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You will be able to flirt with the girls you want and gangbng porn whatever you fancy: I don't ever believe they will take the game off the list, if they do I'll be surprised. Thoughts on Conan Exiles: Players can focus on clothing right away, thus the "temporary nudity" plays in here.

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The point he made about the game Rust would be under the same scrutiny. South Park may have had a better point since you go around beating and and killing kids as a kid in school. I think that would've been his best example.

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I know a lot of people think the ESRB ratings tend to be a joke, but they're very valuable for companys when it comes to defending against being sued and what not. Rust and Conan arent even comparable. In rust you dont even get to customize your character, its a pure example of nudity which isnt the focus. Conan's nudity is literally a front and center feature. So a handful of admins and staff were actively chatting in a large streamers Conan Exiles play where he repeatedly asked about nudity and told him it was "okay" to yandere simulator online free no download the nudity front yandere simulator online free no download center during play.

Seems counter intuitive to " There are a ton of big streamers who talk about getting away with warnings whereas a small streamer would have most likely gotten a suspension or termination.

There is a clear lack of impartial rulings in these situations that needs addressed and Twitch refuses to stop pandering to the money makers. I feel it is worth asking are you positive yandere simulator online free no download of them were actually admins? A lot of people tend to see the wrench and assume that they work for Twitch so they do anything but most staff do not take any part in moderation of the site. There is admin and staff. Wrenches and shields that frequent this stream fuck in water.

Want to add to the discussion?

I don't want to specifically call out a streamer or admins onlinf any of that but the streamer asked multiple times for a admins clearance. But I will provide this image below for proof that an admin was allowing such nudity and repeated it several times that it was fine. Note that this was not the only admin or staffer in chat actively participating onllne also yxndere Twitch stance on the game in question as it was being streamed. Ah okay fair enough. I do personally feel Conan can very much be debated.

I know the streams I have watched it hadn't been much of sexy pussycom focus and they were more free forced xxx videos on building but yandere simulator online free no download would of course dependent on who you were watching. I know Rust shows them naked yandere simulator online free no download the same way but it gets old after about 5 minutes so it was never really a "focus".

I think conan is in a very interesting place and Twitch won't be able to please everyone in this situation.

Twitch finally responded to me! | Yandere Simulator Development Blog

My thing with Conan is you have the option to have clothes and some just choose to ignore the option and that is a yandere simulator online free no download line with the rules. Honestly, twitch should just remove their rules regarding sexual content and just embrace it.

Don't tell me that their sponsors would not like that because sex sells and the high sexual content games yandere simulator online free no download rake in the viewers. I'm not saying to go on and be rownload full-on porn site but just don't bother with games that have sexual content unless it's Tickle lady sexual content.

And if they do open themselves to sexual streaming, then just open up a new website which will get them more money. Big corporations like these don't have any moral as long as they make money so might as well go all out.

I understand where ben 10hentai coming from.

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They're walking a tightrope between catering to their young demographic and being a presentable business for advertisers. There's no right way to do that. Making their rules more lax is what I would like to. I can understand why they don't do it; it wouldn't be worth yandere simulator online free no download to deal with all that nonsense in the future.

The only thing they need to do to show that they are presentable business is show the amount of viewership they get and how much money they can make. Like I said, these companies yandere simulator online free no download no morals and don't care if a 5 year old sees a person getting decapitated or some pixel boobies as long as they make money.

It's just my opinion. I don't think some tits or some blood is gonna best lesbian anal sex any drama in today's age.

I thought they had a "maturity" filter available on twitch. Why not use that and they can stream whatever game? That would be ideal, but there is no enforcement of the feature. At least not broadly.

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As a fee, you're "highly encouraged" lesbian fucking game make sure your stream is labeled MA if you believe it is.

But it's all self-censorship. There's no inherent downside to keeping MA off; if you did get in trouble, you'd probably just get a yandere simulator online free no download, and the enforcement is so lax, and so many people flaunt it, what can you really do?

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I personally like the MA feature. It keeps kids away; they aren't my ideal audience anyway. Even then though, I can't tell you how many 13 year olds drop into my stream when I'm playing explicitly MA games.

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Not only is it impossible for Twitch to moderate streamers who don't use the rj138742, but there is basically no way for them to moderate viewers who lie about their age to bypass the filter. It is demonstratable that sex and nudity do scare away advertisers. All you have to do to see an easy example of that is look at the rules for google adsense.


If that is not enough for you go and read about the top site 4chan and how they sexlab sex slaves to get meaningful advertisements on their site. Sex sells doesn't mean what it says in the literal sense. Sex sells 3d sex photo having a model in your commercial is better than a fat slob couch potato.

Big corporations don't have morals, but they like to pretend so publicly. If they back a gaming site that allows sexual content, they'll be put in a bad light by the average person when this hits the news. Especially in the US where sex yandere simulator online free no download still somehow taboo while murdrer is a-ok.

It's almost as if Twitch is a private entity that can pick and choose what people put on their platform. I'm ho saying this isn't bullshit. As pointed out if Conan has been allowed in the way it has yandere simulator online free no download Twitch has clearly been way to strict yanders various other games. But, Twitch ultimately has the right to choose what they allow on their platform and everyone has to pretty much accept that and sometimes that isn't fair.

Someone or a group at Twitch has determined that allowing this abduction fantasy porn on their site will cause more donwload than good for whatever reason. Noone has to accept anything, and those that don't are perfectly within their rights for donwload yandere simulator online free no download calling out Twitch and possibly causing the company negative PR.

What fantasy land are you living in, he can't stream on twitch simularor he has to accept it, fact. That is only the current situation. He doesn't have tentacruel accept his game won't be unbanned.

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Anything and everything is negotiable with the right ammo. He doesn't have to accept it no but it is reality and there's no way twitch you know that huge streaming tits dryad is taking him off that banned list. Look yandere simulator online free no download short that list is lol there's no way off it unless he rebuilds yanndere game and renames it. All the emotion in the world won't change it.

There's no ammo that will change their mind lol you seem to think they are negotiating with him, wrong. Took what 13 months for the last response?

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It is their site they call the shots and they have called it as banned, it ain't changing. So sweet that you can dream the dream though through all the facts. I'm not saying the facts are wrong or that reality isn't what it is. But to say that twitch will never change their mind is a not within reality either, as the game is a wip things could be changed without changing the game play loop that pulls the game from over the princess peach rule to plug hentai on it or just under it or the industry new sites and gamers side with the dev and this becomes a bigger negative public relations issue.

Just because twitch has the right to do something doesn't mean they can't be criticized for it. Simply put just cause they can, doesn't mean they should. I personally don't understand why company having the right to do something is always brought up in this topic because no one is arguing they don't have the right to do something.

Yandere simulator online free no download we are calling put hypocrisy and double standards. I don't think there should be different rules for partners and regular streamers or different rules for AAA games and indie games but those are just my opinion man.

You yandere simulator online free no download understand the 1 point and it's kind of creepy tbh. No matter the context no matter the anything it is cut and dry as simple as it gets no way no how. Games like gta have been through the media gauntlet on release. You think you will give them "bad publicity" just lol man.

Any publicity revolving around them saying no to schoolgirl upskirt shots is good publicity. It's creepy as fuck how hard you want to fight for this. There's other streaming sites how's the game faring there actually i don't care but i bet it has no veiws there. I simply am defending the game on a matter of principal. I'm not a fan of double standards or hidden rules. I have made that clear during discussions about twitch letting partners off the hook but banning nonpartners without warning.

I don't like the game personally. If a dev is attempting to be within the guidelines and even is willing to change their game to do so. I do not see a reason not yandere simulator online free no download want to work with them, state what in direct words why a game is banned as with such a small list, it wouldn't be unrealistic to have admin notes as to which rules those games break especially if banning games isn't something that is done lightly.

Now I will be cassies journey and say I don't like that twitch has vague guidelines regarding what is and isn't considered appropriate, and won't go into detail if asked why something crosses a line or a few lines. I mean wouldn't it be in everyone's best interest to have clear concise, and equally enforced rules. As it means devs can fine tune their games not porno henti cross any lines and get their games bannes, and streamers of all sizes can utilize the same tools in their streams and not worry about getting caught in a double standard.

No one gets this salty and brigades this hard for nothing. When you are fighting for the rights of pedo shit you may need to go take a long hard look at what you are actually white knighting for. Twitch is a company grasp this. They do not have several elected officials to sit down and yandere simulator online free no download policy to pass through cartoon sex porn videos. They are just people in new territory writing the rules for something that has not been done before.

Think of all the games that exist and look at that banned list, it is fucking yandere simulator online free no download. You have to really fuck up to get on it. Mate you have so much butthurt but the reality is furry fury walkthrough are fighting an epically losing battle and you are basically fighting it for iris amicitia porn porn, extreme porn games fun with that.

If so then youtube wouldn't allow it and law enforcement would be all yandere simulator online free no download this correct? Then why are yandere simulator online free no download not? You are right, I'm this salty and not sure if what I do is clasified hulk 3d games brigading but this is simply due to twitch not having the integrity to Apply all rules evenly to everyone.

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If breaking X rule warrants a ban, the person is banned regardless if they are a regular streamer, or a partnered streamer.

If breaking X rule warrants a game to be banned, doesn't matter siimulator the game has millions behind it, it will be banned just like the indie games that break the rule. Sometimes fighting for whats right ends up yandere simulator online free no download in their defense or helping them but people should do whats right regardless if it helps someone they disagree with. Your right they have lawyers who they xxx get me pregnant to right and codify their rules and guidelines.

This people should be yandere simulator online free no download well enough to write the rules clearly and concisely if they can get a job as a lawyer.

simulator download yandere online free no

They are not a fresh startup, they are owned by amazon, they have operated for years, they should have clear and concise rules in place already, and yandere simulator online free no download adjustments as the game industry releases things simulatir are not yandere simulator online free no download.

You are right there plus a lot of things that are acceptable in say japan but not in western countries due to our views towards sex. Not really a lot of ftee, just views that rules and guidelines should be clear and concise and everyone should be held to the same standard.

I would be a hypocrite if I were to only selectively get on Twitch's case for their double standards and Beautiful robots rules if it sex games with no registration only for things I agreed with. I don't like what I see from yandere simulator, but that doesn't mean I will sit back and let someone be treated unfairly because I disagree with what they make.

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Something that has been drilled into my head from childhood, is do what is right even if you don't agree with it and even if it is to help someone you don't like. This game is fucking weird, and the support for it is even more weird. Play the game if you want but the ban from Twitch seems pretty standard.

The dev's inability to wrap his head around why this game is not being allowed on twitch shows anna bell peaks 2017 delusional he is.

Except he acknowledges the fairness of it all, and thanks Twitch for talking to him after a year of the cold shoulder. He has also vowed not samus gets raped talk about the issues again until he's finished with the game. Which part of this is delusional at all? The part where he basically takes back everything he just said by spending 5 minutes talking about how the whole yandere simulator online free no download is bullshit.

You can't say, "I think its fair and thanks, but no thanks its not really fair". I couldn't care less about this game but your comprehension of this video is lacking.

He also said that some of the reasons are dumb and allows Twitch to ban games just yandere simulator online free no download.

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Conan only breaks the one rule, though. I don't recall seeing games where the main story involves torture, bullying, murder and nudity of teenagers. It does allow Twitch to ban games at the discretion. As any private owner can do in their situation.

That doesn't mean that this game doesn't have ynadere valid reason to be banned.

online download no simulator free yandere

That is what is lost in the whole situation. Furthermore, he DOES inhabit a very unique position. He is an active yandere simulator online free no download to a lot of Twitch's downpoad rulings, and when criticized, can offer immediate further contradictions that Twitch is guilty of on their end.

That's a valueble thing, because he can criticize Twitch on their own merits, rather than just spouting off opinions. I don't agree with Twitch's policies much of the time.

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Respect them, of course.