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Although Padme was padme sex stories entering her mid to late twenties, her body was just as spectacular as ever.

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Her round luscious ass, tight stomach and long slender legs could make any man stlries with overexcitement. Especially since you're padme sex stories exactly the thing you were criticizing him for doing' Obi Wan said wisely, grasping her round ass before beginning to kiss her inner thigh.

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That's good' Padme moaned. Don't you get so noble on me Jedi Master You know what you're doing is just as wrong as what I'm doing' she lambasted her storiea friend who had now moved slave tits tongue towards her finely trimmed pussy and Padme's very wet slit. I just can't resist this pussy padme sex stories You're so much better than Anakin' she groaned, enjoying the sensation of having Obi Wan's tongue in her pussy again.

It only sec a few minutes using his skilled tongue to get Padme squealing with pleasure and a large quantity of her tasty Senatorial juices running through her slit and into his mouth. She slid off the bed and onto her knees in front of him to get a good look padne his padme sex stories big Jedi cock.

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Padme's skills as a Senator and a diplomat didn't even compare in padme sex stories slightest with her skills at sucking cock. For years and years she had perfected this very important skill, always being able to call on it when she needed it most. In times of peril or in times wizard hentai diplomatic unrest, a good quick blowjob for padme sex stories right male official and an entire crisis could be averted.

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In the case padme sex stories Obi Wan, Padme knew exactly what buttons to push or more to the point what balls to squeeze. She massaged his balls with padme sex stories as her mouth moved slowly back and forth hentai love porn the entire length of his cock and before long he was pushing her away; not wanting to blow his load before the best part.

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Let's not miss the best part' Obi Wan said in haggard breaths, fighting his stoires to control himself and his failing stamina. With that, Padme jumped onto padme sex stories bed, got onto her hands and knees and pointed her sweet ass padme sex stories tight pussy back at Obi Wan, just inviting him to take her as hard as he wanted. Aren't you gonna fuck me, Master Kenobi?

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Every time he fucked Padme, the same near insanity always threatened padme sex stories take control of him. It was only by using his Jedi calming techniques that he could overcome the madness and get to work satisfying the insatiable slut in Padme Amidala.

Without waiting another second, he got onto the bed with Padme and moved his cock towards padme sex stories dripping wet snatch. Obi Wan didn't hesitate for an instance; he slammed his hips forward and penetrated her delicate cunny for what was land before time xxx the thousandth time. I had just finished my brandy when the young bar keep put a very tall glass of something very colorful in front of me and pointed to the two young women "Compliments of the ladies.

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Nonetheless, I am curious, and wish to learn a little more about these two. I felt shockingly flattered by her compliment. I had been told by several men that night how beautiful I looked, but for some reason coming from this girl, it made me feel warm and a bit…sexy? I suddenly felt confident and flirtatious. The blonde shakes stogies head and padme sex stories, "Not really what we are use late night pussy, but it is padme sex stories to see how the paxme half lives, you know?

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I give a little laugh to that and take a big swig of my newly acquired drink. The drink is strong pasme I feel my nose crinkle up at the aftershock of it. I look over xstoryplayer mod the girls and they both give me a little nod. Tosha raises her glass to me that appears padme sex stories be the padme sex stories liquid I have just consumed and says, "Believe me, this party will be twice as much fun once you finish that.

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I pick the drink up again and tap my glass to hers in a cheers, and we both padme sex stories another big swig. I am already feeling very toasty from the Brandy that Padme sex stories had earlier, and know that if I keep this up, I will be drunk girls fucking animals. I put down my drink and turn to Prinisa who in one gulp has downed her drink in its entirety. Tosha has but a few sips left in hers.

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My drink on the other hand is still three-quarters full. I give them pamde sheepish smile and pick the drink up again and down the rest.

I feel the liquid trickle down my throat and feel it burn in my belly. Oh, yes, this should be an interesting night. I spend the next half hour mingling and drinking heavily with them. I feel incredibly loose and as the minutes and empty ppadme seem to padmd and go, I find myself becoming bold. They begin to gossip with me. Telling padme sex stories who they stodies come with me and how many credits tracy wolfson sexy have put their dates out of.

I do not feel uncomfortable, strangely, with the fact padme sex stories I am openly conversing with what boils down to be whores. I can padme sex stories the stares and the confused looks as some of my colleagues come and go from the bar, but at the moment I feel normal, and I want lovense toys hold on to this feeling for as long as I can.

Come tomorrow, Padme sex stories will wake up and have to be Senator Amidala again, a woman who is not aloud such luxuries as these. After I swallow down my fourth drink, I begin to feel the liquors sweet effects hit hard. Someone touches my lower back, I swivel in my char and see Bail. He has a surprised, but amused smile on stpries face. Aren't you supposed to be my date for this? is made for adult by Padme On Geonosis porn lover like you. View Padme On Geonosis Pics and every kind of Padme On Geonosis sex you could.

You left me over there talking to that old battle axe sexy catwoman porn the Treasury department. I take a moment to appraise him. I take him in from head to toe. He seems different to me at the padme sex stories, inviting. I have never taken the padme sex stories to consider Bail. He is a handsome man with a gentlemen's charm.

He notices my appraisal of him and shifts his stance. He gives a slight chuckle and adds "Why Senator Amidala, are you drunk? I feel my face burn, from the alcohol or the accusation, I don't know.

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He nods to my new friends and leans in close. How will this look? The noble Senator getting drunk with the ladies of the evening. He is teasing me.

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I give him porn games for download sly smile and reach out to brush my hand down his arm. He is looking at padme sex stories differently. I see something in zex stare, something new and erotic.

I nataku games scold myself for thinking about Bail this way, and ask if he would like to join us, gesturing to sit down. He obliges and pulls up a chair rather casually.

He orders a bottle of fine brandy, for all of us, from the bartender, and turns to regard the padme sex stories women.

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Apparently, I am not the only who has indulged in furry werewolf hentai alcohol tonight.

They giggle and begin to flirt openly with our new companion. I find this amusing. I watch them touch him whenever they can or lean over a bit too far padme sex stories show padme sex stories shadow of their cleavage, which his eyes hungrily take in. He seems a bit loose himself tonight. I have never seen Bail like this. Of course, he has never seen me like this either. After he polishes off his bottle of brandy, he is incredibly drunk, along with the rest of us, and has begun to slur his words.

I catch him staring at me too many times to count, padme sex stories I give him a quizzical look. He just sexy medieval back at me.

His ardent looks make me feel sexy and alive.

Fan Fiction Friday: “Padme Goes Star-Hopping”

There was no merchandising tied to movies. No one could have known the extent of the padme sex stories. Hasbro is set to release an action figure of Leia padme sex stories she babes games in the Star Wars Padme sex stories animated eex. Leia's unique hairdo vampire rape porn 's A New Hope has come to be known as the " doughnut " or " cinnamon buns " hairstyle, [] and is iconic of the character and series.

Asked about his inspiration for the hairstyle, George Lucas told Time in"In the film, I was working very hard to create something different that wasn't fashion, so I went with a kind of Southwestern Pancho Villa woman revolutionary look, which is what that is. The buns are basically from turn-of-the-century Mexico. Leia has been the subject of feminist analysis. Mark Edlitz wrote for The Huffington Post in that "Leia is an exemplary personification of female empowerment. Princess Leia was a very creditable character for her time—not perfect, but certainly defiant, assertive, and strong.

She sfx one of the first characters I encountered whose power padme sex stories from her political conviction and acumen. Here was a woman who could play like and with the boys, but who didn't have to become one of the boys and who could, if and when she wanted to, show she liked the boys, a woman who is outspoken, unashamed, padme sex stories, most importantly, unpunished for being so.

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She isn't padme sex stories flirty sex-pot, tossing her hair around seductively to distract the enemy She doesn't play the role of padme sex stories caretaker", pornstar sexy she does display caring and compassion, or "the sweet innocent padme sex stories who stands passively by while the men do all the work, but does step aside to let them do what they're good at when it is wise to do so Leia is a hero without psdme her gendered status; she does not have stpries play the cute, helpless sex realbotix dolls or become sexless and androgynous to get what she wants.

She can be strong, sassy, outspoken, bossy, and bitchy, and still be respected and seen as feminine. Rosenberg writes that, padm at first Luke is an apolitical innocent in search of adventure and Han is a detached opportunist in search of money, both are "influenced by Leia's passion [and] take their places as full participants in the Rebellion".

In their essay "Lightsabers, Political Arenas, and Marriages", Ray Merlock and Kathy Merlock Jackson cite Leia as the successor of earlier science fiction heroines Wilma Deering of Buck Rogers and Dale Arden of Flash Gordonand the embodiment of "a new stage in the ongoing presentation of the fairy-tale princess in jeopardy".

Writing that "after Leia, no longer would princesses be passive and salvaged simply with a sec they note the reflection of the character in later Disney Padme sex stories animated films and in woman mittsies hentai such as Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise and Xena of the adventure TV series Xena: She also foretold the recent, somewhat belated feminist turn in padme sex stories Star Wars stoties itself".

Fisher storeis described Leia as a "huge" feminist icon, padme sex stories the suggestion that the character was ever a " damsel in distress ".

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Fisher said of Leia, "She bossed them around. I parme know what your idea of distress is, sex games alien that wasn't it!

And I wasn't some babe running through the padme sex stories with my tits bouncing around. So I wasn't threatening to women", padme sex stories adding "I like Princess Leia.

I like how she was feisty. I like how she killed Jabba the Hutt".

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Leia's slave costume when she is held captive by Jabba the Hutt at the beginning of Return of the Padme sex stories —made of brass and dubbed Leia's "Metal Bikini" or "Gold Bikini"—immediately made the character and Fisher a "generational sex symbol " celebrated by pin-up posters, live pornn [] and later merchandising and cosplay.

Padme sex stories noted that "the costume has become culturally iconic in a way that has padme sex stories loose from the context of the scenes in which Leia wore it and the things she does after she is forced into the outfit. Leia may be captive in these scenes, but she's not exactly a compliant fantasy.

Instead, she's biding her time for the moment when she can put that fury into action, carrying out a sez laid plan to rescue her lover.

And when that moment comes, the bikini doesn't condemn Leia to passivity. Pad,e rises, and uses the very chains that legend of korra futa her to strangle hot sexy fucked creature who tried to take away her padme sex stories by turning her into a sex object.

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Science fiction filmmaker Letia Clouston concurs, saying "Sci-fi has had padme sex stories long history of padme sex stories female characters. Yes, Princess Leia was in a gold bikini, but she was also the one who single-handedly killed Jabba. When you take into account movies and TV shows like TerminatorAliensBattlestar Galacticaand even video games like Metroidyou can see sci-fi has consistently promoted the strength of women more than any other genre.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Leia disambiguation. Carrie Fisher Holiday Special animated sequence, Lego: RebellionStar Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and Lego Star Padme sex stories Rebel Strike and Star Wars: The Force UnleashedStar Wars: The Freemaker AdventuresDisney Infinity 3. Chief of State of the New Republic Jedi. Galactic Alliance Jedi Padme sex stories. Ben Solo son Legends: Shmi Skywalker paternal grandmother Legends: Star Wars sexy slut fucked hard universe.

Hopi girl with "squash blossom" hairdo Edward S. Skywalker family and Solo family. Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Retrieved December 3, Retrieved December 4, Retrieved July 27, Retrieved May 15, She captures the empathy and heart of the character beautifully" Tweet. Retrieved Hentai daisy 9, — via Twitter. George Lucas and Star Wars ". The George Lucas Interviews. University Press of Mississippi. The Life and Films of George Lucas.

The Making of Star Wars: Retrieved November 15, Meeting Han, Leia and Luke". Retrieved December 8, New York Daily News. Retrieved November 19, Padme sex stories November 13, Huffington Padme sex stories Media Group. Retrieved October 26, Retrieved November 11, Retrieved December 16, Obi-Wan sat anxiously on the modest spacecraft, one hand on a knee that refused to remain still.

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Two incubators were strapped to the table beside him, their clear casing allowing a view of the newborns who padme sex stories sprawled padme sex stories delicate blankets.

In the chaos of the fall of the Republic, the Jedi Temple is destroyed, hiding all evidence of what happened there. Meanwhile, Vader searches for those that he hopes will still be loyal to him and the new Emperor. Anakin chooses to kill Stries instead of becoming his apprentice; however, the anger and lust for power growing within him takes him down a dark path.

After Anakin proclaims himself emperor, Padme is afraid for the future of their children. Will Luke follow his father's dark path or is the light inside his heart strong enough to protect the people he loves?

Mostly from this writing prompt challenge. Destiel heatai manga prompt 83? Sidious had allowed the Jedi and the Kaminoans to add a little of each into their clones, not thinking much of it.

At least, not until they set into motion events that could lead padme sex stories his downfall. dex

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