Perkins & the Bail Fiasco

Perkins - you're looking worried again. This is getting to be a habit!

It's this bail thinggy, Sir.

What on earth are you talking about?

Well, this police inspector on a charge of murder was given bail of 200,000 and as soon as he got out he killed his mother-in-law!

Well, no harm in that, eh Perkins! How many of us would like to do the same?

I'm sorry Sir, there's no need to be facetious.

But Perkins, Old Chap, what are you so exercised about? It's just one of those things. Nobody knew the chap would kill someone else!

But he had been charged with murder, Sir! Surely, anyone the police believe has committed one murder could reasonably be expected to be capable of committing another?

Aha, Perkins! In England a man is innocent until proven guilty.

But it's rare to be given bail in such circumstances, Sir!

"But you forget, Perkins. Someone put up 200,000 for his bail.

You mean, as long as you've got the money you can get bail?

Of course, Perkins. That's how the bail system works.

You mean, a poor person with no money or friends with money can't get bail, but a rich person can, who of course can then go and murder his mother-in-law as well as his wife?

Now you're beginning to understand, Perkins! That's exactly why mothers-in-law of people with rich friends have to take special precautions.

But that means we're not all equal before the law, Sir!

Now Perkins, who on earth told you were were all equal before the law! Look at this Diana inquest for a start. 10 million quid on an inquest for someone who died in a banal car accident caused by a speeding drunk just because she was famous, whereas your mate Sid Bloggs from Railway Cuttings who was killed by a drunk was buried and forgotten about in under a week ... Let's face it, people like Sid just aren't worth £10 million quid of public money, are they!

But it isn't fair, Sir!

I wonder who told you life was fair, Perkins! It certainly wasn't me!!!

But we SHOULD all be equal before the law, Sir! That's democracy!

But we ARE all equal before the law, Perkins. It's just that some are more equal than others, that's all.

So the rich are more equal, Sir?

Indeed, Perkins. The rich are not only different, but more equal. I, for example, am more equal than you. But one day, if you play your cards right, you can be as equal as me ....