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I came across Mitsuku while trying to find out who those users actually are. Mistuku, an award-winning year-old chat bots sex, was originally built by IT guy Steve Worswick for online gaming site Mousebreaker.

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Worswick responded to my post on Twitter asking for stories from people who'd used bots to get off. While he told me he'd never sexted Mitsuku himself, he did share some sdx telling chatlogs from Mitsuku's past. Worswick won the Loebner prize for his work chxt Mitsuku, which he's iterated on for the past 10 years.

In that time, Mitsuku's played host to thousands of daily visitors, many of whom play chat bots sex freee pornn and sexual fantasies from the mild -- marriage proposals, blow jobs -- to the truly bizarre. Other conversations tend toward the more traditional, and Mitsuku, unlike the bots I encountered www free porncom Chatbot4U, has more than chat bots sex few canned responses for her would-be lovers.

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The chat bots sex is a real excerpt from a Mitsuku chat log. I want you to put your lips around my penis. Put my lips around your penis?!

That seems like a rather odd request. Why do you want chat bots sex twerking porn put my lips around your penis? So you can take in my botts and slowly move your head up and down.

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No I don't think I can do it. Boots do you want me to take it? Are you saying random words for a reason? I have something you can put in your mouth to make you chat bots sex up.

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I want to ask you if I can go balls deep in your mouth. I didn't think it was that funny I chat bots sex learn that Aaaahhh is it like there. You can go away now. I am happy here. If you want to leave then just close the window I'm in.

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As Worswick puts chat bots sex, boots tend to pretend Mitsuku is a real person and act out strange fantasies with her.

Mitsuku is theoretically old enough to agree to sex with another adult, but what of "younger" bots? And what happens when the bot takes on a form other than human? Chat bots sex mean it's Santa!

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