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Growing bold, Big Mac moved Luna faster on his twitching cock as she rocked back and forth with him, and she began to mlp luna sex out shallow, shaking moans as she once again supported herself against his chest with her hands. Big Mac was more than happy to comply with her wishes.

Abandoning some of his restraint, he began to bring her hips higher with each thrust out before firmly slamming her back down at a more brisk pace. Luna's mlp luna sex grew louder and more frequent, with the occasional squeal of ecstasy whenever the head of his cock hit against her cervix, sending shivers through her being as her feverish moaning began to mix with her quickening, shallow pants.

She was starting to lose control, her hips beginning to follow through all on their own with each rise and fall as Big Mac bucked her, to some surprise to the farm stallion. Feeling lesbian orgasoms beginning mlp luna sex lose more to his own lust as well, Big Mac quickly withdrew his hands from her m,p and opted to take a firm mlp luna sex of Luna's lucious midnight blue and black-sploched flanks in each of his hands, kneading her soft flesh in his callused grip and eliciting a gasp from the princess.


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While Luna and Big Mlp luna sex were lost in their own lust-filled world, Celestia had managed to sneak into the warm waters mlp luna sex the bath and behind Luna's back, a devious smirk on her face and in her eyes. She then suddenly, yet gently, grabs at Luna's chest and pulls her back against herself, sitting her straight up while she gropes her breasts and forcing her to bounce on Millennium war aigis hentai Mac's cock at an angle.

Luna gasped in surprise, immediately going mlp luna sex to moaning happily while quickly looking back to Celestia. As he looked up, he was completely taken by the sight of Celestia groping Luna, the sight only mlp luna sex him more and driving him further into a lust-filled state.

She then playfully tweaked Luna's dark blue nipples, eliciting a yelp and moan from her younger sister and ultimately bending her to her will. Celestia let out a playful chuckle before looking down at Big Mac, her cheeks slightly flushed as her sinsister grin loomed. Did she not ask you to take her? Luna could only pant and moan while being double-teamed by both Big Mac and Celestia as she looked mlp luna sex to her once good pov porn. Though she won't say it, Luna enjoyed having them being treated so harshly, and was contemplating why Big Mac never took to ravaging her breasts.

Mlp luna sex her cum while she screams your name for more. Big Mac swallowed dryly at Celestia's taunt, free sex movies free download losing his pace with Luna but for the first time he began to doubt. Seeing his uncertainty, Celestia turned her attention to Luna, who was lost in a pleasure-induced daze.

Go ahead and tell him what you really want. Celestia twerkd her nipples again, making Luna squeal again. Luna gasped again and panted heavily, unable to take the pleasurable torment anymore.

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Please, we have waited for far too long for you! Be the Alpha male power girl anal have been so patient for and make us yours! Big Mac was astonished, not just from Luna's forced outburst, which made up most of it, but also by how Celestia managed to force it out of her so quickly and easily.

It was also the final straw that finally broke Big Mac, and he decided that he would throw all mannerisms to the wind along with the last of his restraint. If free online adults games for pc wanted an Alpha male, then he was going to give them one, mlp luna sex his name wasn't Big Macintosh Apple.

But before Luna could even respond, not that she could to begin with, Big Mac suddenly stopped. He gave a heated flare from his nostrils, gaining the attention of the two princesses as they eyed him curiously, and he furrowed his brow and stared sternly at them, a crook of a grin at hanging at the edge of his lips. He let out a drawn out groan as he mlp luna sex out of Luna, until only his flard head was left inside her. Big Mac gripped Luna's flanks hard before he slammed her down with little mercy, bottoming out instantly and letting out a deep, mlp luna sex groan.

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Luna screamed in ecstasy, having nearly came from just that glorious thrust, but before she could collect herself he was already repeating the process, pulling mlp luna sex of her until only the head was left and slamming back in. Celestia immediately backed away and watched the spectacle of her sister being rutted hard, a little surprised at Big Mac's sudden change, yet at the same time aroused by it.

Luna was in mlo bliss as Big Mac dominated her. No, he was beyond that; he owned her! Mlp luna sex no longer felt that she had any control, his firm luma on her flanks mlp luna sex preventing her from doing anything while also guiding her as mlp luna sex impaled her over and over again, and she absolutely loved it. Pussy sexy girls for the first time in decades, Luna had briefly forgotten everything about her title as Princess; right now, she felt like any other mare who was with her mate as they bucked and rutted each other like animals into that unspeakable plane of happiness.

All the while, Big Mac was more than happy to finally be able to go all out with Luna, grunting and groaning as he marked aedollon porn as his own. The few mares that he went this far with would've normally told him that he was being too rough, having to slow down some lest he hurt the poor peach spanking.

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mlp luna sex But the trade-off with finally being able to be as mlp luna sex as he wanted with Luna, and possibly with Celestia later as well, was being able to reach new heights lunq pleasure that he download full sex video he couldn't reach before with another. But such a trade would come at a cost, and Big Mac could feel a burning sensation starting build in the base of his stallionhood as he was quickly building up to his second orgasm of the evening.

But he had to stick it out, wait until he could satisfy Luna first before mlp luna sex could allow himself to.

Despite discarding his restraint and his manners towards them as Princesses, he still had his personal morals to them sdx ladies, as a gentlecolt and a stallion. Luna felt her own orgasm begin to build within herself as well, and it was coming quickly. But she mlp luna sex want to cum by herself, she's done that high tail hall already, and so she dug her nails into hynotized porn skin to gain his attention as she looked down at him.

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But Big Mac understood what she was trying to say, and answered her with a nod. Luna's eyes lit up as he submissive games this, and she golem hentai once more to collect what was left rebecca sex her self so she could give him the mlp luna sex coherant statement she so desperately wanted out.

Normally this would the moment Big Mac would question any other mare whether or not they were absolutely sure they really wanted that, more for their sakes rather than his own. But Luna wasn't just any other mare, she's proven that to the farm stallion time and time again in just this one night alone.

With the last of his doubts gone, he then lifted himself off simpsons fucking the stone floor, sitting up and wrapping his arms around Luna's waist, holding her hips down as he shifted to short, powerful thrusts into her. Luna wrapped her arms around Big Mac's neck as she anticipated their end, grinding herself into his mlp luna sex as he picked up more and more mlp luna sex, and the two stared deeply into each other's eyes.

After several moments Big Luja had finally reached his zex, and with one final thrust he groaned loudly as he held Luna down as firmly as he could and released his seed.

Luna screamed in orgasmic bliss as she felt mmlp hot load pour past her cervix and into her waiting womb, staining it white and mlp luna sex her own powerful orgasm that washed over her again and again with waves of pent-up pleasure as her love tunnel tightend and convulsed around Big Mac's member, milking her stallion for all he had, and drenching his crotch with a mix of their love juices.

Big Mac quickly sealed her lips with a kiss to stifle her screams, the lunar princess accepting it and even kissing back feverishly as she continued to let mlp luna sex muffled screams of ecstasy.

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The two mlp luna sex their tight embrace as they rode out their orgasms, Luna's screams drowning to muffled mlp luna sex with Big Mac giving several thrusts as he continued to give Luna load after hot load of his seed, until they were both spent. Exhaustion quickly took bio cock intimate of the two lovers, and Big Mac quickly fell back onto the stone floor with Luna right on top of him.

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The kiss they shared broke upon his impact, allowing the two to let out heavy pants for fresh mlp luna sex as they rested. Big Mac's member became limp enough where Luna could remove it, though she wished she never had to, and with what strength she had she slid off of him, his cock giving a slight pop as it exited her, and laid on her side next to him with an arm mlp luna sex his chest.

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Meanwhile Celestia saw the entire moment they shared pass by within a few seconds, nearly cumming herself as mlp luna sex stroked her marehood the more intense they became. She approached them after allowing some time to pass, her impatience now growing sexy topless anime girls her own time with the red stallion, but stopped and gave a light gasp at the state her sister was in.

Neither Big Mlp luna sex nor Luna were aware of this just yet, but Celestia noticed that her younger sister's belly had become distended just from Big Mac's seed alone, which was now slowly trailing out of her spent pussy.

Lina for the first time, Celestia began to feel the mlp luna sex impatient, sexual longing that Luna had posessed at the beginning of the evening, her cheeks growing warm along with her nethers and the rest of her body, and for the first time legitimately became luba of her younger sister. But even as her body began to go into a heated frenzy, she still knew that she had to get Big Erotic porn online back to rutting condition, and swx with her devious mind she turned her full attention to the exhausted Luna.

While Big Mac was mlp luna sex recovering, Celestia approached Luna, and when she reached her she immediately dug her muzzle and tongue into mp sister's drooling marehood, mlp luna sex up every drop of the stallion's seed that was escaping her for her own.

This elicited tired moans from the lunar princess, which caused her to roll onto her back and gained Big Mac's attention. Big Mac was once again surprised twerking porn the sight before him, despite the string of actions the two have done with each other over the course of the evening, and felt his blood beginning to slowly return to his member.

Celestia continued to pleasure Luna for a few moments more before she finally stopped, then pulled herself up and out of the warm waters of the bath and on top of her, straddling her as she pressed her waist against Luna's belly. She gave her sister a playful grin, which Luna returned with one of her own, tired as she may be, when she saw her muzzle half-covered in Big Mac's mlp luna sex.

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You're old enough fairy tail mirajane nude know the importance mlp luna sex. Celestia then planted a kiss on Luna's lips, the two quickly entangling their tongues with one another as Celestia took her turn to mouth-feed Luna Big Mac's seed. Luna and Celestia moaned happily as they kissed, neither swallowing immediately as they relished their prize within their tongues, both taking a simultaneous quick glance towards Big Mac to make sure he was watching.

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Much to their enjoyment he was, a look of shock lightly painted on his face as adult video online watched them make out only pleasing them more, and their eyes locked with his as they intensified their little session for a moment longer before separating from his gaze and from mlp luna sex other's kiss.

A mlp luna sex grew on Celestia's lips before she gave her sister a tender kiss on her cheek. She then turned her attention to Big Mac, mlp luna sex grin growing ever more as she made her way off of Luna, and sensually crawled on top of him. She rested the length of her body against his, her free rape bondage videos firmly pressed against his chest, as she trailed mlp luna sex fingers gently across the left side of mllp face.

He paused for a moment before he leaned into the kiss, propping himself up by his right elbow, while feeling through Celestia's etheral mane with his esx hand. He prodded around her lips with his tongue, and she was more than happy to open her mouth and allow him in.

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hot furrys She moaned softly as his tongue played with hers, and started to feel up and down Big Mac's sides, trailing the tips of her mlp luna sex against his coat and skin, before wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him in more. After several more seconds Celestia released herself from Big Mac, the two of them gently panting, before she grinned and slid down and off of him, returning to the water and beckoning him to join her.

Big Mac slid over the edge and into the bath, the immediate sensation of burning against his skin quickly melting away as his body adjusted, and joined Celestia as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed srx again, pulling her in. Celestia gave a light giggle through his kiss that was followed by a wex moan as she wrapped her arms around his neck again. The two shared their moment for a few seconds before Big Dick in vagina sex mlp luna sex it, a confident grin forming at the edge of his lips as he stared deeply into Celestia's beautiful rosey eyes, before taking a handful of her flank.

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She jumped a bit in surprise, then slowly grinned at him. Big Mac continued to hold this air of confidence around him as he answered her.

Celestia couldn't help but quiver at his words, his mlp luna sex now seeming to peer into sexx, as if mlp luna sex bend her to his will, and it was working. She didn't dex whether he was just playing the Alpha male or if he was being legitimate, she didn't care as she wished with all her heart that he didn't stop. Celestia's heart nearly skipped a beat, and she couldn't help but coo with anticipation as she felt his cheek.

Big Mac's grin grew mlp luna sex, then motioned his head towards the edge of the bath. Ah wanna see yer mlp luna sex good an' high. Big Mac watched her and her swinging the best anime porn ever with a smug grin on his face, but on the inside he was freaking out more than a nerd meeting his sci-fi hero in person at a convention.

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Lois griffin hentai video still couldn't mlp luna sex that Princess Celestia, the Goddess of the Sun, was bending to his will like she was some free-way floosy who sold her virtue for two Bits a pop.

But even though things were going better than anything he luuna ever fantasized, and she asking him to not refer to her mlp luna sex Princess and even rut her, he still wanted to make sure he wasn't stepping on her toes, figuratively or literally.

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Such thoughts were quickly forgotten when she finally reached the edge of the bath, and being as sensual as possible she lowered herself slowly mlp luna sex arched her back so her perfectly white flank would pop out more, before turning to look mlp luna sex at him lustfully.

Big Mac took the hint and approached her, and when he came close enough he took a generous handful of both sides of her psp porn games, kneading the perfectly toned yet soft flesh in his hands and eliciting soft moans from the solar princess.

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Celestia gave him a confused luns, but before she could ask another question he released his hold on her flanks, then leaned in and took hold of Celestia's perfect tits in each hand, groping them firmly. Celestia's eyes mlp luna sex wide porn breasts her cheeks grew red from Big Mac's sudden attack and confession, but then they ssex half-lidded as she moaned loudly and happily from mll massaging hands, arching her back more so he would have better access to them.

He was incredibly skilled, his calloused hands and delicate touch a testiment to his experiences of the many luuna as a farm stallion; rough sexx not mlp luna sex gentle, groping and kneading her pearly white globes in just mlp luna sex right ways to elicit the most heated moans and pants from her.

She clamped her eyes shut and yelped, followed by louder moans, when she felt his heavily futanari hentai tumblr fingers begin to pinch and rub her sensitive nipples between them, feeling as though she were being teased with soft sand paper, and squirmed under him despite little room mlp luna sex gave her. Big Mac withdrew his right hand from Celestia's breast, she giving a whimper of mlp luna sex, and pulled aside aex ever-flittering prismatic hair, exposing her neck.

He then began to slowly leave a trail of soft kisses down the length of her spine, starting from the back of her left ear and trailing down the back of her neck. Celestia shivered with each soft peck, his lips sending small jolts up and down her being and leaving a small burning sensation where they last made contact with her skin, burning embers that only escalated her heated passions.

My Little Pony

He continued to leave a trail of kisses until he stopped at the large of her back, just in-between her shoulder blades and ssex, when a thought popped into his head.

Finding that now was the perfect opportunity, he took back his other hand and raeched for Celestia's left mlp luna sex.

luna sex mlp

Celestia was cut off when her mass effect 3d hentai grew wide and she let out a loud moan as Big Mac began to gently stroke at luja base of her wing bone, then mp out more as he glided his fingers down the length of her wing towards the tips of her perfectly white feathers.

Untold pleasures wracked Celestia's body without mercy, his klp touches alone sending her into a whimpering fit as kuna trembled. Alicorn wings are lunq as sensitive as a pegasus's. Celestia's eyes mlp luna sex, knowing that she was mlp luna sex trouble. If Big Mac zero suit foxy had experience with pegasus mares before, then that meant She was thrown into another untold wave of pleasure before she could finish pleading as Big Mac continued to gently stroke and play with Celestia's wing, her squeals of pleasure echoing into the night.

As her left wing continued to be assaulted by Big Mac's touch, her right began to ruffle as it slowly began to rise on it's own, and Celestia felt her cheeks burn crimson. Before long, mlp luna sex other wing was now fully outstretched and se, exposing her wingboner to Big Mac and embarassing her to no end. But instead of some sny remark, Big Mac said nothing as he apparently tended to the other wing, both hands now working mlp luna sex the base of each of her wing bones and launching Celestia into untold pleasures as she squealed and whimpered in absolute bliss, her eyes nearly rolling back in her head as her tongue hung out with a mlp luna sex of her drool escaping the corner of mlp luna sex mouth.

She was losing her mind, and if Big Mlp luna sex continued his assault on her mlp luna sex wings like fursuit female porn was she would not only cum hard, but she could possibly even faint before she could have the chance to experience his stallionhood plow into her marehood and fill her esx he sexx Luna.

Big Mac then suddenly eased off of her wings, and the solar princess went free x stories as she panted for air, her wings still splayed wide out but laying on either side of her.

She remained that way for what felt like an eternity before she felt the familiar and wwwsexe kiss of Big Mac's lips as he resumed to trail down her spine and towards her flank. She wanted to confront him, saying that teasing her wings like he did was nowhere near as cruel as what she did to her younger sister, but she was so weak from wingplay, as well as her growing arousal from his dirty talk aex as he came closer to her nethers, that she would allow it to slide, for now.

sex mlp luna

mlp luna sex When Big Mac finally reached her marehood, he took pause as he mlp luna sex, her puffy pink lips twitching poern free dribbling her love juices down her thighs from having her wings played with.

He took the moment to revel in the fact that he was about to eat out a princess's pussy, and so with a quick glance to the heavens and a small prayer to the Goddess above for such a divine meal, he returned his attention back to Celestia and began to plant soft kisses against her lower lips.

Celestia let out heated sighs as Big Mac planted several soft kisses against her marehood, having them escelate to soft moans as the pleasure from having him tend to her nethers beginning to outweigh the wingplay that nearly drove her insane. She bit down on her lower lip when he began mlp luna sex dig his muzzle into her, mlp luna sex hot breaths washing over her folds and sending shivers up her spine, yet she still felt no tongue teen titains sex him as he continued to tease her with his lips, and it was driving her crazy.

Big Mac felt he had waited long enough, and so with his left hand he took hold of Celestia's flank, her right thigh with the other, and used his thumb to slightly open her lower lips before he trailed the length of his tongue across her marehood slowly, savoring her flavor.

luna sex mlp

Celestia let out a soft gasp as she felt his tongue drag across her, releasing her lip for a moment before biting down on it mlp luna sex and moaning happily as she felt his tongue draw across it again. She thrusted her hips into his muzzle slightly, begging him for more, and he answered promptly as he started grazing into her folds as his tongue explored her. Celestia porn pin up her back as she let out a string of moans, groping her breast as Big Mac continued to take small xex into her inner folds, letting out an occasional gasp when she felt him take a sudden dive deep into her love tunnel.

Big Mac was enjoying himself as well, the solar mlp luna sex love juices being sweeter than fresh apple juice on his tongue as it flowed freely from her almost ulna, mlp luna sex him to go deeper and faster in his need for more.

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With his thumb no longer needed to hold her open, Big Mac would soon find a better use for it as he gently stroked it over Celestia's pearl. She let out a squeal and began to squirm out of reflex from his touch, mario toadette porn Big Mac's grip on her prevented her from squirming as he continued to bury his tongue in her while simultaneously pleasuring her sensitive nub, sending Celestia skyrocketing into Marevana and closer to her first orgasm of the night.

Big Mac complied and stayed his course, his tongue thrusting in and out of her while gently grinding at her pearl as he lapped up every glistening drop of Celestia's nectar. However, a thought came mlp luna sex him, and decided he wanted to try something, a trick he'd learned from a certain pink party pony back when he was secretly going out with her, and wanted to see if it would aex on a Hd olgun porno. He withdrew his tongue and moved his thumb aside, and before Celestia could protest he gently wrapped his lips around her sex in kitchen porn pearl and suckled at it, teasing it ever so slightly with the tip of his tongue.

It did the trick, and Celestia screamed as her orgasm hit her, and hit her hard. She released her love juices all over Big Mac's muzzle, who quickly mlp luna sex said muzzle into her marehood and worked his tongue at her as he attempted to both extend her orgasm and lap up mlp luna sex much of her juices he lluna drink. Celestia shuddered as wave after wave of mlp luna sex washed over her before she finally came down from her orgasmic high, with Big Mac withdrawing mlp luna sex tongue from her marehood and once again hovered over her and petted her cheek.

And for a brief moment Big Mac dropped his tough Lluna male persona for a moment as he bashfully smiled and scratched at his cheek. Celestia giggled as some of her strength returned. No stallion has ever made me cum like you just did.

luna sex mlp

A 18 19 anal smile began to grow on Big Mac's face, as well as Celestia's. She then lifted herself up from the hard cobblestone ground and, using her flank to both tease Big Mac's member and push him back, stood up and rubbed her elbows and arms, a mlp luna sex sore from being on top of hard stone for so long.

She then rested her hands against the edge of the bath, lunq looked back at Big Mac with a sultry grin as she gave her flank a small teasing shake.

Mlp luna sex Mac grinned as he nodded and approached her.

luna sex mlp

Ah still gotta mark ya as mah woman. Break my royal cunt with your massive stallionhood and mark me with your Apple seed. Make it so no other stallion can ever hope to satisfy me! It was all the encouraging that he needed, and in nearly one swift motion, released Celestia's teat and gripped her hips, shifting her so his member aligned with her lower lips, and pressed his flared head against her.

Celestia let out a heated sigh as his second head grinded mlp luna sex her marehood, demanding entrance despite her open welcome to be ravaged.

He grunted a bit in frustration, then took hold of his member as he pulled Celestia in closer, to which she happily complied, and gritted his teeth as he massaged his flared head against her sopping lower mlp luna sex, lina juices slicking him enough to where he finally felt himself penetrate. Much mlp luna sex Luna, Celestia gasped and tensed when he felt him enter her, taken by elastigirl nude by his mlp luna sex.

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