britain
The 7 reasons why we're better off out - former HSBC Chairman
England as we know it is gone forever
Pensioners face losing £400billion if Britain votes to stay in the EU, warn financial experts
Most migrants are young males lacking qualifications - German migration service
The Looting Stage Of Capitalism Begins: Germany's Assault On The IMF
Lexit supporters BLAST Corbyn for 'ignoring' Labour history to support UK staying in EU
Brussels plans to create EU army 'being HIDDEN from British voters until AFTER referendum'
'Too sick to work migrant' now wants to bring 12 MORE children and 2 MORE wives to Europe
It is an EU army that could bring about war .....
"We're heading towards the harmonisation of European Taxation." Liam Fox
Government Funded Group Depicts Brexit Voters As Racist ‘Thugs’
Labour Not Backing BREXIT Will Lead To Them Being Wiped Out As A Party Completely!
GEORGE FRIEDMAN: Southern Europe is in a 'massive depression'
Our forces would be stronger outside 'not fit for purpose' EU, says a dozen former top brass 
Roger Bootle: "The European Union and the euro: this is a marriage made in hell"
Migrants Committing Disproportionately High Crime In Germany While Media And Govt Focus on ‘Far Right’
The European Union and the euro: this is a marriage made in hell
Survey finds support for REMAIN falling sharply among 350 FTSE company boards
Cameron's friend and former political guru Steve Hilton says Britain literally ungovernable inside EU
‘EU treaties keep food prices artificially high with beef 35% higher than it could be’
I'm voting for Brexit, says tycoon George Downing
Trade memo shows EU is costing UK millions
The EU has destroyed some of our most prosperous industries
Family fury as Romanian teenage killer jailed for just TWO years for killing builder in tube station
Woman branded 'bigot' by Gordon Brown backs BREXIT in passionate attack on EU
Luvvies who signed pro-EU letter get millions of money from EU (OUR MONEY, actually)
BRITAIN GOES MAD: Albanian murderer posed as Kosovo refugee to gain UK citizenship given four-bedroom house and benefits, then deals in cocaine but wins legal right to stay in Britain
Homelessness charity Catching Lives reveals rough sleeper Phillip Fox shot dead in his tent was ex-soldier
Fraser Nelson accuses Osborne of “deception” and “simply breathtaking dishonesty
GET US OUT: European Union does NOTHING to help British workers, trade unions say
4 in 5 British jobs went to foreign nationals last year as number of EU workers doubles
INSIDE BRUSSELS: How YOU pay £1,200 for EVERY question asked in ‘madhouse’ EU
EU exit may be in UK's best interest, says JCB
EU to give £35m to eight African countries including Sudanese dictatorship
Undecided on the EU referendum? Here is a simple solution
The economy will take a big hit if we stay in the EU, says Patrick O’Flynn
MI6 boss warns backlash over migration will rise from streets - and blames EU elite
The EU is just a 'trade union for feather-bedded limo passengers', says Patisserie Valerie boss
EU Migration costs Britain £3m every day, shock report warns
Brussels Shelves Plans For EU Border, Coastguard Force Until After Referendum
Britain’s export figures don’t lie: Brexit campaigners dismiss claims EU has benefited UK
Merkel labels Britain's referendum "a needless risk"
Top police chief: EU 'free movement' allows criminals to come to UK and FLOURISH
UK exports to Continent are LOWER than before we joined the EU
Muslim savagely BEATS model in anti-gay hate crime in Brighton
Muslim worker in refugee camp hailed by Merkel raped at least 30 boys
The last whites of the East End
One EU migrant arrives in Britain every 40 seconds, shock new figures reveal
New Zealand says: "Quit EU for an exciting future."
Lagarde thanks Treatury for help on "Independent" EU report
FINLAND: Her Last Photo…Muslim Rapes and Brutally Murders White Teen Girl To ‘Teach Her A Lesson’
Pro-EU campaign handed MILLIONS by foreign businesses to KEEP Britain in the bloc
BREXIT could open the door for more trade opportunities with India
ANOTHER reason to quit EU: Brexit would 'create 300,000 extra jobs'
3 BILLION in taxpayers' money sent to world's 10 most corrupt states
The gap between ONS migrant figures and the truth is as wide as the Grand Canyon. We are owed an apology.
"Your weekly shop will FALL with BREXIT," finds top economist
Bankrolled by fat cats: Big US banks fund Dave's EU fight to the tune of £2million
How the Treasury cooked the books in calculating the impact of Brexit
"EU Membership good for UK as it lets in new diseases," says Lord Winston
Mori poll shows European peoples share British rage
Brexit battle turns bitter as Alan Johnson calls Leave supporters 'extremists'
40,000 Christians Persecuted By Muslims In Germany
EU to start logging migrants’ FACES as one in ten DISAPPEAR after reaching shores
Weatherspoon Boss Tim Martin donates 200,000 to LEAVE campaign
Military veterans TURN on Cameron for using war heroes in pro-EU video
Pubs want Brexit: Now even Britain's boozers want to LEAVE EU, reveals shock poll
Arthur Scargill disgusted with Corbyn ....
Almost half of Birmingham employers say we'd be better off out of the EU
BREXIT support grows as Business grows tired of scare-mongering
Cameron's threat of post BREXIT war is beyond parody
Almost half of Italians want to leave the EU says shock poll
The five questions Boris Johnson wants you to ask every ‘Remain’ supporter
Immigration swells UK population by size of Newcastle every YEAR, says Boris Johnson
Project Fear in full force: Now Cameron warns of Russia threat & WAR if Britain leaves EU
Far from keeping Britain safe, the European Union is a threat to peace
Schools under huge unsustainable pressure due to dramatic rise in European migrants
Downing Street accused of manipulating spy chiefs after warning
JUNCKER BLASTS DEMOCRACY: EU chief brands MPs who represent voters 'part-time Europeans'
Whites Need Not Apply: BBC Advertises ‘Black, Asian, Or Minority’-Only Positions
Cameron DELAYED Iraq probe to avoid embarrassing pro-EU Tony Blair, Tory MP claims
'We DON'T want IN United States of Europe' Lord Lawson in passionate Question Time speech
'There is NO place for Islam in our politics' Shock poll highlights Germany's discontent
The Glasgow school without a single Scottish pupil
75 million Turks on course for visa-free travel in EU, despite not meeting key targets in refugee swap deal
Remain? No, the EU is an economic basket case says top author as he reveals the history of Europe's money troubles
City Exec Urges British to Ignore ‘Orwellian’ Remain Campaign and Vote for Brexit
Brexit will free British farmers of 'corrupt' EU subsidies and red tape, minister claims (30-4-16)
More and more CEOs back BREXIT campaign (30-4-16)
Survey reveals 58% of farmers back EU exit
Brexit: staying in the EU is a bigger risk than leaving, claims City veteran
100 leading City names sign letter backing Brexit
EU officials with offices bigger than family homes (28-4-16)
Migrant sexually assaulted eight women in ten days within months of arriving in UK
Brexit would lead to 60,000 new jobs (28-4-16)
Immigration would fall to 116,00 per year outside EU (28-4-16)
100 leading City names sign letter backing BREXIT (28-4-16)
EU red tape is ‘costing’ YOU £4,500 EACH YEAR (28-4-16)
Brexit Could Be ‘Celebration’ For City Of London (27-4-16)
Brussels Diktats Costing Families 4,600 per Year (27-4-16)
Sick Algerian thug sexually assaulted eight women in ten days MONTHS after arriving in UK (27-4-16)
Taxpayers hit with £650MILLION in fines by EU (27-4-16)
Afghan cabbie raped woman in back of cab - despite earlier kerb-crawling convictions (27-4-16)
How Britons will be £40 a week better off if we go it alone (25-4-15)
European Commission will SUE Britain just WEEKS before Brexit vote (27-4-16)
UK Government’s Official Report Into ‘Toxic’ TTIP Concluded It Is ‘Bad For Britain’ (26-4-16)
UK’s top statistician admits ‘we don’t know’ how many people are in Britain (26-4-16)
The ABC Of Why Obama Is Wrong: 26 Companies That Won’t Want Britain At The Back Of The Queue (25-4-16)
Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz says quitting the EU is 'opportunity' for trade with US (25-4-16)
Obama warns against Britain leaving EU - but here’s why Brexit is GOOD for Americans (23-4-16)
Corrupt Eurocrats Steal Billions of Euros Every Year (20-4-16)
Mass Immigration Causing Crisis In Britain’s Primary Schools, Minister Says (18-4-16)
"Vote BREXIT or we'll lose NHS" warns top Doc (15-4-16)
£100m for Cameron firms: Vote Leave uncovers pro-EU financial incentives (14-4-16)
‘EU is a ticking time bomb’ Britain faces economic MELTDOWN if we remain, researchers warn (12-4-16)
Brussels chief admits Brexit will spark ‘implosion of EU’ as other states look to 'escape' (12-4-16)
Doctors, nurses and paramedics urge voters to back Brexit in order to ‘save the NHS’ (12-4-16)
"Islam ruins countries, even in small doses." (in French) (12-4-16)
Conservative donors prepare to sink £5million into Brexit campaign amid anger about pro-EU leaflet (12-4-16)
Convicted Polish murderer Sebastian Gorlic handed prison sentence for Sevenoaks burglary and charity shop theft (11-4-16)
Britain's prisons see huge rise in EU convicts at £150million cost to taxpayer (11-4-16)
British Army and Navy vehicles to be built using FOREIGN steel as UK plants left to ROT (11-4-16)
The Brexit nightmare is becoming reality; the remain camp is in denial (10-4-16)
EU to propose visa-free travel for Ukraine despite Dutch vote (10-4-16)
Science Council: "The EU is a hopeless anachronism – let’s leave and build a better world" (10-4-16)
European Court of Justice declares UK tax policies to be illegal - we repay 7.87 BILLION GBP (10-4-16)
"Our economy would be better with a Brexit" : Employment Minister blasts EU membership (10-4-16)
"Myth That EU Is FOR The Workers": RTM Trade Union Urges Members To Back Brexit (10-4-16)
British farmers will fare best from Brexit (9-4-16)
"Socialist Worker": Six Myths about the European Union (9-4-16)

THE EU is actively making workers across the continent POORER, a top Brussels finance chief admitted today.

Fury as EU officials attempt to 'INDOCTRINATE' British school children with new text books (8-4-16)
THE EU is actively making workers across continent POORER, a top Brussels finance chief admitted today. (8-4-16)
Why the ludicrous 10 million quid Cameron leaflet is all WRONG (8-4-16)
Former soldier and serving Defence Minister Julian Brazier: "I believe that the EU makes us less safe.' (8-4-16)
'Only Brexit can save the NHS, which EU is destroying' says ex Labour minister David OWEN (7-4-16)
Now even MIGRANTS turn on Merkel: Refugees say German leader lured them to EU with lies (7-4-16)
Border agency's own report says immigration crisis will destroy EU values (7-4-16)
61% of Dutch voters voted against the government and against the EU last night, in a referendum seen as a vote of confidence in Brussels. This is how Eurocrat Carl Bildt responded to the democratic will of the people:
"Agreement EU/Ukraine already approved by 29 democratic EU parliaments. Those voting 'NO' in Netherlands today are 0,006% of electorate in EU."
The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union has urged its members to vote for the UK to LEAVE the EU (7-4-16)
Half a million migrants who have arrived in Germany in the last 18 months have failed to register with authorities 'and are either working illegally or engaged in criminality' (6-4-16)
UK will be powerless in face of ‘United States of Europe’ without Brexit, warns Leader of the House Grayling (6-4-16)
EU blasted for ‘useless spending’ & told its now TOO powerful - by one of its OWN judges (5-4-16)
Businesses using the EU freedom of movement policy to keep wages down (4-4-16)
New Zealand's John Key slams Cameron for forgetting his history (4-4-16)
Chemicals billionaire urges UK to ditch millstone EU (3-4-16)
NHS at breaking point - 1.5 million EU migrants in just 3 years (3-4-16)
British Businesses Shrug Off BREXIT Threat (3-4-16)
German "Die Welt"  publishes sympathetic article about Enoch Powell (1-4-16)
Oxbridge careerists want us to Remain, and war heroes tend to back Brexit.(1-4-16)
Britain sacrifices steel industry to curry favour with Chinese dictatorship (1-4-16)
The history you seldom hear about: Millions of White Europeans' enslavement for nearly 1000 yrs(1-4-16)
Budget airline Norwegian Air boss says Brexit would not end cheap fares (1-4-16)
Germany's burglary rate up 10% … high migrant crime, open borders blamed (1-4-16)
EU admits plot for FEDERAL superstate and describes Brussels attacks as an 'opportunity' (30-3-16)
Fury as Spain threatens to drive Gibraltar to COLLAPSE with border shutdown threat (30-3-16)
Damning dossier lists catalogue of murders and rapes committed in Britain by 50 foreign criminals who let in under EU rules
Tony Benn on the EU (video) (30-3-16)
Sadiq Khan: "There are too many white men on London transport." (30-3-16)
TATA STEEL: Government’s failure to back calls for higher tariffs against Chinese imports the “last straw” (30-3-16)
Britain could stop ten times more terror suspects from entering the country if it leaves the EU, justice minister says (30-3-16)
Farmers will be better off when Britain leaves the European Union (28-3-16)
‘Maverick’ shoe magnate John Timpson backs Brexit (28-3-16)
Many millions of Muslims 'fundamentally incompatible with the modern world', says Tony Blair (28-3-16)
Corbyn's betrayal of the working-class : Peter Oborne in the DM - (27-3-16)
250 business chiefs back Brexit after warning that Brussels red tape is destroying jobs (25-3-16)
Former head of the CIA says the EU "gets in the way" of national security. (25-3-16)
Romanian family - including toddlers - hammer and prise bolts from working train track to sell as scrap ("DM" : 24-3-16)
Belgian security is so bad it's actually a threat to Britain ("The Telegraph" : 24-3-16)
"Quitting the EU would help our security", former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove (24-3-16)
Denmark may strip radical imams of citizenship (24-3-16)
Poland closes borders to ALL refugees as terror atrocity sparks security crackdown across Europe (24-3-16)
The EU is a feminist issue. I’m voting to leave (Julie Burchill : 24-3-16)
EU referendum: A Brexit would make average Briton $30,000 better off by 2020, says report by New World Wealth (22-3-16)
Brexit would be seized on by ministers as a golden opportunity to govern an "unshackled" Britain better (22-3-16)
Brexit would be catalyst for a better Britain, claims Hargreaves Lansdown founder (22-3-16)
Pentagon to open major £200m intelligence centre in Britain Proposed ultra-secure data centre would be the US headquarters for European and African military communications (22-3-16)
Brexit won't damage us admits drug giant GLAXOSMITHKLINE (22-3-16)
“It is outrageous to describe people worried about the impact of migration as racist.” Archbishop of Canterbury
'NHS spent £181,000 treating just one illegal immigrant' (21-3-16)
EU-Turkey stitch-up: officials in Greece in the dark as migrant "send-back" deadline looms (19-3-16)
MAX HASTINGS says unchecked mass migration will make Europe unrecognisable (19-3-16)
'EU is an economic DISASTER zone' : Tory grandee Lord Lawson in scathing attack (19-3-16)
Nearly a THIRD of those arrested in London not British, UK's top police chief reveals (18-3-16)
The President of Turkey has said democracy and freedom have “absolutely no value” in the
country after calling for journalists, lawyers and politicians to be prosecuted as terrorists.
Europe on the BRINK: Financial disaster looms for Eurozone as markets plunge into the RED (18-3-16)
Boeing gives Brexit ANOTHER 'fantastic' boost by picking Britain for new European HQ (18-3-16)
EU wastes migrant aid millions with 'chaotic and badly managed' projects - Ahead of €6 billion bargain
with Turkey, blistering report says EU does not even count millions spent overseas on halting migration
"Here’s why I back Brexit," says ANN WIDDECOMBE (16-3-16)
Michael Buerk lashes out at celebrities who 'parade their bleeding hearts' (16-3-16)
Avon calling: corporate headquarters to relocate to the UK (15-3-16)
Now EU wants asylum control: Brussels plots to tell us who can come and stay (15-3-16)
EU plans new Border and Coast Guard force as part of an EU drive to curb the record influx of migrants (15-3-16)
"Brexit won't hurt trade with UK." say leading international businessmen (15-3-16)
EU wants to introduce common employment fund to pay benefits to jobless workers across continent (15-3-16)
"We’ll be a trading nation regardless of outcome," says head of world's biggest trade show (15-3-16)
Schools forced to hire Polish teaching assistants to translate for influx of Eastern European children (15-3-16)
Geoff Dyson: Britain should leave Europe to avoid being dominated by Germans (13-3-16)
Danish politicians demand referendum after voter shift on union (13-3-16)
Iceland has dropped its bid to join the European Union, the Foreign Ministry in Reykjavik says. (12-3-16)
"A disaster zone that's dominated by the Germans": Ex-Bank chief King's verdict on euro project (12-3-16)
PM’s warning gives hope that leaving EU will boost savers’ interest rates Incentive to vote for Brexit (11-3-16)
Tory MEP Syed Kamall: I'm backing Brexit (11-3-16)
EU Trade Deficit with the EU Widens to Record (11-3-16)
Britain’s Immigrant Communities Turn On Mass Migration: ‘We’re Being Abused’ (11-3-16)
Jewish students are feeling isolated by a growing tide of anti-Semitism at Britain's elite universities (11-3-16)
London is more Islamic than most cities in Muslim countries, says Pakistan-born Islamic scholar (11-3-16)
Leaving the EU is NOT a risk for investors, says world’s largest sovereign wealth fund (11-3-16)
How to get 'GENEROUS' British benefits: Shocking guide handed out to Polish migrants (11-3-16)
Archbishop of Canterbury says it is not racist to fear high level of immigration (11-3-16)
The EU was never meant to be a democracy, says Frederick Forsyth (11-3-16)
German Government Admits That Minimum 45% Of ALL Crimes Are Committed By Muslim “Refugees” (10-3-16)
German police are warning of a huge rise in drug and sex-related crimes and an increase in radicalization as migrants right across the country become disaffected and create no-go zones. (10-3-16)
Police warn women in Ostersund, Sweden not to go out alone (9-3-16)
Research shows UK spoilt for choice after BREXIT (8-3-16)
The Nazi Connections of some of the EU's Founders (8-3-16)
Leaked crime report shows boom in migrant crime in Germany - and warns worse is to come (8-3-16)
Britain will be dragged along into an EU superstate without Brexit - Boris Johnson (9-3-16)
Sweden is now banning its citizens from criticizing Muslim ‘refugees’ and the government policy towards them (6-3-16)
FIVE DECADES OF EU FAILURE: Dossier finds 43 UK U-turns over 43 years of Brussels rule (5-3-16)
British trade will be fine if we vote Brexit and THIS is why - Patrick O'Flynn (5-3-16)
Migrants on destructive rampage in Southern Italy (5-3-16)
Slovakia will build wall and “never accept a single Muslim” says Prime Minister (5-3-16)
Serbian migrants 'gang-rape German schoolgirl, 14, while 15-year-old girl films it (4-3-16)
UKIP row school BANNED pupils from voting for party in mock election saying it is 'RACIST' (4-3-16)
European Union has caused poverty and unemployment, says Labour MP (4-3-16)
Tens Of Thousands Of Xtians In Poland Take Over The Streets To Fight Islam And Leftism (4-3-16)
Brexit better for Britain than toxic TTIP, says Joseph Stiglitz (4-3-16)
MEPs allowed to claim £120,000 in expenses without proof of how money is spent (4-3-16)
The Director-General of the British Chamber of Commerce, John Longworth backs Brexit! (3-3-16)
The Swiss parliament has voted to withdraw the country’s long-standing application to join the European Union (EU) (3-3-16)
EU referendum: 200 small firm bosses and entrepreneurs tell Britons to vote for Brexit (3-3-16)
Wages for British workers will rise in the event of a Brexit, head of 'in' campaign, Lord Rose says (3-3-16)
DVLA staff 'GAGGED' from expressing anti-EU views in run up to referendum (3-3-16)
Cameron refuses to release figures showing true rate of immigration (3-03-16)
17 Muslim countries refuse to take back their citizens who've had “asylum” applications rejected in Germany (2-3-16)
Hundreds of millions being lost to health tourism by EU citizens (2-03-16)
Top MoD mandarin breaks ranks by saying that leaving the EU could HELP British manufacturers (2-03-16)
Victory for Ukip: BBC backs down and gives Farage his own TV show after debate fix row (2-03-16)
Brexit scares over jobs and investment are simple fallacies - P. Minford, Prof. of Applied Economics at Cardiff Business Sch.
Brexit would STRENGTHEN national security, blasts former Army Commander Colonel Richard Kemp (1-03-16)
DVLA staff warned not to discuss EU Referendum (1-03-16)
Don’t count on the EU to protect us. Nato will do that ("The Times" 1-03-16)
I fought for Britain and I know how the EU weakens our defences (Maj. General Julian Thomson - 1-03-16)
Falklands heroes call for Britain to leave the European Union (29-02-16)
Sham marriages have increased by almost 850% and authorities 'are overwhelmed' (29-02-16)
British kids 'neglected' as migrant pupil numbers soar; 1.2 million in school whose first language is not English
Nine deceptions in our history with the EU (28-02-16)
Taxpayers face bill for £36bn EU pensions time bomb (28-02-16)
Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard has urged Britain to exit the European Union (EU) (28-02-16)
Judge lets Romanian rapist back into Britain because it would break EU law to deport him back to his home country (28-02-16)
Ulster-born JD Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin backs Brexit 'to restore democracy' (27-02-16)
George Osbourne slammed by BA head over Brexit claims (27-02-16)
We'll thrive out of the EU, says bank chief: Lloyds boss gives vote of confidence to a Brexit (27-02-16)
Conman Blair's cynical conspiracy to deceive the British people and let in 2 million migrants against the rules (26-02-16)
Dame Joan Collins just publicly came out as a Brexiter, tweeting one word – ‘Brexit’. (26-02-16)
Ministers 'hiding full scale of EU immigration' (26-02-16)
Merkel left red-faced as Germany admits 130,000 arriving refugees have now VANISHED (26-02-16)
Michael Howard backs Brexit: Former Tory leader says Cameron's deal was a failure (26-02-16)
A) Field Marshall Lord Bramall felt pressured by No.10 into signing pro Europe letter (25-02-16)

B) Downing Street admits Brexit ‘scaremongering’ letter WASN’T signed by ex-military chief Sir Michael Rose
Oslo Police Declare “We Have Lost the City”… Islam Has Taken Over (25-02-16)
Sweden in flames as gangs of migrants riot for five nights running (25-02-16)
SDP founder Lord Owen backs Brexit, calling EU 'flawed and dysfunctional' (25-02-16)
Leaving the European Union would pay an £18 billion a year "Brexit dividend" (25-02-16)
Fury as EU gifts £22bn to boost FRENCH economy ... and it's UK taxpayers paying the bill (24-02-16)
Ryanair CEO admits Brexit would not trigger price rises (24-02-16)
Fury as EU gifts £22bn to boost FRENCH economy...and it's UK taxpayers paying the bill (24-02-16)
Head Of European Institute: Brexit ‘Better’ For Everyone, Any Problems For UK Would Be ‘Short Term’ (24-02-16)
Britain's farms would thrive outside of the EU (23-02-16)
Emigration: Why British expats have nothing to fear from Brexit (23-02-16)
Why we must quit the EU, by tycoon Sir James Dyson (23-02-16)
Billionaire chemicals boss backs EU exit with claim Britain will THRIVE away from Brussels (23-02-16)
Another ten bad arguments for staying in the EU (Adam Smith Organisation - 21-2-16)
Franco-German plot to TAX Britain: grubby EU tax rate threatens UK jobs (21/2/16)
Private traders will back Brexit in boost for Out campaign (21/2/16)
Zac Goldsmith backs leaving the European Union in new blow for David Cameron (21/2/16)
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EU declares WAR on drivers: Now Brussels meddlers want congestion charge in EVERY town (15-2-16)
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Britain's trade to EU slumps: Major boost for the 'Leave' campaign as our exports outside Europe continue to soar (9-2-16)
Migrants are pushing NHS to breaking point' (8-2-16)
Franco-German central bankers call for creation of eurozone treasury (8-2-16)
Amazing Lady Talks Truth On Islam, Muslims And Quran, BBC Asian Network, EDL, UKIP, Britain First (6-2-16)
EU lets one Dutch ship net A QUARTER of England’s fishing (5-2-16)
The European Commission welcomes the $3.3 billion agreement for Turkey to stem the tide of refugees fleeing crises-
torn countries into Europe, European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans said Wednesday.
EU deal: Strasbourg parliament ready to torpedo Britain's 'emergency brake' (3-2-16)
The cost of Merkel’s migrant policy: Berlin ALONE to pay £454m to house refugees in 22 hotels. (2-2-16)
David Cameron has rubber stamped welfare changes that will allow Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers to bring in multiple wives and broods of kids if they were married like that in their Islamic homeland. (2-2-16)
Romanian migrants exploited EU laws to bring teen girls to UK and use them in sex racket (2-2-16)
Booze giant Diageo is latest firm to say it would keep trading here in event of Brexit (2-2-16)
The German government has admitted it cannot locate more than
half of the one million asylum seekers allowed into the country.
Hitachi to remain in UK regardless of Brexit vote (1-2-16)
What the German Government is trying to hide from its people (31-1-16)
Why the migration fiasco spells doom for Project Europe (30-1-16)
Muslim gang rape non-Muslim girl in hotel bathroom (30-1-16)
EU seeks to ban Paper-boys (Richard Littlejohn : 29-1-16)
Toyota boss: we'll still be in Derbyshire in 75 years' time (29-1-16)
BRUSSELS SHOCK: EU plots tax on British to fund benefits for jobless in ITALY (29-1-16)
Britain could BENEFIT by leaving the EU, says Barclays: Bank believes worst effects of a Brexit would be felt in Europe (29-1-16)
European Union useless and corrupt, says Sir Bernard Ingham (27-1-16)
Violence continues to plague Calais and nearby Dunkirk, with reports of beatings, murders and violent crime now emerging from the two towns almost daily. (27-1-16)
Britain is better off outside EU, says Sir Rocco Forte (25-1-16)
Unilever, the consumer goods group behind Persil and Magnum ice-creams,
has said it will not scale back its UK operations if Britain votes to leave the EU.
Liam Fox calls for Britain to leave EU and become "an independent sovereign nation" again (22-1-16)
Sir Michael Caine backs leaving EU and lashes out at 'faceless civil servants' dictating to Britain (22-1-16)
The UK has missed out on 'TRILLIONS' of pounds in trade due to EU membership
Former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars: I'm backing campaign for UK to leave EU (21-1-16)
Bridgestone boss says Britain leaving EU is 'viable' and vows to keep firm here (21-1-16)
Fashion house boss: 'We have nothing to fear if Britain leaves EU' (20-1-16)
Interfering EU wants to force men to do more HOUSEWORK as part of a "sexist"
policy drive being carried out in the name of gender equality – and Labour AGREES
More than 450 London business people today demanded major changes to Britain’s EU membership
amid signs that Boris Johnson will snub appeals for him to lead the “Out” campaign.
German Finance Minister has brainwave: create new EU-wide fuel tax to finance immigration (16-1-16)
UK would be a 'better place' if it left the European Union, claims one of London's biggest hedge funds (15-1-16)
HSBC Keeps London Base in Victory Over Asia (15-1-16)
Lord Lawson says Britain has 'nothing to fear' about leaving 'undemocratic' EU (13-1-16)
Leading Worcester businessman delivers devastating critique of the EU - saying it's time for a Brexit (12-1-16)
Brexit boost as Toyota vow to remain in UK exposes ‘lies’ of europhiles (12-1-16)
Slovakian thug who was allowed into Britain despite serving six-year sentence
for GBH is jailed for 14 years after knuckle-duster attack on 89-year-old
Toyota pledges itself to UK whatever Brexit result (10-1-16)
Bankers say City ‘would continue to thrive’ in or out of Europe (6-1-16)
Britain will thrive after it throws off the shackles of the EU (5-1-16)
Top economist says cost of living will fall by 8% outside EU (9-11-15)
Actually Mr Cameron, we Norwegians are happy, rich and free outside the EU (29-10-15)
We’ve nothing to fear from an EU exit, says major Tory donor: JCB chairman
criticises Cameron over keeping the UK ‘in the dark’ over renegotiation with Brussels
Boris Johnson fuels Brexit calls, saying Britain’s EU membership has never been worth less (13-10-15)
“Bureaucratic nightmare" of EU criticised by British bosses (13-10-15)
Over the last three years the BBC has secretly obtained millions of pounds in grants from the EU (13-10-15)
The £227,000 EU boss with two limos and 35 aides paid for by the taxpayer: fellow
MEPs accuse chief who has called for greater contributions of wasting money.
'Britain's place in the EU does not matter' says GE chief (3-10-15)
The EU is used to bypass national democracy, Tory minister admits (5-8-2015)
EU gifts 22 BILLION of British taxpayers' money to boost French economy (8/2015)
Afghan and Somali women in Britain have FOUR times as many kids as UK born mums (8/2015)
Welcome to Sweden (6/2015)
Commonwealth business leaders urge David Cameron to let UK leave EU (17-2-15)
'We want a BIGGER house!' Romanian family of 17 on £55k in benefits demands more (7/2014)
When she leaves her EU post Baroness Ashton will get 400,000 a year for 4 years to do nothing. (5-4-13)
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The £33,000 a week benefit scam 'so easy a child could do it’ (12-10-13)
Muslim refugee given £1.25m house in upmarket London street only to trash it (8-2012)
Migrant family of nine get house and benefits in Britain within three weeks (9/2012)
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