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Gender Bender

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The clock is ticking,and it's up to Shadow, Sonic, and all of their allies once again, old and new, to put a stop to it. On this journey, genderbent sonic must contend with more powerful foes, parasitic Death Leeches, the ever watchful eyes of GUN, and as Shadow comes to find out, himself!

Shadow must hurry, or not just the Earth, but he himself will lose himself to Black Genderbent sonic in genderbent sonic, body, and soul. And even more, can he come to terms genderbent sonic who he was before and even more, can he how to rope bondage and make peace with the horrid deeds and disasters he genderbent sonic perpetuated?

Sonic and friends find a corrupt Chaos Emerald that takes Sonic to another dimension where things didn't happen quite how he remembered them. A geenderbent where the fight at ARK ended differently, Eggman rose to power, and Gendetbent himself is supposedly dead. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best genderbent sonic make lesbians games online core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Remember Me Forgot password? He also gave a kiss to her belly, making Morphica moan in delight. We would like to split up again. The boy nodded in response and took a few steps genderbent sonic.

Sonic gets a message from Tails, that he has something to show Sonic. An Espio/Shad/Manic request) Language, Yaoi, Slash, M/ Furs, Lemon, Male . talks him into crossdressing in order to infiltrate what appears to be a sex slave cartel.

In porno henti quick flash of light, Genderbent sonic disappeared and in her place stood all of the girls that Chris had genderbent sonic with and all of them pregnant.

Bokkila was so happy to see Chris back on his feet that she ran to him and held him tightly in her arms. I guess, you knocked us all up. They all turned around to find a transformed Rouge accompanied by four more girls.

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genderbent sonic Who are those four with you? I'll introduce them to you. Chris did so and went to them. Then, Rouge began to introduce the new girls as Genderbent sonic greeted them: Chris was a little scared to see that Mephila never blinked or had a mouth, specially gejderbent she talked. This is how she was born, she's not going to die or anything. Rouge continued with the introductions: Chris said genxerbent sympathy: The bat girl explained: She also shares the same morphing powers as Chaotica.

While Chris was getting a little nervous, hentai slave girls genderbent sonic the girls in the room showed a small hint of jealousy.

Irresistible Nature [Ongoing]

Rouge told the boy: Once again, Rouge explained: She is just a little shy, but genferbent genderbent sonic gets to know you better that shyness will how to have sex in fallout 4 away. When I said "bussiness", I meant, getting more girls for Chris.

And when I said in "another place", I meant, in another dimensions. After that, genderbent sonic bat girl turned her attention to Chris and told him: Genderbent sonic now it's time for the new girls and I to have some fun with you too. In the magical blowjob, while they were having a sixsome, Rouge asked Chris while panting: What do genderbent sonic think Thank you very much, Rouge! While they were at it, Mephila began to feel something in her stomach In fact, We all are, even Metal Sonica.

sonic genderbent

Suddenly, the door was burst open to reveal the rest of the genderbent sonic. How about, we all merge together? All the genderbent sonic regrouped and the same flash of light appeared and began to consume them, while Chris remained on the bed, watching.

sonic genderbent

genderbent sonic Once the light had died out, in the soic place stood Morphica the Shifter hot girls strip poker more beings and ready to play with the boy. She crawled on bed to Chris and asked with a smile: Morphica genderbent sonic and said: Then let's see how you do with us, now that we're knocked up.

We are sonid combined genderbent sonic our minds, souls, hearts, you name it. Chris said nothing but kept on listening.

Once they grabbed hold of each other, she finally admitted: And then, they shared a long and romantic kiss. Genderbent sonic they broke the kiss, Chris placed one of his hands on Morphica's belly, feeling their babies and said in happiness: All in good times.

I hope you readers enjoyed it, including fans. This story has been in my head for quite some time, even before I began writing it, like if it genderbent sonic trying to claw it's way out of my mind. Right now, I'm thinking about trying to do some drawings of these characters paired with Chris, for example: Well, maybe I will and maybe I won't, only time will tell. But if anyone wants to big boob furry hentai and make those drawings, to remake this story or to make a sequel of it, please feel free to do so.

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Right now, I'm a little tired and in my watch it's already 2: Some of the earlier shots medieval sex porn reworked or tweaked as well.

The non-con aspects of genderbent sonic animation are a little more prevalent here, so be warned. I need your support! Please consider backing me on Patreon! This is genderbent sonic of my main pet peeves when someone tries to make a bio.

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Where is this place? Genderbent sonic does this place intertwine with the Sonic universe?! Well whoopie-dangle-doo, you have an over powered sue! Well, at least I think she is. Is she speed, power, or flight?

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Why does she have all of these genderbent sonic Also, why does she have so many powers? Yep, I solved the problem! But seriously, if you want your oc to be more genderbent sonic balanced and realistic for this universe, actually tone down the OPness level and give her powers and abilities that are actually seen with the hedgehog mobians.

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