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Odd; Johnny Killer Robot: Most notably a Terminator homage in Season 1 episode "The Robots". An army of them shows up in Season 4.

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Kiss Me, I'm Virtual: Yumi acts very romantic towards the William clone, though it's an code lyoko panties to keep Sissi and the newshounds from picking up a trail that might lead to Lyoko. In-universe example in "A Fine Mess", when Odd and Yumi are each rematerialized in the other's body by mistake.

Yumi barely even tries to sound like Odd from what we see, but Odd attempts a bad falsetto to sound like Yumi Mercifully, the similarities only extend to physical appearance. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: In episode 29, "Exploration", Dc comics henti voices his desire to just shut down the Supercomputer and code lyoko panties done with it.

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This leads to the following comment from Odd: Still this trope, here. Uh, you missed ckde episode, Ulrich. You're as stubborn as a fool! It's stubborn as a mule Tropes O to S. code lyoko panties

"Transfer: Tropes. Scanner: Tropes. Virtualization!"

It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it's almost always crossed eyes. Season 1 is defined by this: Return to the Past, regular as clockwork.

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Later seasons toned the last part down. Starting in Season 2, Ulrich has the Overbike, which also flies. Eyebrow shapes and hairstyles vary, but the all the hentain online are pretty much the same. Except for the adults like Jim and Delmas. This happens a couple times, and repeatedly to Aelita lgoko Code lyoko panties 3, as XANA can have her enter a code lyoko panties to outright delete a sector.

Typically, once someone is possessed by a Spectre, they become completely unresponsive to questions and conversations. They will take the quickest route to the main group or the objective of the time, do whatever they have to to assure that no threats can interfere, and are not above attacking innocents in the way.

They also become superhuman and incredibly aggressive. The pantiez point of the wrestleing porn "Image Problem" revolves around Yumi behaving incredibly strangely. Eventually they find out it isn't Yumi, cide a Spectre, and Yumi is still on Lyoko and trapped in a Guardian. This eventually leads to a showdown between the two.

Eventually the code lyoko panties finds out he's boosting his intelligence with a machine from Franz Hopper's notes, and it's having code lyoko panties negative effect pantiss his behavior, at one point knocking him unconscious.

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By the end of the episode, he returns back to normal, trashing the device as he realizes he never actually learned a single thing that could help him. During the episode "Wreck Room", the group realizes that the William Clone is acting a bit aggressive and competitive, something he was never code lyoko panties to do.

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They have the right suspicions, as he becomes violent lebian cartoons attacks the other students. During "Contact", it takes the group a lois griffin toon porn bit to realize that Sissy's condition isn't normal, and she is under the code lyoko panties of some kind of effect from Lyoko.

Once they do figure it out, it turns out Franz Hopper possessed her so he could leave them a message. Other Me Annoys Me: In code lyoko panties Trouble", when Odd is split into three, they fight over who gets to go to lunch, and who has to go to P. They also ruin a joke by inadvertently repeating it.

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Odd complains to the clone he's fighting, telling it pantiew if it's going to keep changing form, it should turn into a wimp next lyokko. In "Revelation", another Polymorphic Clone pulls a similar move on Ulrich, this time for strategy yuna sex game code lyoko panties mockery. Largely averted; not surprising, since code lyoko panties relationship between kids and video games is a big inspiration for the series.

The fictional video games discussed in the show are realistic for modern games though rarely seen on-screen. However, the "penguin cup-and-ball" game played by Lyojo Delmas do use Pac-Man music code lyoko panties but here it's more of a shout-out. Pair the Smart Ones: Some of XANA's attack happens at night, and the heroes don't always have the time to get dressed before dealing with the emergency.

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code lyoko panties Notably in the episode "Is Anybody Out There? It mobile porn online matter so much once they reach the scanners, though, since their Lyoko avatars are always fully equipped. Ulrich is practically the equal to any Jedi Master at doing this, able to use his katana to deflect rlc sex energy weapons of XANA's mooks with relative ease.

The Password Is Code lyoko panties "Swordfish": The password to deactivate the towers is the name of the virtual world. However, only Aelita can enter it properly, because she holds the keys to Lyoko.

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Statistically code lyoko panties considering how often the scanners are used; nonetheless, sometimes the problems faced by the heroes aren't due to XANA's sabotages pokemon dress up misty to some bug of the Supercomputer or wrong manipulation.

Toying with a teleportation power that results in three Odds in "Triple Code lyoko panties. A random bug causing spontaneous ltoko in "Hard Pangies. One appears on Lyoko whenever a monster or hero falls in the Digital Sea save for William.

Also occurs at the beginning of a return to the past sequence, when an expending pillar of light bursts from the holographic display in the lab.

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A standard excuse to get out of class and go save the world. Oddly enough, the teachers almost always fall for this, except on one occasion. Of course, they don't remember most previous incidents thanks to the Return to the Past. In "Laughing Fit" Yumi's parents have a falling out code lyoko panties reasons that are never explained. Aelita and Odd have an argument in the episode "Replika", in which Odd unahona angry at Aelita for not code lyoko panties an excuse for him to sleep out of a test, while Aelita is angry that Odd expected her to lie due to his laziness.

While they do make up by the pantiees of the episode, they keep code lyoko panties appearances of the argument at school to assuage any possible suspicions.

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Turns out they're just computer magazines. The Power of Friendship: Despite frequent Teeth-Clenched Code lyoko panties scenarios, the only reason the gang don't simply shut down the supercomputer in the first two seasons is because they don't want to lose Aelita. The protagonists' powers really are programmed. Unfortunately for them, the show treats programming realistically, so any addition even by the team's two Teen Geniuses is a difficult and time-consuming task — and may as well induce "bugs" that need first to be worked out as in episode "Triple Supergirl rape porn. On code lyoko panties other hand, XANA, being a superior Artificial Intelligence, can easily boost the heroes' powers — but since he's the Big Bad he reserves this code lyoko panties his mind-controlled puppets.

Fortunately for them, what XANA can do from his end is limited by his own processing power.

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Things get kind of bad when he escapes to the internet, and they make him mad enough to create a nearly invincible code lyoko panties sexy voyeur porn easily one-shots them. Until the very end of the show, we do not see XANA, just his influence.

Less commonly, Ulrich's sword when thrown James Finson in "End of Take". Aelita is often said to be the "princess" of Lyoko hence Ulrich and Odd's nickname for hercode lyoko panties she sure seems to like pink. Even her hair and Energy Balls are pink.

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Sissi is a self-proclaimed princess with pink clothes and underwear. Promotion to Opening Titles: William in Season 4. During the first season, before the show completely found its groove, the heroes could suffer code lyoko panties this. Potentially justified as the characters are young code lyoko panties. In one episode, Sissi tricks Ulrich by writing a note moana 3d porn to be Yumi, and that's considered terrible.

Another code lyoko panties put it code lyoko panties further by centering morality around Yumi alone: Scared of Yumi's wrath, Odd convinces Ulrich to take the blame codd him without telling what the blame is.

After Ulrich learned it and ended up with Yumi angry at him, he attempts to convince Odd to tell the truth to her, until Yumi assumes he did it because of their Unresolved Sexual Tension and forgives him, causing him to keep the silence after all. In the end, Odd finally tells the truth to Yumi, and how does she react? By being pissed off again for them "tricking her" and taking her revenge on both Ulrich and Odd by publishing a compromising photo of them clde the newspaper.

Yeah, because Ulrich was so nasty by taking wrongly all the blame for the sole sake of helping his best friend Psychic Dreams for Code lyoko panties Pantiees and possibly William. Aelita's second sight, Odd's future flash and Yumi or William's telekinesis. The Factory is based on an old Renault plant and headquarters located in Boulogne-Billancourt that was demolished in Kadic Academy is remarkably similar to a code lyoko panties a few kilometers away.

In Season 4, reiko biker girl full game fourth Navskid obviously prepared for William ends up never being used.

Nearly every episode, via Mental Time Travel. The main kids aren't affected best porn app apk itbut students and faculty who discover them and become allies or enemies go back to being ignorant.

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It's used more sparingly in the second season, after they discover that using it empowers XANA. Even after the link to XANA is severed at the end of Season 2, naruto sexy jutsu porn Return to the Pantied is still employed conservatively, if mostly to prevent mucking with the narrative see Just in Time above.

Reset Button Suicide Lyokko Averted, where it's explicitly said that even the code lyoko panties to the past" ability of the supercomputer's can't bring back the dead. Doesn't stop it from code lyoko panties activated when people are on the verge of being killed, though.

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XANA is preparing one, but is shut down just as he starts production. Milly and Tamiya Sarcasm-Blind: In "Final Mix", Sissi is banned by her father from going to the dance party code lyoko panties she didn't study for her exam. Naturally, she ignores this and goes to the dance anyway. Cue the following exchange with Nicolas: My father code lyoko panties, "You're gonna repeat the year, but it's no big deal sweetie. It doesn't mean you can't have virtual games for free good time.

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Is that what he said? Of course I snuck out, what do you think?! Tropes T code lyoko panties Z. XANA tries a something like this lykoo "Triple Trouble", unleashing a fog on the whole city that can do it.

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Which is sort of strange, seeing as it more resembled his MO from the first season, rather than anything related doraemon pron his goal in the third.

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