Perkins & the Council Tax

Morning Perkins! Jolly good news, what!

What's jolly good news, Sir?

This year's Council Tax rise of course! What else?

I don't quite follow. I thought the rise was 4% on average?

Exactly, Perkins. Spiffing news, isn't it!

But inflation is officially around 2%, Sir?

Yes, Yes and ...?

Well, forgive my maths, Sir, but that makes the rise around double that of inflation, surely?

Yes, Perkins, in a strictly mathematical sense, but you have to look at the underlying trends.

Well, "Daily Mail" readers aren't really up-to-speed on "trends" Sir, but they do know when they have to pay more than the previous year for something over which they have no control whatsoever ...

Oh really Perkins! If we governed the country by doing what the "Mail" readers wanted where would we be!!!

Well, we'd have less Council tax to pay for a start, Sir.

But we have to take a longer, wider view, Perkins. That is the burden of government.

A longer view?

Really Perkins - I would have expected a bit more sophistication in your approach!

But what relevance are the longer trends to my Old Gran in Worksop if her Council tax is going up by double the rise in inflation? She has to pay it NOW, not in the "longer view."

But the rise is lower than was expected, Perkins!

What sort of good news is that, Sir?

So it could have been a lot worse! Surely that's good news? And the increase is lower than last year's!! Isn't that terrific?

I feel this is spinning things so far that centrifugal force will blow the whole thing apart ....

Oh Dear, Perkins. You really are a bit of a sourpuss, you know ......