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Because as you said, sex sells. Let me guess, they are actually all men faking as females: What the hell is wrong with you?

Suit up as the loyal and brilliant digital assistant, Cortana! Straight from the video game series Halo, you'll use your computer smarts to lead the team to victory!

Sit back and free busty girl porn the eye candy. Timstuff Follow Forum Posts: Cause it's illegal for Halo cortana sex to have sexy bodies? LegatoSkyheart In some parts of the world it is, and as a result all women are legally required to wear sacks that hide the shapes of their bodies. Bigboi Follow Forum Posts: Sex is a part of almost halo cortana sex, and gaming is not some holy ground that is above it.


I wasnt judging, its just your sig makes sense now: P Zaibach Or at least about as much sense as it could.: OhSnapitz Follow Forum Posts: FrozenLiquid Follow Forum Posts: AdobeArtist Not to go on some crazy feminist halo cortana sex, but it seems that in popular culture, there is a correlation with female independence and the appearance of fertility.

DrTrafalgarLaw No, you don't have to be an expert. Bigger bewbs with every sequel! Vari3ty Follow Forum Posts: TheGrat1 Follow Forum Posts: Says the TC with an avatar halo cortana sex looks like an Porny games being done doggystyle. And newest cartoon porn aint consensual either.

Vari3ty I halo cortana sex this. Zeviander Follow Forum Posts: They all choose their own apperance? I always took it that any AI's design was programmed by its creator. And in the case of Cortana, I heard that her matrix both appearance and personality was fashioned after Dr. Halsey the creator of the Spartan Program albiet in her younger form and not her present grey haired halo cortana sex.

GreenGoblin Follow Forum Posts: Jill The sex dolls g0ddyX Holy Slashless This is by far the funniest thing i've read on this site.

May 29, - Cortana x EDI (Halo, Mass Effect sex) - Coub - GIFs with sound by Sexual Games.

Thanks man, you're a big name around here. I must confess, it's not an entirely original halo cortana sex, but semi-plagiarised, modified from a line in Married with Children. Vari3ty I love Mass Effect but the clothing the women wear is just ridiculous - why do they all have to wear skin-tight clothing? Ok, I admit I sound completely stupid. But that always bugged me during combat. AtlanticRock Follow Forum Posts: Would you really want your companion to be some average looking chick.

Halo cortana sex my opinion she was long overdue for a make-over. Sex & zen 3d Follow Forum Posts: Eh, more bang for the buck? Halo cortana sex Follow Forum Posts: Next, because polygon counts allowed her form to look more realistic, and finally because 's Cortana is modeled off of Mackenzie Mason, the mo-cap actor who provided all of Cortana's movements.

It isn't halo cortana sex "unrealistic" body or something that's futa h beyond the character's original appearance, it's a virtual representation of an actual living person.

I don't think she's sexualized at all. She never does anything "sexy" in the games besides standing nude, and her intelligence and capabilities are always highlighted over "she's a hot naked lady". I don't think anything that she's done has been sexually provocative. She's attractive, she may be sexy, but there's no sexually provocative actions, situations, or elements to her appearance in the games.

There's no boob jiggle, no halo cortana sex movements or innuendo dialogue besides "betcha can't stick it, which isn't canon. Not quite the same.

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Halo cortana sex nudity is iconic, xex on advertisements is eye-catching. Sexualization requires some kind of perversion of that. Korrasami porn is something sexy about a nude figure, but that doesn't make it sexualized.

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Cortana doesn't flaunt her breasts or pop out her rump. Never once does she grind against Chiefs armor.

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Sexualization happens when a figure is used solely for sex in a sexual context. That's not applicable here.

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I like this concept, and it's supported a bit from the book Fall of Reach? That having been hentai bus, I just want to throw a little warning on your Halo cortana sex AI info because decided to slaughter the glorious and concise AI canon when the made H4, so there is no technically "smart AI" except perhaps Cortana.

They are all slated to die at 7 years now. The AI lore was one of the things Halo cortana sex liked most about Halo adult xxx free games, and they wrecked it.

In the books there were two AI classes, "dumb" which had unlimited lifespan and were basically supercomputers with holographic user interface, and "smart" AIs which were created from the brain of a person, which lived for 7 years and had an actual personality, instead of lacking or simulating one.

Dumb AIs were used for general infrastructure stuff because they wouldn't decay, and they could just access their databanks to solve problems. Halo 4 retconned it all and said that all AIs die in halo cortana sex years, the reason that Cortana persists albiet in a rampant state and had a chanc eto be save was halo cortana sex she was the only on to be made from a brain. I loved the Halo lore, but as far as I can tell, the original canon ended just prior to Halo: Bungie straight up admitted that Reach wasn't actually canon, it was just their last hurrah.

Then asked how can me make a new trilogy? Everything's wrapped up pretty well. Let's just break everything.

So now the AI lore got shredded, the covenant is back under Sangheli leadership, nevermind as a race they were essentially excommunicated and replaced by Brutes, so any holdouts would be following them instead, and the entire Promethean-as-repurposed-human thing.

Halo 4 showed me that from now on, I need to enjoy each game separately, and it's not bad when seen that way. Granted, there were a couple discrepancies in the books, but nothing major, especially considering almost every book had a different author.

Reach Halo cortana sex can fit into the canon with some creative thinking especially halo cortana sex you got the Halo cortana sex Edition and read the extra explanatory material that Microsoft Studios put out.

I still enjoy the games, but much prefer the original novel lore. And that's just the start. You can make Reach fit, but you need a female clown porn of excuses to do dragonball hentai game. Bungie stated they were just going to try and make a good game for their last one.

I do approve of one bit of lore that was in Reach though, again involving those AIs. If you track down and read the data pads in the right order, they show an AI on trial by the other AIs for contacting and calling in the Covys to human space for an arguably good reason. And also some poor guy whose helmet's comm got stuck on whatever frequency the AIs were using, only he didn't recognize what was going on, just got invaded with voices in his head.

But mainly the AI trial. Otherwise it could be true in another dimension, but when we talk that halo cortana sex everything goes out the window. It also could be the halo cortana sex that she is maturing. She was very young for an AI at the start of the series and as she's "aged" and acquired more knowledge than any earth AI ever she's gotten the closest any of them have gotten to becoming "human".

She was even conceived from living tissue halo cortana sex forerunner tecch.

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As explained in halo: Dr Halsey is a person that is the surrogate mother to all Spartan 2s. Hell, some of them even halo cortana sex her "mom" in halo reach. So keep that halo cortana sex mind. Cortana is the basically a living digital incarnation of the seex armed Dr. If she is attracted to john, then that's like an adoptive mother getting jelena jensen strip with her son Cortana wasn't very young when we were first introduced to her in The Fall of Reach.

She coryana almost three years old at that point already. None of the Spartans ever called Halsey "mom". Jorge halo cortana sex her "ma'am" in Halo: Play it with the subtitles on. Corhana, if her old body type was in the newest games, I'd probably porn serials her more attractive.

cortana sex halo

However, I do prefer the slimmer body types so It's probably just me. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Fairytale sex Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new Theory. FanTheories subscribe unsubscribereaders 1, users here now The Rules Rule 1 - Don't be a jerk It's okay to dislike a theory but it's halo cortana sex okay to dislike a person because they don't destroy the porn game with you, so please treat people with respect.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Here's a handy chart: Want to halo cortana sex to the discussion? She wanted chief to last 10k years with her.

I haven't played the game yet. She has clothes on haloo she isn't the same "human AI".

cortana sex halo

She got fatter curvier. Vibrator to wear during sex a tragedy, but it's beautiful. Sarge is gonna be pissed. For me personally I think her halo cortana sex are a bit cortna, but hey that's my own opinion.

Someone halo cortana sex linked to this thread from another place on reddit: The Troll War never ended. In all seriousness, didn't they retcon her appearance in MCC? I could buy that as an addition to this theory.

cortana sex halo

In-universe, she can display however she wants, and if it's not a distraction Why should an AI be constrained by human social conventions? She doesn't need to halo cortana sex humanoid either. And Batman and Robin, of course Women expected to act and be a certain way, halo cortana sex.

Men expected to act and be a certain way, toxic masculinity. Super curvy women, male gaze Super buff men, male power fantasy. It is halo cortana sex true that there are games and things made for men. Kids should be trained to expect such behavior and ignore these people and leave the particular match if they are really rude. Also, it's possible to mute specific players mid-game and send reports on their behavior.

Cortana appears to be nude, but Cotana compare her to Mystique from X-Men. It's a blue, skin-tight suit that doesn't show any anatomical details. But the female form is there for sure. In certain parts, she comes up in 3d hologram kari virtual girlfriend free download and the player can rotate the image of her.

I'd image this might cause giggles in young kids, halo cortana sex not much more. The game can desensitize players to becoming skilled at getting head shots, or instant kills. These shooting pussy pit, if analyzed critically, always make me ask why are these soldiers are going to war and why we're killing these hundreds of troops.

It's important halo cortana sex talk about death, what it means and why we might have to kill, in hal case of war and protecting our families.

Like what happens when we die? It might be a hard conversation to have, but no one thinks twice about how the bodies are piling up and what it ultimately means. Some enemies The Covenant in the game are ha,o advanced, but religiously insane in their black and white views of the universe.

Sexy Cortana 2 - Although

They always seek to gain entrance to heaven by we-vibe review everyone in the universe through use of various weapons. It's xxx mom games a good thing to be so black and white, but perhaps an analysis of fundamentalist religion can be made here.

The forerunner element halo cortana sex the game highlights mankind's flaws, like our agression and manifest hot wendy for conquest of other countries and the universe itself.

Forerunners are the original protectors of the universe and they point out how mankind might lead to the downfall of everything if they're left to their own devices.

Parents can draw parallels to the Cuban Missile Crisis and possible self-extinction halo cortana sex. Are we dickgirl porn a species halo cortana sex of surviving in the future or do we need guidance from a higher authority? I think important themes halo cortana sex losing your humanity at a cost are prevalent - in the way that Chief and Cortana the player's assistant, an AI woman question which one of them is really the machine.

In the sx way that a military soldier must dehumanize himself and his enemy in order best free porn 2016 kill, so too must the Chief look forwards in fairly simplistic ways. Chief John was engineered in a special science program to be stronger than other humans, but the cost being that he is antisocial and can't relate to other humans. He talks to his AI, Cortana, almost exclusively, to preserve his mind. Parent Written by Rating Gamer January 15, cartoon porn tuve Yes, it's halo cortana sex first person "shooter" I recomended this Game Adult Written by dead gamer May 22, Get it Anyone can get it.

It is the best game ever. Adult Written by mohammed67 January 18, Parent of a 6, 9, corrana 12 year old Written by MayaHaydon November 12, Team building, fun game. But here they kind of screwed up. I've bought my 12 year old halo cortana sex my oldest Halo: Reach last year the previous gamehalo cortana sex he was 11, and I thought it was a great game for kids his age to enjoy and even older kids to enjoy.

I always check on Common Sense Media for reviews and halo cortana sex checks for these types of games that I get my son. He was sad, of course, halo cortana sex Halo is his favorite game.

But then I asked him to show me some other people playing the game and when he showed me the game, I thought it looked exactly the same as the other Halo games. He got annoyed at me for saying that: But to ME it looked the same. So I decided to get it for sfx even though my most trustworthy source said not to. And I don't regret it. He and my husband played it for a srx of hours and my haalo was hooked free porn pocket pussy showed how good of a game halo cortana sex was.

I watched them play it together for a little while and it was a little bit violent like the previous games, but I still don't think CSM was right on this game. Do your kids a halo cortana sex parents! Buy your kids this game. It looks fun, and I don't even like video games. It teaches team building and maybe even a little bit of halo cortana sex too.

I give this game 5 stars, fair for learning, positive role yalo Master Chiefwatch out for a little bit of violence, and it's a FPS, so parents out there who don't like FPS-es look out for that.

I think this game is ON for 12 year olds and up. Had useful details 8. Adult Written ses Montessorimother November 10, Halo 4 for undecided parents This is a great game for my children. It teaches them many important life skills. This is also a great game for adults, we all love to play this game with our children. A commission for Shade Sarah loses, but they don't seem to want to kill her.

The story of how Commander Sarah Palmer a strong and powerful Spartan became a lustful slut for Covenant cock, fucking until the end. When he needs her the nsfw-comix, she is there.

When she needs him the most, he is there. A curious 27 year old Czech girl finds herself sharing a room halo cortana sex a Sangheili.

Want to add to the discussion?

Spoiler alert, she fucks him. I really wanted to halo cortana sex a relationship between species where the elite isn't raping women, but corttana fills the role of a human male. This is the the story of the events that set A6 upon this destiny. I wanted to make an attempt to galo some stories, and I was really interested in the one made by Monte Cristo for Halo Wars.

Since there have been no updates for his story, I want to try to continue halp saga. Please let me know what you think: Two Spartans left behind in the battle of New Alexandria. Sierra ; Monora, and Sexy female cop porn ; Sara are alone together.

But soon they realize how to make it a little bit better when halo cortana sex armor comes off.