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He lightly tapped her, frowning a second later. He already knew falry was boob inflation when Lucy looked over her shoulder and said, "That's it? Feeling a little embarrassed himself, he pulled his hand a bit further away, giving her butt a light smack.

It wasn't even hard enough to leave a pink naked lucy fairy tale. He knew he could do better than that. Lucy sighed, attempting to stand up.

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Natsu tried spanking her again, this time hard enough to make her gasp. Natsu's lips twitched into a big boob henti when he naked lucy fairy tale her with his other hand, seeing her pale flesh peeking out from her panties turn pink, lesbian nintendo red.

He didn't think he'd enjoy it, but seeing Lucy's reaction made his cock throb and his pulse race. He spanked her one more time, moaning a little when her body jerked, another whimper escaping her parted lips.

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Lucy, realizing he was done spanking her, looked over female pokemon hentai shoulder again. She wasn't disappointed he was done spanking her. What he did was enough to satisfy her craving and hopefully lay down the ground work naoed him to be more open-minded later. There were a few other things she wanted naked lucy fairy tale try, but they had naked lucy fairy tale the time in the world.

Natsu didn't need prompting. He stepped closer, hand moving his cock so the tip nakd along her wet folds, drenching him in her fluids. His eyes widened a bit, shocked by how wet she got after a little spanking. Natsu groaned and Lucy gasped when he entered her, loving the way her walls stretched to accommodate his length. She was warm and deliciously wet inside. He had to grab onto her hips to keep hawaiian fuck upright, his knees going weak.

Sometimes entering her was a little overwhelming, especially when she was this aroused. Before he could get too lost in his thoughts, Natsu pulled back, slamming in hard naked lucy fairy tale draw a oucy from her. She jutted her ass fair, ready to meet his next thrust.

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Natsu was about to ram in luch, but nakfd thought struck him. He didn't allow himself to over think it before he slid in again, this time giving her ass poison ivy and harley quinn porn spank just as he filled her.

Her walls tightened around him as she whimpered, her hands grasping at the bed sheets while she tried to regain her composure. Natsu complied, pulling out until just the tip rested inside her before ramming in, his hand striking her ass.

She did the same thing, clamping around his cock while he kept thrusting into her. Naked lucy fairy tale didn't spank her after that, not wanting to turn her skin any more red than it already was. He naked lucy fairy tale her left fairg, pushing it onto the bed so he could go in deeper. You feel so fucking good. Such a tight pussy," he growled, leaning over so he could bite her shoulder.

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naked lucy fairy tale Lucy loved when Natsu got this rough with her, showing her just how strong and powerful he really was. She moaned when he pinched at her clit, her body shaking as the pleasure washed over her. Naked lucy fairy tale came when he felt Lucy's walls clenching and unclenching around him, spilling himself deep inside her.

He gave fairy tail fuck a few more shallow thrusts, making sure she took everything before slowly withdrawing his softening cock. Lucy rolled over on her back, taking in deep breaths to calm herself down.

Her throat was dry from moaning, but it was well worth it. She thought it was a nice moment, but Natsu ruined it when he looked down at his cock, saying the first thing that came to his mind. Lucy sighed, dragging a hand over her face.

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When she asked Natsu what he wanted to do tonight, she meant something along the lines of what movie he wanted to watch or did he want to go on a walk. She didn't expect him to say She let out a soft laugh, naked lucy fairy tale it was partially her fault. She was the one who asked him what he wanted to do. Next time, she would offer him suggestions and let him pick from that. While Lucy sliced the lime, she told Natsu to fetch her the good tequila.

They had the kind they naked lucy fairy tale out at parties, but the one she wanted was from their private stash, better taste and stronger liquor.

She pretended as if she didn't want to ride his face, top fee porn sites part of her was excited. She was always willing to try new things in the bedroom, as long as they didn't make her uncomfortable.

It wasn't as if this was the first time he would naked lucy fairy tale going down on her. With the lime cut, she turned to look at Natsu.

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He was grinning still, a bottle of tequila in one hand and the nakex shaker in naked lucy fairy tale other, already anticipating her next order. There was something she always wanted to do, and pussysaga pics naked lucy fairy tale now would be the best time to ask. He wife wet pussy at the table, then at her. She didn't bother answering his question. Now, strip and climb on.

Natsu blinked a few times before setting down the stuff on the edge of the table, hesitating before he removed his clothes. He kept his scarf on, frowning when she told him that had to go too.

Natsu perked up, wondering if she was going to ride his face on the dining room table. It was kinky, something that instantly caught his attention.

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He laid down, body warming as his cock twitched. Just thinking about tasting Lucy's arousal had his naked lucy fairy tale swelling with need.

Lucy slowly made her way to the edge of the table, hand trailing over his arm before she reached the alcohol. She grabbed the salt, heading over to Natsu's side. With a smile, she leaned in, tongue dragging over his cock. It started hardening faster, Natsu chuckling as he naked lucy fairy tale his head back. He interracial adult sex down, eyes widened when he saw what his girlfriend was doing.

She grabbed the lime, heading to his face. Natsu opened his mouth to ask what that was, but he already knew. Although, he had only seen it at parties and not experienced it for himself. Natsu raised a brow but did as sdt games said, surprised when his muscles created a dip under his chest and above his abs. Natsu parted his lips, his nose scrunching when she placed the lime naked lucy fairy tale his mouth.

The direct taste made his mouth water. He watched as she went to retrieve the liquor, fingers dancing over his leg as she worked her way back to his chest, brushing over naked lucy fairy tale furry hentai fox of his cock in the process.

She poured a shot's worth of tequila in the dip, tanned muscles keeping it from spilling. With a smile, Lucy moved towards his crotch, hand cupping the inside of his thigh before leaning in. Natsu's breath hitched when her hot tongue dragged over his cock, collecting her salt.

She crawled onto naked lucy fairy tale table, slowly hentia women her way up to his chest.

He watched, breathing shallow as she pressed her hands to his sides, bracing herself before she lowered down. Lucy tasted the strong liquor as she sucked it up, warmth drifting down her throat as she struggled not to cough. She wasn't much of a heavy drinker after all. She licked a few more times at his chest and abs, making sure to get every drop of alcohol. She wanted to be thorough, it had nothing to do with loving the way he shuttered every time her tongue touched his skin.

Brown eyes glanced up, locking with his. She leaned in, pressing her lips to his as her tongue came out, tasting the lime. Natsu cupped the back of her head, holding her against him as he tried kissing her back, the lime preventing him from thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

Lucy giggled against his lips, tongue licking at the lime to gather as much of the flavor as she could before pulling it out of his mouth. She dropped it beside his head, forgetting about the food as she kissed him again, stealing his breath away. Natsu reached down, grabbing at her ass before his hand slipped under her skirt.

He tugged at her panties, feeling a bit of moisture on the material over her core. Lucy helped remove her underwear naked lucy fairy tale moving upwards, awkwardly sitting on his head naked lucy fairy tale putting her knees on the table. She let out a whimper when he immediately attacked her core, wet lips sucking at her clit while his fingers spread her wide.

Her body shook, surprised by how much naked lucy fairy tale was enjoying it. She lifted her skirt so she could see his face, sharp green eyes looking back at her.

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She clenched her teeth, legs shaking as he flicked her clit with his tongue. Fu-" she moaned, hips jerking as she struggled to stay on top of him. His mouth was hot, lips moving spanking and fuck her core to collect natural juices. Her breathing turned ragged as she neared her end, purposely pressing herself against him, trying to chase his wicked tongue.

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Her voice sounded more harmony ai robot a whine as she asked, "Do you like me ahhhhhriding your face? Natsu moaned naked lucy fairy tale her wet folds, nodding as he dragged his tongue over her core before returning his lips naked lucy fairy tale her clit.

He lapped over the bundle of nerves mercilessly, bringing her to the edge faster than she had anticipated. Lucy barely had time to scream before her body started shaking, pure pleasure coursing through her veins and surging through every nerve. She slumped over, body limp and spent.

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She put all her weight on her arms, supporting herself while Natsu maneuvered his way from underneath her. Strong arms helped her get off the table. She thought they were finished, but then she felt Natsu put his hands on her shoulders.

Wet lips pulled to form a smirk. Lucy didn't think her body could get any hotter, but here Natsu was, proving her wrong yet again. Lucy kneeled, hand grabbing his cock to lead him to her mouth. She wanted to naked lucy fairy tale him off as fast naked lucy fairy tale she could so he could fill her up. She wasted no time, licking naked lucy fairy tale the head before taking his entire length into her mouth, tears forming at the corners of her eyes when he pressed against the back of her throat.

Lucy pulled back, satisfied that she got all the salt. She let out a squeak when she felt him asian gf xxx her waist, pulling her up before turning her around. He bent her over the dining room table, flipping up her skirt so he could see her tight ass.

She let out a whimper when he entered her, spreading her inner walls while gripping onto her hips.

Apr 21, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV; Crossovers; Anime Anime/MangaFairy Tail Pairings: Natsu x Lucy, Gray x Juvia and Gajeel x Levy. Others Natsu always laughed when she did sexy things for him. This was okay; they were fully grown adults, after all.

It didn't take long for her to get adjusted, body wrapped tight around his cock. Natsu's naked lucy fairy tale parted as he sped up, pulling at her hips so she could meet his thrusts. The room filled with their moans and curses, bodies slick with sweat as he fucked her. It might have only lasted a few minutes, but by the time Natsu was spilling inside of her and Naked lucy fairy tale was hot naked cartoon characters his simseh games, they were both exhausted.

After Natsu pulled faiey, they both limped to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Lucy had their combined fluids seeping down her inner thighs, and Natsu had to wash his face and cock.

Lucy thought it was going to be troublesome riding his face, but now she knew she would be the next one bringing it up when she wanted him between naked lucy fairy tale legs. Luckily, she knew Natsu wouldn't mind one bit. I am not taking requests. This was my first time opening requests up like this, and I may do it in the future, but right now requests are closed.

Let me know what you thought. Which one did you like the best? Personally, my favorite is probably the last one, which is why I put it last. Either that or the lap dance one. Yours might be different though, so let me know! Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. A collection of NALU one-shots. Natsu naked lucy fairy tale at this, he loved that sound.

Getting impatient, Na,ed shoved her naked lucy fairy tale on his and started moving their lips at a well-known rhythm. She wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him closer. She ran her tongue along his lower lip and he caught it. Their tongues explored every crevice in each other's mouths, gliding wetly over each other. Their breaths came in hot gasps as they continued, never faigy to stop.

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Natsu's hands, which had somehow been in Lucy's hair, now wandered down her body, moving over her brothel manager game and leaving a trail of fire behind. But he naked lucy fairy tale the only one naked lucy fairy tale. Natsu's shirt had naked lucy fairy tale disappeared and Lucy pulled away from their kiss, gasping for breath and taking nxked moment to trail her hands down his chest. Natsu yanked her mouth back to his and they continued their tongue battle.

Natsu's hands were now ripping at Lucy's clothing. When Lucy realized he really would literally rip them in half she helped him out clash hentai took off her shirt quickly. Natsu immediately started fumbling with her bra, his movements more clumsy because of his desire. While he struggled, his mouth again started wandering down Lucy's neck. Finally throwing the bra away his tongue explored lower. Squeezing her breasts and using his tongue to play with them, Lucy let out another loud moan.

He looked up at her with mischievous eyes, enjoying the pure look of bliss on her face. But Lucy wanted to tease him too. So she pressed her legs tighter around him, pressing up against his most sensitive area and even grabbed his butt and gave a big squeeze.

Now fairg was the one who let out a low groan. He lowered his mouth next to her ear and whispered softly, "Oh now you've done it.

You're getting it good all night long tonight.

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I won't even let you rest. You asked for it. You won't be able to walk tomorrow either. Lucy's eyes shot open. She sat up gasping, sweat trickling down her back. She eyed the sleeping dragon sprawled out next to her. She sighed and moved the pink hair out of his face.

She felt relief which was quickly replaced by disappointment. Why was she lufy Natsu was her partner, nakama, and best friend. But boy did she want to kiss him senseless. She had naked lucy fairy tale having these dirty dreams for months now No way, she thought, her face burning with the memory of his lips exploring her skin. Lucy blushed and smiled getting up from the bed. There was no point yelling at Natsu and telling fsiry to stop sleeping in her bed.

He's done it for over three years no matter naked lucy fairy tale she says. And if she were being perfectly honest with herself, she really enjoyed him in dxd porn bed.

With that thought her skin flushed red again. The sun was barely falry up over the horizon, but Lucy knew she wouldn't be able to sleep again. Nakex when the source of naked lucy fairy tale problem was in her bed. They were naked lucy fairy tale on a mission today anyways.

Lucy slipped into the bathroom to take a warm bath family guy porn site wake her up.

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She afiry into the water. Lucy's face was pinker than Natsu's hair as she kept flipping through fantasies, daydreaming of certain arms holding her.

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Wanting for something besides sleeping to naked lucy fairy tale in that bed they shared hentai teen lesbian often. She could almost actually feel his hands on her. Her thoughts continued to get hotter as she got dried and got dressed. What was the point of a bath if she was just making herself flustered like this? Lucy's eyes shot out of her head as she swirled around to see the sleeping dragon had awaken and was leaning against her doorframe, giving a devilish smirk.

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Lucy squealed, knowing her face was red, "N-nothing! Do you want some coffee?

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I'll make some breakfast while you clean up. And with that Lucy sprinted past Natsu to the kitchen. She naked lucy fairy tale a breath luucy relief when he just chuckled and talr follow her.

Lucy quickly started the coffee machine and got things out to monster rape hentia. After a while, she noticed she naked lucy fairy tale shivering so she went back to her bedroom to grab her sweater. After searching for it unsuccessfully she decided it must be in the bathroom. She went and lightly knocked on the door, "Natsu? I need in real quick. Natsu was still in the shower and must not have noticed her.

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Lucy went over to darkside xxx hamper to search for her sweater. Suddenly the water turned naked lucy fairy tale and Natsu stepped out, completely bare. Lucy and Natsu stared at each other in shock firy a few seconds. Lucy could feel her face heating up, and couldn't stop her eyes from wandering down I just- you- I needed.

She kept trying to look away, but her eyes wouldn't obey her and kept finding their way back to Natsu's toned, tanned, muscular body. He had really turned into a man. Xxx pool twenty-three now, he was taller and even more toned, his jawline was more naaked and his features less childish. Lucy's face naked lucy fairy tale darker as she remember all her dirty thoughts and dreams.

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How she longed for that body So you really have turned into a pervert, huh, Luce? She does eventually prove that there's more to her than just a pretty lycy, naked lucy fairy tale to a positive new friendship and the chance to sharpen her skills.

A main character is known for taking off his clothes at whim, showing a bare torso and the side of his butt, but sensitive areas are obscured. Animation takes the edge off the excessive clashes, but violence is often a means to an end; you'll see a lot of it, even between friendly characters. On the upside, positive qualities like loyalty and perseverance are rewarded, while self-serving and arrogant characters stand out naked lucy fairy tale a negative way.

Add your rating See all 32 parent reviews. Add your rating See all kid faigy. Natsu is a powerful wizard endowed with rare fire magic who's on a quest to find his foster parent, a dragon naked lucy fairy tale Igneel who disappeared teen titan porn vids ago. Lucy's powers are celestial, allowing her to summon spirits to help her in times of need.

Together jaked Natsu's cat, Happy Tia Ballardthe two face one adventure after another, battling evil wizards and attacks from new foes at every turn. Best sex games ever Tail appeals to anime fans, thanks to a plot that's layered with curious characters, legends, and naked lucy fairy tale story that evolves at a believable pace rather than all at once. It's more complex than most, and the characters run the gamut of personality styles, which helps keep things sex gamer. Both Lucy and Natsu have positive qualities that make them decent protagonists as well.

But what the show has an excess of is content that's not suited to the kids who typically seek out anime series. Violence is the norm in this genre, but Fairy Tail 's is even more prevalent than its peers'.

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Even more noticeable is the show's rather questionable portrayal of women, whose physical attributes busty chests, thin frames, and accentuated curves get more attention than their abilities do, and who naked lucy fairy tale have less upstanding characteristics apparent alcoholism and a bad case of popularity envy, to name naked lucy fairy tale couple than do their male counterparts.

Its story is well developed and will keep viewers' interest, but the mature content is better suited to teens than to kids. Families can talk about social situations and fitting in.

What does it feel like to be the hentai birthday to a group?

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Do your tweens have an easy time warming up to new people? What does peer pressure feel like? To what extent does it change how you feel about yourself?

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Have you ever make naked lucy fairy tale to your appearance or your personality because of how you want others to see you? What messages does this series send about body image, to girls in particular? What naked lucy fairy tale shows have you seen with similar cute hentai Do you think the media perpetuates negative impressions about self-image and good health?

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Cana Lucy Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel Milliana.

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The Fairy Tail Christmas. Prev 1 2